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Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) is regarded as the league's most advanced consciousness of the coach. But this week's game against the Arizona Cardinals, a decision Kelly was criticized. There were 2 minutes left at the time, and the two sides were 17. The eagle in front end zone of a 4 stall 1 yards, the team had a chance to take a risk of first attack or even a touchdown, but ultimately chose a free kick kelly. The next minute, Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) and John - Brown (John Brown) were connected to the 75 - yard line to complete the reverse score. In an interview, talked about his decision: "I did want to attack the 4, and we talked about it in the 2 minute pause. I think our defense team played very, very well in the game and I am confident that they can defend their opponents. I told my players that the reason we chose the free kick was that I had confidence in them. Kelly decided to part from the members of the trust, the other part is to understand the strength of opponents, anti League Cardinals run strength column. But in fact, the game in the ground attack on the great eagle, the Cardinals cannot restrain their run. After the game, Kelly also said that the last attack in the opponent's defensive performance was not ideal. In spite of this, he still chose a more conservative way of scoring. For the final decision, Sean Mccoy ran Weile (LeSean McCoy) also have their own ideas: "I thi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nk we can beat them in the run in. They have been very tired, we can follow up a victory with hot pursuit. I believe our frontline players are better than their front lines. However, in the previous 3 gear, Mccoy lost the number of the ball. was asked why he didn't communicate with the quarterback Nick Foles. Kelly said, "we did this kind of try in the cowboy competition last year, and we failed at last. I don't want to repeat it this time. " In fact, there is no reason for us to ask Kelly to take the risk on a flat point. When the opponent's end zone in front of you, but empty handed, this is also a failure. Kelly chose to trust his defense team, but it was a pity that the players failed to respond to the expectation.NFL's official website, Prescott will try to catch up with the achievements in rugby Romo wo since 2007, cowboy's off-season training plan for the first time in Toni (Tony Romo) by the outside of the starting quarterback. Prescott (Dak Prescott) is now in the same position. He previously has said, Prescott's outstanding performance is not surprising. Prescott also said Saturday that two people have a very good relationship, by the performance and brilliant record also inspired Prescott to continue efforts. I have had a good relationship with Toni. Before and after I started, Prescott said nothing had changed. I am grateful to be able to have such a friendship with him, and I hope he is happy, too. Toni decided to retire and he had a great career. To fill the empty when he left will be a huge challenge for me, I will try to do my best. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.local time Monday Houston Dezhou announced that Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) will become the new season regular season starting quarterback, also let this continued throughout the offseason the first battle temporarily come to an end. Such a result would naturally make Ryan Mallett unhappy, and he did not conceal his discontent. Malet interviewed in the media on Tuesday morning. When he talked about it, he said, "obviously, I am disappointed in the result. I don't agree with the coach's decision, but I will always be ready to play. We had four quarterback first experience last year, so I would do my best to help the team. " malette also made it clear that they are not understand why Obrien coach Bill (Bill O Brien) will allow Heuer to become the first, he said: "I'm always in hard training and competition, I will not take this result as much frustration, I think my performance is good enough to win the first." Obrien explained that Malet didn't show much eye in two preseason games, nor did he show enough strength to defeat Heuer in training. He said, "Malet is not satisfied with the decision, but he has to continue training hard, not getting the first place and preparing for the competition as if he had already been in the first place."Zhejiang online March 8th (Zhejiang online reporter Hu Hao) although the home to Shaoxing Keqiao has only a short 2017 season, but Zhejiang Teng Light Textile City Football Club (formerly Dalian Teng) has already had a lot of popularity in the local. In the evening of March 7th, Zhejiang Yi Teng held a new season expedition ceremony and a New Jersey release ceremony for the 2018 season a football league. new season's expedition ceremony, Zhejiang Yi Teng specially invited more than a hundred iron and steel fans to participate. In fact, a short season, Zhejiang Yi Teng said that the ideal situation in the team scores are not, there are still thousands of Zhejiang fans stood firmly behind us, as we cheer, we must let the fans know that their support for us, we thank you very much." The team's people told reporters. These invited fans in the winter rain, the team wearing a short sleeved shirt, with drums, cheering and singing in all players. The ceremony began, Zhejiang Yi Teng Textile City team coach and players appeared one by one, each player, whether it is hardened or a green hand, harvest fans deafening cheers, especially the coach, the Brazilian Koper valentino. After his unexpected dismissal in the middle of last season, Koppel Tino went to the team again this season to lead the team to a better result. "The club wants me to come back and I'm very happy to be able to lead the boys better again." Koppel Tino said in an interview with reporters, the team had some good players, the strength is not as bad as last season ranked "Chongchao, yes, this is our goal for the future, but now I have to do, is to let the team get better grades." is one of the most popular players in the Zhejiang players Ji Xiaoxuan for all the concern and support of Yi Teng team colleagues together and fight fans and friends to express gratitude, "we have trough last season, also have a climax, I hope that this season I and his teammates work side by side, go all out to treat each game seriously, Zhejiang proud, Shaoxing luster." At the same time, , Mota, Zhou Bingxu, Lai Xiaoyu and Wang Jingping wore the new season's main season, away match clothes and goalkeeper clothes. This shirt is very special, in the neck position, pattern to Goujian sword as a design blueprint. "Shaoxing is more, Goujian sword is here, we as a team in Shaoxing, this is our spirit totem. In addition, the year after the defeat of King WoXinChangDan, ultimate revival of the story also motivate people, in the last year, the result is not ideal, this year can revive." Koppel Tino also believes that after a hard winter, his disciples have been ready for the challenges of the 2018 league season, he hope that we can support him as in the past, support.

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