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, a TMZ video captured the Dallas cowboy boss Jerry Jones (Jeery Jones) and his son Stephen Jones (Stephen Jones), executive vice president of the team, holding a party in Losangeles and the girls. The appearance of one of the guests could make some team people angry. According to CBS Jason - La - Kanfola (Jason La Canfora) pointed out that the Alliance for the referee's vice president Dean - Brandi (Dean Blandino) also promise at the party on the bus, it may represent a conflict of interest. La Kanfola interviewed alliance team officials, for their two cowboys Brandi Nobel and senior staff to attend social activities expressed concern that this may affect fair competition problems. "that must be Dean," a team official told La Kanfola, "the alliance is not trying to tell you that he is not? What did the League t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ell you? That looks terrible. I think the other team owners in the league are also angry at seeing this. " asked another team official. His answer was: "so when he came to visit us, did I have to ask my boss to take him to the striptease club? Is this the way to entertain him? We like Dean very much, but let me tell you, if he is there (with the boss of the team who is a serious enemy to the official team), my boss will be furious. Such a thing can't happen. " even if it is difficult to imagine is to complete their work in the future in the face of Brandi Nobel will have a certain bias cowboys, also hard to imagine the other team who will love this video in the scene, and pull - Kanfola reports clearly proved that.The full change of the Green Bay Packer's coaching staff is close to completion. packers hired Joe Philbin (Joe Philbin) served as the offensive coordinator, Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) served as the defensive coordinator. previously served as an assistant coach in the packers from 2002 to 2011, of which he served as the team attack coordinator between 2007 and 2011. He then joined the Miami dolphin as the chief in 2012. He had a 24 - 28 record in the dolphin, and he was fired by a dolphin after a 1 - 3 start in the 2015 season. In he is one of the dolphins before Philbin joined the league's hottest offensive command, despite his dolphins poor record, he is still an excellent offensive coach. In the two seasons he was the assistant manager and the attacking front coach in the Indianapolis pony. This is as Pettine, since the end of the 2015 season after he was fired for the first time since Cleveland Brown served as coach, he achieved 10 wins and 22 losses record in 2 seasons at Brown at the time. He did not join other teams after Brown's class and built a house on a small island. Pettine was in 2009 to 2012 served as the New York jets defensive coordinator, then he joined Buffalo Bill in 2013. Compared to chaos Brown Pettine joined the packers more stable, he will lead a young defensive group.on Monday U.S. time, coach John - Harbert crow Baltimore (John Harbaugh) said in an interview that Steve - Smith (Steven Smith) to catch up with the team against San Francisco in 49 games. see Joe Flacco at week fifth (Joe Flacco) the worst performance, return the offensive group obviously in urgent need of the Smith crow. , if Smith can return to the 49 players, it will be a good opportunity for the team, because the second defence of the 49 players is one of the worst teams in the league, so they can finish the 299 yards pass.Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) said the team will be next Monday to take over Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) the privilege of using the label. "I still think it's possible," said. "We're not just trying to label Bryant, but to prepare a long-term contract for him." In fact, in October last year could cowboy and Bryant reached a long-term contract, but because Bryant fired his agent and all over again. last time the cowboy used the privilege tag in 2013, for Anthony Spencer (Anthony Spencer) when Spencer left knee injury was absent in 15 matches. Jones explained this privilege tag for Bryant: "we just don't want to lose him. He is unique. It has great effect on the team and helps the team win."

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