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Handball | Fifth East Asian Games ended |2013 meet in Tianjin continued | legend hand Association Xinhua news network, Hongkong, December 13 (reporter Pei Chuang Lu Shen Nan Shen Nan) burned the Fifth East Asian Games of the Fifth East Asian Games 13 night slowly extinguished. The legendary moment, created by the host of Hongkong and the East Asian athletes, has become eternal in the history of the East Asian Games. this is the first international big comprehensive sports meeting in Hongkong. Liu Yandong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and state councilor, attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the Fifth East Asian Games. International Olympic Committee President Roger also attended the opening ceremony. the closing ceremony of the Fifth East Asian Games was held at the Hongkong stadium in Kowloon at the closing ceremony of the Fifth East Asian Games at 20 days. The scene aired a special clip of the East Asian Games opening ceremony, short film, flame lit, athletes Zhaijinduoyin the wonderful scenes scene on the screen. Then, the athletes from 9 countries and regions came in, and the audience greeted them with warm applause and cheers. Timothy Fok, President of the East Asian Games Federation, delivered a speech on the closing ceremony. He said that the Fifth East Asian Games will be a successful conclusion. In the past 9 days, we have witnessed the precious historical moment. The superb level of the delegation's athletes in the event has won a warm applause from the audience and wrote a brilliant page for the East Asian Games. The moment the athletes stand on the podium, they will be their sweet memories. He thanked the people of Hongkong to give full play to the spirit of promoting Our wills unite like a fortress., Hongkong sports development, and jointly create a legendary moment. Ceng Decheng, the chairman of the Fifth East Asian Games Preparatory Committee, said that since the Fifth East Asian Ga cheap nfl jerseys free shipping mes were held, Hongkong has been immersed in the hot sports competition atmosphere. Now all the games have been completed, leaving the legend of the common creation. Even the day, the people of Hongkong with guests from around to witness the various countries and regions of the athletes in the game fighting, show the spirit and refuse to be cowed or submit good sportsmanship for the East Asian Games, has written a brilliant chapter, athletic sports be interpreted as unity of communion feast. then Donald Tsang, the chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, announced the closing of the Fifth East Asian Games. On the closing ceremony of , Ceng Decheng, the chairman of the Fifth East Asian Games Preparatory Committee, transferred the flag of the East Asian Games Federation to the executive director of the Sixth East Asian Games Organizing Committee, the mayor of Tianjin China Huang Xingguo. The next 2013 East Asian Games' short film "Tianjin meet Tianjin" brings people's attention to the port city of northern China. It also makes people look forward to the next East Asian Games. 's wonderful performance of art and art then came on. The first time of the "Tianjin time", through the 3 paragraphs of color, flowers and oceans, shows Tianjin's traditional culture and new look and the hospitality and hospitality of Tianjin people with Beijing opera, dance and acrobatics. Then enjoy the 〉NFL sixth weeks in the regular season, Denver Mustang came to New Jersey again after the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year, and this time they will challenge the New York jet fleet. Before the game, the Mustang was unanimously optimistic, even some people think that the Broncos quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in the game to break the legendary quarterback Bret faffe (Brett Favre) 508 career touchdowns record, while the jet side is ailing, before a game is San Diego lightning zero closure, starting quarterback Gino Smith (Geno Smith) the game was half-way off, and coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) also broke the danger class. After the game, the wild horse first attacked. Manning passed the ball for the first time with excellent handle. He completed the 54 yard pass with the de Marius Demaryius (Thomas Thomas) and promoted the jet to half court. But then the Mustang pushed only 1 yards for the 3 attack, and had to score 3 points. The attack team in the jet didn't find the state too quickly, but their defense team was in good condition. In the second wave attack of the Mustang, the attack was successfully terminated on the 18 yards of the Mustang by the 1 capture, which also led to the ideal attack position of the jet after the wild horse abandoned kick. Then 48 yards from the Mustang began to attack the team began to get angry. The two round of the rookie tight end Jess - Luo Amar (Jace Amaro) has become the biggest highlight of this wave of attack, in the distance passing the 2 time he