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even-even soccer equipment Adidas announced the 2014-15 news team new season away and two Jersey and the French club Lyon, and prior to the release of the new season home court two jersey shirt, this attention to detail, modern, elegant and innovative in a body. New away kit is blue, the team will finish this jersey on Sunday and the Marseille game debut. Different shades of blue gradient in the modern way presents the Rhone River Rhone River originates from the club, he runs, and the direction of the gradient and the territory of the Rhone Leon to remain the same. and New Jersey home court, ball collar engraved with the slogan "Nous sommes L" Olympique Lyonnais (US is Leon) ", reflecting the strong identity symbols are the players and supporters of the club to share. and the national team to participate in the Brazil world cup jerseys, Lyon New Jersey the use of adizero technology to produce lighter and more comfortable playing uniforms, weight more than 40%, less than 100 grams, is the lightest Adidas ever since the game shirt manufacturing. It helps the players to perform faster and play more freely on the field. The fan version of the Jersey uses ClimaCool technology to ensure air permeability and keep dry during the movement.49 of San Francisco's main running back Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) has served as the 9 season in the team's starting duties, but his pressure this season is surprisingly large, reduce the times and catch the chance to play Gore in the 49 implies that the position is not so important. The cheap nfl jerseys free shipping day before, NFL famous reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said 49 people management has seriously considered cut Gore to the outside world. Rapoport said 49 people management in the offseason had explicitly informed Gore, said it "has been 31 years old and a $about six million incentive bonus, so the team will use the 57 pick of running back Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) as a substitute." and Gore with excellent state fought back, in the week before the game night, he has got a 365 yard touchdowns in the 77 red ball limited, 4.7 yards size is 06 years since he was sitting on the first position of the third. In contrast, Hyde was rookie adaptation period, 34 times with 132 rushing yards and two touchdowns fairly good results. Because Gore and Haide are currently available in the team, his position should be guaranteed before he becomes a free agent at the end of the season. and on the day after he broke the 49 people, general manager of Trent Bahrke (Trent Baalke) denied the authenticity of the news. The official website of NFL | seventh weeks in the United | rugby league player Awards announced The Denver Broncos quarterback Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) Sunday night with 4 touchdowns to break the legendary performance quarterback Bret faffe (Brett Favre) career touchdowns record and their record will be followed, so the 42-17 Mustang victory over San Francisco 49. In order to set off his new record, became the seventh - week best offensive player in the United States. Do you expect anyone to take this award? In addition to the passing of the ball, Manning's pass rate reached 84.6% (26 in 22). His pass was not copied in 318 yards and the quarterback scored 157.2. is also the most valuable player in the season. The Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) has won the honor of the best player of the league. Rodgers has played a dominant role in the past few weeks, one of the best players in the league, or the best. The packers quarterback to overcome the poor performance of the Carolina Panthers team in the 38-17 game of the 22 ball 19 times success (success rate 86.5%), 255 yards and 3 touchdowns and no pass was intercepted, the score reached 154.5. When is going to be over half of the season, any early prediction of the list of most valuable players must start with Manning and Rodgers, so only they are good at winning the best player of the week. below is seventh weeks of other award winners: week seventh AFC defensive player: Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Teerwen - Smith (Telvin Smith), made 4 tackles, steals the victory and lock 1 sacks led off the ball, help the Jaguar first win of the season. (in the rookie team defense group leader Paul (Paul Posluszny) - the Lasini will continue to contribute to the team after the season) seventh weeks of the American League's best special teams player: new England patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones (Chris Jones): in the Patriot 27-25 victory over the New York jets game, fourth jets last attack he blocked 58 yard shot may juesha. seventh week National League defensive player: Washington Redskins linebacker Jinan - Robinson (Keenan Robinson): 14 amazing victory over Tennessee in the hold of a Titan game (a career high). week seventh NFC special teams player: Saint Louis rams punt returner Stedman Bailey (Stedman Bailey).The official website of NFL |49 VS Mustang: advantage attacks strong defense | football seventh week night match, Denver Broncos in New York after the win over the jets last week, their country on the West tour, against strong opponents San Francisco home court sits a team of 49 people. The Broncos had record of 4 wins and 1 losses, for the offseason 1 weeks behind the 5 - 1 San Diego lightning team. San Francisco team of 49 people on Monday just after compared with rivals Saint Louis rams game, the Broncos is inactive. offensive and defensive, advantage attack encounters strong defense of the two teams as the super bowl is popular, especially the Denver broncos, by Payton Manning led the offensive team invincible, but the defense has been greatly improved in the offseason after some adjustments. According to PFF statistics, the wild horse team's total attack score is 5.5, of which the pass score is 15.4, ranking in the League fourth, passing the ball to protect the alliance third. The defense scores are amazing, score 30.9 points ranked alliance fifth, ranked fourth in the League against running. The 49 team, 3 consecutive years in the National League Championship, becoming stable in Harper's tune, recently it is even grams of enemies, in the new home court end offensive group letter Philadelphia hawks, the defensive strength is remarkable. According to PFF statistics, the 49 team had a total attack score of 3.8, ranked twelfth in the league, sixth in the league and third in the league. The defense general anti run union sixth, ranked fifth in the league, passing mark is second best in the nba. total data is not difficult to see, the two sides of the attack team's key firepower will encounter the strong defense of the opponent, then the competition will be seen fiercely. games look at see one, can Manning refresh the record Manning's current occupation touchdowns number 506, 508 League record behind Favre is 2, the game he can record in the home court hat trick, need to focus on. , the contention between two things the Broncos offensive in fourth in the league, a team of 49 people pass mark second best in the nba. The off-season weeks back, number one wide receiver de Marius Thomas picked up, will be an important test for the 49 second defense and veteran Patrick - Willis can defend the proximal Feng Zhu Li Si - Thomas, is also an important aspect. on the other side, the 49 League fourth Broncos suffered rushed the ball sixth one old and one new combination, very interesting statistics is 49 to the left to punch the ball the total score were positive to the right comments are negative, defensive front to Mustang all star defensive end DeMarcus, led by the right way no matter in the defense and anti scour 〉

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