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Liverpool released a new passenger shirt for the 2010-2011 season on its official website. The shirt is slightly altered in the design. In addition, Carlsberg's ad sponsorship was replaced by a Standard Chartered Bank. Liverpool's new season's Stadium shirt, the main color is still white in the last season. But the combination of the new white coat black shorts and white socks is the same as the two season. This also seems to indicate, I just had a bad season of the Red Army, to spare no effort to catch up in the next season. , in addition, the new shirt has been added a new red thin strip, and the neckline of the "V" shape design, and Chelsea's new season home shirt is quite similar. This New Jersey will not be officially launched until July 8th. But the fans can now make a reservation by official in Liverpool. Among them, the adult version of the coat is priced at 42 pounds, and the goalkeeper is more expensive, and it takes 47 pounds. the biggest difference between this shirt and the previous one is the advertising logo on the chest. Due to the new 4 y cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ear, 81 million pounds sponsorship contract signed by Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool, it will be implemented this summer. So the video advertising sponsorship of the New Jersey in Liverpool is changed from Carlsberg to Standard Chartered Bank. last season, the state of Liverpool is very depressed, the League final ranking only seventh. Ou Guanzhong was also eliminated in the group game, turning to the Europa cup, and eventually failed to win the championship. At this point, the Red Army has also created the worst record of the team in the last 11 seasons. After the end of the season, the manager Benitez was also officially dismissed. The nostalgia in this New Jersey is also marked by Liverpool's desire to reinvigorate the next season.Philip - Rivers (Philip Rivers) led the San Diego lightning in the first half of the season 5 wins and 3 losses. For most teams, can achieve the 5 victory in the first half of the season is gratifying. More so for lightning, they will be more relaxed in the next half of the season. Rivers said in an interview on Thursday local time: "the season is made up of 16 games, which is like the 16 round. At present, we have won 5 and lost 3. Although this game is very important, we have 8 games to go all out. We need to adjust, and the first task is to match the Miami dolphin. " talked about the loss of the week and the outlook for the rest of the season. Rivers remained confident: "we were beaten and there was no excuse. But I have to say that the injury still affects us. So we need to recover and keep fit as soon as possible so that we can continue to win. Now our record is 5-3, if one more 5-3? I believe that 10 victories can help us get into the playoffs. We need to go on. " Lightning is now on the right path, and Rivers has been asking himself to be more perfect. We have reason to believe that lightning can continue to create surprises.The official website of NFL | Hall of fame near end Charlie Saunders died of cancer | Rugby According to the Professional Football Hall of fame, , one of the best near end fronts in NFL history, has devoted 10 years' career to Charlie Charlie of Detroit lion (Charlie Sanders), who died at the age of 68 due to cancer treatment. Saunders, who had been selected for seven career bowls for seven times, was elected to the hall of fame in 2007. The lion picked him from the University of Minnesota in the third round of the 1968 draft, and then he started 108 games for the team. as a ball type era of the most excellent near end of the ball technology firm Saunders a total of 336 times to obtain the ball 4817 yards and 31 touchdowns. When he chose to retire after the end of the 1977 season, he was the most successful player in the lion's history at that time. Saunders, who was selected for the best squad for NFL in 1970s, played a number of roles after retiring, including the contests of the scout, the assistant coach and the lion. The president of the lion said in a statement that we lost one of the greatest players in the history of the Detroit lion today. For nearly half a century, Charlie was a special person for the entire family of lions. The lion and the proximal winger Eric (Eric Ebron) - AI baulon heard the news of the death of Saunders said on Twitter: it is with a heavy heart. Rest, Charlie! Saunders's 336 - time ball game kept the history record for 20 seasons until the 1996 season was broken by Herman - Moore (Herman Moore). And six years before his career, Saunders was his coach.Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) will be due to a hamstring injury missed third consecutive games. had nearly returned to the game before he came out of the game, but he was injured again before the match against Indianapolis's pony. , in short, is the next game against the Tennessee titans of the occupation bowl outside linebacker in fourth games this season due to injury. He also missed the third week's match against the lions in Detroit, but coach Mike McCarthy said the injury will not be reimbursed for his season Mike season. "he's making progress, but he can't play this week," Mccarthy said. in the absence of Mathews, it is difficult for the packers to press the quarterback of their opponents. They have made only five escapement in the last three games. ?

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