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at present, the Indianapolis pony's offensive performance is excellent. In addition to quarterback Andrew ruck (Andrew Luck) heroics, equally important use of tactics and formation. The data showed that the pony was at the end of the attack combined with 4061 yards. The 2338 code is obtained when the team uses the 3 external form. Outside the T.Y. (T.Y. Hilton) took over Hilton, Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) and Hakim Nicks (Hakeem Nicks) is the core of the team's offensive. partner in the group of 3 Ahmad - Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) and Kobe (Coby Fleener) - feline, pony 85 offensive, with 592 yards, 4 touchdowns, 66 to 45, was intercepted 3 times, was sacked 4 times, with 40 times the first attack. partner in the 3 group of Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) and Dwyne Alan (Dwayne Allen), the 64 pony offensive, with 377 yards, 2 touchdowns, 40 to 25, was intercepted 1 times, not captured killed, with 18 first downs. in the group of 3 partner Brad Shaw and Alan, the pony 53 offensive, with 366 yards, 3 touchdowns, 35 and 20 have not been successful, steals, was sacked 3 times, with 21 times the first attack. When the pony uses the 3 external form, it takes 2338 and 140 first work to list the alliance second. There's no doubt that they are one of the best teams in the league. Only the Pittsburgh Steelers in 3 when the outer array cheap nfl jerseys free shipping with 2405 yards and 143 first downs, narrowly ahead of the pony. below is the associated data in the league who specializes in using the three outside team: ?????????2405??385????16?|????234??162?????2?|?????19???????143????? ??????????3???2338??343????17?|????245??161?????6?|?????10???????140????? ??????????2224??352????18?|????238??157?????7?|?????13???????121????? ?????????2180??385????6?|????222??138?????6?|?????13???????124????? ??????????2151??365????20?|????220??150?????4?|?????20???????137?????when we discuss rugby football, everyone's focus is always on offensive teams and defensive teams. Real professionals also include the performance of special service teams on the field to consider the overall strength of teams. A good special team performance can provide a better starting position for the team, and sometimes it can be the key to deciding the winner of a game. For the fans, the excellent return to the attack will make the atmosphere a climax. As a retrospective series of the 2014 season, we look at the 5 great back attacks of the season. 2014 season 5 return fifth rams SWAT collective return touchdown lead do one thing under cover of another last week our 5 trick first will include the punt return touchdowns in the ingenious design of Secret Service Coordinator John Fassel, ram is almost from the Seahawks who gain victory with unstained swords scored 7 points. Let's look back: The 2014 season for seventh weeks, the Seattle Seahawks at Saint Louis rams, second and 7:24 seconds at the end of the ram 14 to 3 lead the Seahawks, the Seahawks in his own half blocked the attack, had to punt. Punter Jon Ryan kicked the ball out, the Seahawks special teams player crazy to ram half ran. The rams usually punt return of Tavon Austin in his court left hand made "sketch safety ball", special teams player ram to Austin direction together to do the cover, this also let the unit "Sea Hawk gun" (responsible for the fast approaching back to attack the player, a speed of take over or play cornerback) immediately to the missile to Austin. The missile is just rushed to the bait, and the true target - ram another return Stedman Bailey in the right hand to catch the ball in his court, and then his teammates to help solve two near the Seahawks secret service, breaking through to the boundless plain Seahawk backcourt, raid 90 yard touchdown return. The second day just half 21 to 3 lead the Seahawks rams. the game eventually to 28 to 26 victory over the Seahawks end of ram. Return without this game in the first half of the return touchdown, the Seahawks later gradually fierce offensive momentum, he is really hard to win this game. The back attack of the special service team played a very important role in the game. 2014 season 5 return fourth Darren Sproles over 49 people flying, 82 yard punt return touchdown In the fourth week of the 14 season, the eagle was a guest in San Francisco and challenged 49 people. After the departure from the saints joined the eagles veteran running back Darren Sproles with a 82 yard long occupation career return touchdown surprise four, proved that he is not the media and fans in the mouth has humbled "old squirrel". game to the second section there are 9 minutes and 13 seconds, 49 third conversion failed, only to send the ace abandoned "Chongqing hong'ao bowling alley first week of March 2015 with 1262 points to win the match player Mou Jinsong curve! | Bowling Chongqing honglink bowling alley March 2015 first week tournament held at 19:00 last night, this is the first week after the Spring Festival season, the competition is fierce, this week the game using a new type of machine oil falling off the oil, play arc player Mou Jinsong with excellent and stable with 1262 points to win the championship this week, as well Li Jun, Chen Cong, Yang Jun arc players were second, third, fourth, fifth UFO ball player Tao Faliang, Zhang Yu was the sixth woman player arc.The official website of NFL | only high pass rate of success of Alex - Smith is not | football this season, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) in passing accuracy with a score of 80.6% followed by the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson), the second highest in the league. Smith was in the top five on the weekly pass precision list. if it only looks at the precision of the pass, the new fans are likely to mistake Smith in the elite quarterback. But it may not be the case. Let's see why Smith's passing precision is so high. first, Smith's far-reaching pass attempts were the least of all the major quarterback in the league, with only 5.7% of his pass over 20 yards. It is the lack of Smith's old habits, last season his remote proportion is only 8.1%, ranked third to last all quarterback. He has 11 long passes this season, the 3 in 8 over 73 yards and two times by the dismal performance steals. But Smith is not only a lack of long, even in his passing distance are not many, most of them are short distance line similar to the screen pass. So far, 100 of his 144 pass attempts have been passed to the back court or within 10 yards of the front court. but we don't deny the advantages of low risk Smith the high success rate of short strategy, just to remind everyone to give priority to the list of the quarterback passing style when passing accuracy ranking next to see, this is more important than the data itself.

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