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announced the relocation to Las Vegas at the same time in the Raiders, they also said that the Oakland fans can choose to return tickets have been purchased. There are about thousands of fans who take action. Raiders owner Mark - Davies (Mark Davis) told reporters, about 1000 fans are not too happy to move away and decided to choose their own tickets. but Davies added that the refunds would not make the team hit. These are the tickets return soon to be bought by other fans. The Raiders are a very talented team, and they are likely to remain popular with Oakland fans. However, if the raider's performance is unsatisfactory, the rate of support will probably cheap nfl jerseys free shipping be lost.The official website of NFL | box ankle chiefs running back Jamal missed the game | football Beijing time on August 18th, the Emir of Kansas 16 than 28 lost to the Carolina Panthers running back Jamal, chief (Jamaal Charles) in the box to his apartment ankle foot injuries sidelined. he moved the box from the apartment to the parking lot players, coach Andy Reid (Andy Reid) said, through a slope, there are some grass covered, he then slipped on to Wei. He had a bad pain that night, but it was better later. At first we were a little worried about his feet, but there was no big problem after all the checks, and we were relieved. Jamal is still recovering, and it is still uncertain whether it will take part in the next match.The official website of NFL | Werwilson did not participate in training with his new teammates for attending the funeral of | football on the U.S. time Tuesday, Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) did not participate in the training camp organized by the team, but this does not seem to affect his contract. reported that Wilson and his new teammates, Jamie Graham (Jimmy Graham), took part in the funeral of Graham's friends. Graham tweet said, Tommy, we all love you, we know you must be looking at us! Forever and ever! It is reported that the funeral was held in Florida, and it was the place where the two people appeared. and the absence of training on the same day, as well as the defensive end forward Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett), I do not know if there is any reason.The official website of NFL | Bridge Voight started the Vikings quarterback, the remarkable performance of | football Teddy Bridgewater basically fulfilled all expectations of the Minnesota Vikings on their first start on Sunday, looking forward to ending the match in Minnesota. The rookie quarterback hurt his ankle in the fourth quarter when he defeated the falcons in the 41 to 28 battle. Bridgewater told NFL Media that he sprained his ankle and expected to play the first place in the Thursday night match against the Green Bay Packers. The Viking coach, Mike Mike Zimmer, took care of his quarterback at a post - match press conference. I suppose he could go on playing, and he said that Teddy was really unlucky. Bridgewater performed well before injury. He passed the 30 pass 19 times and got 317 yards, and got a 27 yard dash. The show did not fail, leading to the transformation of the ball and the confidence to go forward. He was so calm that Koda DELL - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) said Bridge Voight's pocket performance, and he was very cool under pressure. This is not a bad start for a quarterback career first show.

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