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The official website of NFL | watts in the Dezhou attack poly business couldn't fully understand | football Houston Dezhou people's defensive end forward J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) has become a member of the offensive team this season. This season he has 3 times as near end of temporary workers, completed 3 catches and converted to 3 touchdowns. This efficiency is also unmatched in the alliance. , but what is more surprising is that his three array is completed when he is attacking a businessman and he can't understand the tactical layout completely. It's equivalent to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is basically speaking a foreign language. In an interview with ESPN this week, said, "I couldn't understand what they were talking about when they attacked the business." I swear to God that I have no knowledge of the tactical arrangement, apart from what I am asked to do. Watt is not a joke. It really makes him confused. 13 weeks over the Tennessee Titans game points to his a pickup to prove the fact. At the time of the attack, Watt was listening to the arrangement. But because he didn't know Fitzp cheap nfl jerseys free shipping atrick's tactical code, he went up to ask the quarterback to do what he did. He asked, "what do I have to do?" Fitzpatrick replied, "run straight." then, Walter carried out the arrangement well.has been in the past 4 years. Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) once called Virginia a home and wanted to finish her career in Washington, D.C., now everything has changed. March 7th American time, Griffin was released by red skin, his red - skin player's career also ended. recently chose to come to Brown, Cleveland. So he needed to sell his mansion in Virginia. According to the news of the reporter, the house cost 2749000 dollars, and he spent 2500000 dollars when he bought it in 2013. his house covers 9000 square feet, 3.13 acres, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a swimming pool home cinema. , which was built in 2010, is not old. The reason for selling the house instead of holding it is mainly that the next door neighbor is Jay Gruden, the red leather coach.Squash | administration organization to Zhouqu donation Olympic champion lost love click the view group Cleveland August 17 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Xu) in order to respond positively to implement the central organs, the central government organs on the rapid development of Gansu Zhouqu debris flow disaster warmth, love donations notice spirit, this morning, the State Sports General Administration to carry out the warmth of love donation. Secretary General Liu Peng led in Beijing, the leader of the administration of all civil servants and the National Women's weightlifting team, basketball, gymnastics, diving, track and field, women's short track speed skating athletes and coaches team on behalf of 11 through donations to the disaster areas in Zhouqu people put on their love. in athletes, Wu Minxia, Zou Kai, He Chong, are Cao Lei, Zhou Yang, Chen Yibing, Lin Yue, Huo Liang and other Olympic and world champion. The Olympic champion said, Zhouqu large debris flows, causing serious casualties and economic losses, as brothers and sisters, a difficult one, although we cannot help comes from all quarters to the front, to provide assistance, the disaster areas to help people rebuild their homes, only through limited donations and hard training, our a little warmth and love. badminton team appeared in the donation ceremony is the coach of the men's singles and women's singles coach Xia Xuanze Zhang Ning, they said, in addition to the administration of donations, the badminton team at the right time at will in the team to the disaster love. reported that, excluding the amount raised by the donation, the State Sports Administration and the China Olympic Committee have contributed 1 million yuan to the Zhouqu disaster area. The Administration issued a notice, request, the units directly under the national team to act quickly, combined with ongoing chuangxianzhengyou activities, to carry out a wide range of donor activities in all Communist Party members, the full expression of sports people return to society's true feelings, expression of sports workers to the people of disaster areas of concern.The official website of NFL | Kelvin - Johnson: willing to do everything to retain Su | Rugby this is the Detroit lions defensive end en Su (Ndamakong Suh - damba hole) contract, he will become a free agent after the end of the season, as the league's top defensive player, sue to high-profile. In the NFL awards ceremony on Saturday, the top male Kelvin Calvin Johnson also made clear that he wanted to stay in. He said: "as long as Su can stay, I will be willing to do anything that the team wants. 's biggest obstacle to Su's stay in the car city is the lack of space for the team's salary. Johnson next season will account for $20 million 600 thousand, quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) next season will also take up $17 million 700 thousand (2016 and 17 years respectively accounted for $22 million), the light is the two cap space next season will occupy nearly 40 million, it is very difficult to make the lion to sue provide an average annual salary of more than $20 million in contracts, so Megatron will agree to cut and cut rate will reach the number as the key problem. NFL, the famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said the lion for renewal of Su still have more confidence, but still let Sue into the free agent market in order to explore the market, the league has multiple teams to show a keen interest in the su.

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