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Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver Jordan Mathews (Jordan Matthews) recent performance is very eye-catching, after the beginning of the season after a period of adaptation of Mathews in three games strong rise, a total of 21 receptions with 285 yards and 4 touchdowns, 153.3 points score led the League wide receiver. In the last three games, Mathews's average number of lines per line was 2.88 yards as high as fifth of all the external contacts. hawks coach kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) very love will put Mathews in the slot, he has 90.8% routes running are standing in the slot. While Mathews was 6 foot 3 and 212 pounds is a nightmare for a small defender slot, Mathews had 6 touchdowns from the inner side of the line running, the average line slot for running gear number for 1.88 yards, ranked in all fifth slot receivers. Mathews the last three games with the +4 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping .5 score, to become Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) relied heavily on catch weapons, he in the future will certainly get more and more opportunities and believe. - Kelly also would like to make a lot of tactical for himBeijing time in August 18th, the 2014 season of the NFL season in the first second weeks of the season also launched a focus. Surprisingly, the strong dialogue eventually turned into a one-sided massacre, and the Mustang took a victory with the 34:0 zero of 49 people. , this is the first official competition of the 49 people in San Francisco, Levi's Stadium. The 1 billion 200 million dollar gold court has replaced the San Francisco Rugby court of the rugby court in. And the happy moment of this new year, but the 49 people are miserable. This game, Payton - Manning still lead the main attack team. He showed a good feeling of hand at the start of the game, leading the attack team to get a free kick first. With the 49 people's abandonment, the Mustang again got the right to attack the ball in the first half of the first festival. In the next series of attacks, Mustang always disturb the defense of the 49 men by fast array and fast kick-off, which is exactly what Manning, who passes the ball, is very keen to see. In the second section there are 11 minutes and 50 seconds, Manning recorded a 17 yard pass to Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) and the latter completed touchdown, leading the 49 Mustang 10:0. In this series of attacks, Manning's 8 pass in 8, his pass ability can be seen. Later, Manning was replaced by substitutes for the quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler). The 38 year old Manning before the start of the new season still show the good state, he finished 14 from 12 for 102 yards and a touchdown pass. In the subsequent game, the Mustang suppressed 49 people on both sides of the offensive and defensive. The Mustang was finished by Anderson at the end of the first half of the game, and at the time of the midfield, the Mustang led 49 people with 17:0. At the beginning of the second half of , the 49 men were intercepted by wild horses in a single attack. After transferring the ball right, Aus Ville returned to the team with a record of 33 yards to return the 49 loose defense, and the Mustang 24:0 took the lead. In the later match, both sides sent a large number of substitutes to appear. At the end of the game, the wild horse finished the game again. But 49 people have not been able to put the ball into the end of the mustang. In the end, 49 people did not have a point in the opening battle of the new stadium and lost to the Mustang at 0:34.Sports - popular video #if (dataList_index ${++dataList_index}. ${dataList.numFormate} ${dataList.overTitle}&l;The official website of NFL | Nick Fowles lost a ram starting | Rugby us time on Monday, Saint Louis ram's coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said that the team will start the next game with Case Keenum instead of Nick Fowles (Nick Foles). Fisher said he had to make decisions about the bad performance of the team in the past 4-5 weeks. He said, "this is my decision. In the face of all this, we have to do so. on Sunday's game, Fowles 36 17 in 200 yards, no touchdowns harvest but 1 steals, the score is only 53, the team lost to San Diego in the home court of lightning. Fowles has only finished 1 passes in the past 4 games, and the number of passing numbers in the league is the first in the league this season. related news: the League fines the ram Joyner for

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