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The official website of NFL, the Falcon defensive end Clay Byrne will miss the playoffs, the remaining football nest may win the Atlanta falcons against the Seattle Seahawks playoff, but an important player in the game will be out for the rest of their array. Falcon defensive end Adrian Keleiboen (Adrian Clayborn) in the team 36-20 win two head muscle tear, he will miss the remainder of the game. He was injured in the first half of the game and did not return. played 4.5 times in 13 games in the second season of the falcons, and ranked second in the team. The pass was spent in the first four seasons of his career in Tampa Bay pirates, with a total of 13 escapement. in Keleiboen out, thunderstorms will need other people to fill the vacancies and in the next game and Vic Beasley (Vic Beasley) together to create pressure on the opponent quarterback. Beasley has made a breakthrough in his second season and completed a total of 15.5 escapement. But is Keleiboen Beesley and the falcons only captured and killed more than 3 times the number of players. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Author: cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist clock back to the 1996 NFL draft, in fact in the draft before the start, it is generally believed that this is a typical "rough draft", is not difficult to guess, this year is almost impossible to find fascinating potential elite quarterback, each team can only try in the other position of Taobao. I didn't want to look back on this draft again 18 years later. As one of the greatest interior guards in the history, ray Lewis chose to retire after the 2012 season. All the players of this era have left the stage of history. What players impressed us most? In addition to "Thor" outside, natural to this session of the draft of their occupation career over who is brilliant, dazzling brilliance. T.O. - Terrell Owens completed three show the ball 1000+, receiving yards 15000+ signs; Malvin Harrison and Payton Manning as the history of the NFL optimal transmission combination, he also won the ball 1100+, a code number 14000+; in addition to the two future Hall of Famer, Muhammad, when ma de - musin Sean Johnson - based show champion career ball super million yards, Eric, and Terry - Thumer Moltz Amari - Glen, Joe - Horn, Addie - Bobby - Ingram Kennison, per capita had a good occupation career. recalled that in the next 18 years, almost no one could pick up the 96 gold generation of the draft. Until this year's draft conference, Watkins and Evans were selected. The media said: this will take the new golden era. Most of the season, people are surprised to find that this is not only the golden generation, but more like the super white gold generation. Then let's look at the demeanor of these new rookies: Sami - Watkins (Buffalo Bill) as the highest dplace receivers, Watkins's talent has not to say, as Bill the only reliable catcher, coach arranged enough to attack around him, but the question is: second weeks to 8 catches for 117 yards, third weeks immediately made 2 catches for 19 yards, seven or eight week two consecutive weeks the ball over 120 yards, and then around the ball more than 40 yards, his performance almost every week in the roller coaster, this is why? Bill Watkins as the number one receiver is not false, but too single for him, just put him on the outside and the opponent's top cornerback Watkins singled out, so once encountered malicious role is easy to eat shriveled, in addition, the ball to get rid of the fault is too serious. So I personally think that Watkins is a horse, but Doug Malone does not seem to be horses. this season: * * * . Mike - Evans (Tampa Bay Pirates) Tall spirit level took over, every game like warrior bully small 〉The inspiration for the plaid pattern full of Jersey comes from the flags flapping the fans on the stand and the scarves around the neck. Each sponsor logo and lattice lines all white badge and NB trademark and Standard Chartered Bank, bring fresh clean feeling for the Jersey chest. The exquisite design of the same sign of salute and neck collar to the Hillsborough disaster of the 96 victims have strong New Balance opening of more complete., according to local media reports in Boston, the new England patriots have deprived quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) personal trainer privileges. This deepened to Biliqieke trainer and coach Bill (Bill Belichick) the disharmony between speculation. Alex Guerrero (Alex Guerrero) is Brady's friends, and his business partner, two people together to create the TB12 training center. Since the center for treatment in operating since 2013 and a number of patriots Brady players here and training. is reported to have an office at Gillette stadium near Guerrero patriots locker room. He is no longer allowed to treat players other than Brady in the office. He was also banned from flying in the Patriot team and being forbidden to come to the side of the field to stay with the players. because of this injunction, many patriot players continue to be treated at the TB12 training center. The center is located outside the stadium. on Monday asked between Guerrero and Biliqieke rumors, Brady said. "I have no comment on this matter. I just want to say that this is very clear. Alex has been making great contributions to my achievements. I am very lucky to have him as my friend. Fortunately, we can do everything together." also said that Brady is an important reason for their Guerrero can still play at the age of 40. Well known the relationship between and the Brady guerrero. Reported that in 2015 the Guerrero role in the team have been dissatisfied with some of the team medical team and trainers, they are worried about the way the way the team Guerrero and conflict. This let some team staff express their worries to Billy Cheik. team boss Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) said in 2015 that Guerrero role on the team "is not a challenge." "But we have a coach who accepts this, and one who can control his team leader," Kraft said.

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