received Smith for a 28 yard genaux, finally completed 2 yards receiving touchdowns. Then to the end of the first section, the two sides are in a stalemate. The second quarter began a Mustang in the attack after had to punt, but the jets punt returner Voight Powell punt loss ball, horse to get the ball back. But they didn't make good use of the chance, and jet defense forced them to have 3 straight offense and had to abandon the kick again. But the attack team in the jet was also forced to kick the end of the attack quickly. Attack again the Mustang touchdown in complete success, this wave of foreign attack took over Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) successfully rely on 1 14 yards receiving completed 3 file conversion, while another key player is running back Ronnie - Hillman (Ronnie Hillman), his red ball forward made a lot of code number. In the end, Manning passed the ball 1 yards from the jet defender to give Thomas a score, and the wild horse was over the score. Before the end of the first half horse show again strong offensive strength, attack from the start of the 20 yards to 32 yards in advance they rely on after Manning the 3 consecutive long distances to the jet propulsion pass at the 22 yard line, and then pass to tight end Julius Thomas completed 22 yard touchdown pass. At the end of the first half, the Mustang took the lead in 17-7. After the second half of the , the jet attack team was still in a state of no state, while the Mustang offensive team continued to be hot. The team's running guards played an important role, Juan Thompson (Juwan Thompson〉).The 2016-2017 season NFL season is over half, although Cleveland aura still enveloped the entire United, but Brown is still not 1 wins; Wentz and Prescott have in their respective teams demonstrated their value as a champion of Goff Baard in Losangeles did not know; last season's Super Bowl runner up was the panther in eight weeks after the partition ranked bottom, while the patriots are completely unaffected by the Brady ban alone to lead the league...... The first half of the 2016 season brought too many surprises to fans and too many disappointment to the fans. 2016 mid season the biggest surprise -- Gemini cowboy Jerry - Jones in the talent show's eyes, let Cowboys suddenly become a powerful contender of the super bowl. Young four - point guard Prescott and running Eze keel - Elliot brought a silver storm to Dallas. The only question for two people now is who can take the best new rookie this year? 2016 mid season biggest disappointment -- Bullock Oswald Wheeler 's success in the last season helped the young quarterback draw more attention from the team. The Dezhou people dug up the suspected quarterback. However, after 8 weeks in Dezhou, although the record is not bad, but he is vhailor in the 32 team league starting quarterback in the bottom of the rankings. Even the team boss Macneil admits he vhailor underperform a rookie quarterback. 72 million dollars, as if to let the people of Dezhou has become the biggest joke of the year, estimated horse general manager John Elvis every day dreaming smile to come. Half a half of the 2016 season MVP - Derek - Carle If the before the start of the season, I said Carle would become the regular season MVP, there are certainly a lot of coming to me in the brick house. But at the end of the 8 week, Carle's performance would definitely make them regret the loss of his team. In the 8 match, 2321 yards, 17 passes and 3 passes were scored by 100.9, leading the Raiders to the top second in the League defense, and the 6 ranked teams in the first ranking team scored 6 wins and 2 losses, which is likely to break into this year's playoffs. Carle and Amae took over with Luhuochunjing between Crabtree - Cooper and Michael, let the team become extremely terrible. At the top of the league's top offensive front, there is a reason to believe that Carle in the second half of the season will bring us a more stable play. Mike Zimmer , the best half coach of the 2016 season When lost Teddy Bridge Voight and Adrian - Pedersen, who could think that the Vikings could win five consecutive wins in the start of the season? Not that Sam - Bradford as the quarterback played how gorgeous, but Zimmer.Zigong · Chongqing bowling tournament Chongqing team won the team prize | Bowling Zigong · Chongqing bowling tournament ended in Chongqing honglink bowling alley in November 9, 2014, competition with group award and individual awards, and their respective teams of the Group Award for the top 12 men and women the sum of the top three scores, individual awards take all the contestants before six of the score after six innings of tension the exciting contest, the final group award by the Chongqing team, won the individual awards: first name: Chongqing team into the second Chongqing team: Yang Mou Jinsong third: Zigong Gu Jianping fourth: Chongqing fifth: Zigong Tao team with team Yang Ziping sixth: Chongqing team to Jinhua.

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