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early offseason training to make sure Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) is pleased. The line guard has returned to the outside guard for most of the last two seasons. coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) said Mathews had spent most of the playing time on the outside line, which is also a position for the packers to hope that he will stay in the new season. , as I have always said, I think (outside) is my most natural position, my most influential position. I think we will see more frequently in this season, "Mathews said." is the goal for Mathews to return to the outside line, but whether he will stay there depends on the performance of the interior guards at the start of the new season. The packers hope Jack Ryan (Jake Ryan), Sam Barrington (Sam Barrington) and this year's four round pick Blake - Martinez (Blake Martinez) will provide cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a stable performance for the past poor performance of the middle linebacker position, after the poor performance of lead as outside linebacker Mathews not without some formation. obviously Mathews wanted to stay on the outer side of the quarterback. The packers also hope that. But when the team decides to invest more resources in line, it will depend on how other players improve in the new season.NFL????|????????????Chosen??????|????? recently emphasized - Newton (Cam Newton) announced the name of his son for you. his son was born on Christmas Eve and was known as Sebastian - Newton (Chosen Sebastian Newton). then there was such a funny conversation in the locker room. Did Newton's baby name be chosen? Yes, he's called Qiu Cheng. I'm glad you've chosen his name so soon. What's it called? I told you, Qiu Cheng (selected). Tell my brother to tell me the name. My child's name is Qiu Cheng. (Hey, Cam, you have a name for the baby yet? Yeah, yet, and it is also known as "Hou". well, we really want to make friends with Kanye - West's (Kanye West) daughter, North West, when he grows up.this week announced the San Diego lightning cut from running back Sean (Shaun Draughn), and draw the safety Adrian Phillips (Adrian Phillips) from the training squad promotion squad. Mary aged 26, signed a contract with the team at the end of September. Because the original starting running back Ryan Mathews (Ryan Matthews) and Danny Woodhhad (Danny Woodhead) has been injured, get the opportunity to brief braun. He holds the ball 10 times in 4 games and gains 19 yards. He also served 3 times as a kick-off, taking 58 yards. With Donald - Brown (Donald Brown) is about to return from a concussion, Brandon Olivier (Branden Oliver) and Ronnie Brown (Ronnie Brown) also qualified in this position, the team no longer need more running back, so choose to draw cut back. It is reported that Mathews will also return to the game in the last 2 weeks, and the problems that have been puzzling the team has been gradually relieved. Phillips, 22, has joined Houston Dezhou for a short time as a rookie, and then he joined the lightning. Phillips height 5 feet 11 inches, 210 pounds, which can serve as tour Wei, is also able to play halfback identity. This also means that the first team safety. Alice A De (Jahleel Addae) failed to pass the concussion, unable to play in this week.The official website of NFL | Raiders wide receiver Holmes will be sidelined for 3 to 4 weeks | football ???????????????????????????-????Amari Cooper??????????????????????????????????????????? According to ESPN, Andrea Holmes (Andre Holmes) will be truce for at least 3 to 4 weeks because of a fracture of his hand. He was left out of the field during training on Sunday local time. on the new season of the ball lineup has been fully upgraded, Cooper will partner Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) as a starter, rob Street M (Rob Streater) exon 3 is over. Holmes was with Ken brie Tompkins (Kenbrell Thompkins) took over the position of exon 4 competition. After the injury, Holmes's prospect was also overshadowed. , the five grader, made 18 games in the pre - season of the Saint Louis rams last week and completed a catch. Last season, he took the ball 47 times, pushing 693 yards. To be sure, Holmes will continue to stay on the team, but it is still an unknown number for the new season.

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