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in Miami last week with the San Diego dolphins lightning game, dolphins running back Lamar Miller main (Lamar Miller) and a shoulder injury to withdraw from the competition. After a week of recuperation, Miller's injury still didn't get better, and the team marked it as "out of question". Miller has done well this season and has high efficiency in punching. If we can keep the status going, we are expected to break through the 1000 yards mark. If he fails, he will have a great blow to dolphins. Miller has been practicing restricted training this week, and the chances are not small. if Miller is unable to fight, then the substitute running guard Daniel Thomas (Daniel Thomas) will replace him for the first start. In addition, the team bench tight end Duhem - Sims (Dion Sims) due to toe injury will miss the game this week, guard Korogi (Daryn Colledge) - Darien because of a back injury is doubtful. NFL official website in Cleveland Brown admitted it could cut Brantly, NFL rookie nest Cleveland Brown pick selected University of Florida defensive tackle in the draft 185th - Caleb Brantly (Caleb Brantley). cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , who was thought to be the top defensive player of the year's talent show, has slipped down the market after being suspected of a misdemeanor. Brantley was accused of a physical clash with a woman earlier this month. His one fist caused the victim to lose consciousness. There are a lot of teams that think Brantley will end up. Brown studied the incident fully and visited Brantley himself before the draft. but Sassy Brown (Sashi Brown), the executive vice president of the team, told reporters that they might not leave Brant in the end. Brown said the charges Brantley faced were worrying. this may not be what we can accept, Brown said. is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 307 pounds. Brantley has a lot of problems on the court and on the field. But if he can finally stay in the team, he won't have much chance of laziness under the team defense coordinator Greg Williams (Gregg Williams). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | before the packers coach | coached football back to his alma mater former coach Mike Sherman (Mike Sherman), a former Green Bay Packer, returned to his high school to coach the Rugby School team. Sherman recently confirmed his coaching in Massachusetts Nauset high school. He told reporters: "I am lucky enough to have much time to do these things." in January this year, I was trying to find a training camp for rugby, and my alma mater just needed such a training camp. But it's not a very easy decision for me, because I'm not sure I'm 100%. Sherman coached the packers in 2000-2005 years, completed 53 wins and 39 losses, led the team to the 4 playoffs, but was fired after a 4 win 12 negative season. After that, he worked as a assistant for a year in Houston, Dezhou, and worked as an assistant coordinator for a year. He taught in Dezhou science and Technology University in the past 4 seasons, and in 2013 he joined Miami dolphin as an attack coordinator.league players in this week's offseason activities began recovery training, but Josh Norman has advanced into the season when the state. Although is only in May, the red leather self righteous corner guard has been unable to wait for the next season. His league area will go up four times. In an interview with Bleacher Report's reporter Tyler Dunne, Norman explained his expectations for the cowboys, giants and hawks in his unique style, and also revealed his personal and Dez Byrant, Odell Beckham and Alshon Jeffery's resentment. "believe me, it's going to be very bad this year." Norman predicted, "do you think the Eastern team is not going to do it before?" This time this year, it is estimated that there will be a lot of fines and suspension. To tell the truth, it would be bad, because I have a safety (D.J.Swearinger), so I don't care. I also know they don't have many offense. The wanton display of Norman has not come to an end. This star also spoke of him with Wei in the east of the enemy story, and that most people will not love Norman "reward" to his evaluation. In a battle of tongue and mouth, said that Norman said, "this is an ordinary person." Dez is in 2012 for himself, 13 years, 14 years, and 14 years. But now? He's just an ordinary man. " "to me, he didn't give me a bright eye. For other people, he may be able to do everything he can, and he will bully them. But you can't bully a strong person. Are you with me? That's why his tricks do not work on me. " When said last year in Thanksgiving war, when Bryant said that he would "let Norman lose completely" and Washington needed "value for money", the contradiction between the red horn's corner guards and the cowboy's external players is escalating. In a day, Norman responded to Dez's comments, "the situation that neither side shows up is not called competition at all." After , it is the grudge of Norman and Beckham. The giants and the red skin had two divided civil wars in 2016, but if the intensity of the two people's conflict was no match for the black leopard and the giant. Before the game, Norman went to buy Baseball batons and attacked Beckham, laying the foundation for the two people in the race. However, Norman did not intend to quell the meaning of the conflict next season. "he wants to be a hard man, and he wants to be another person. Because he was always in a poor mind when we played, "Norman said so to Dunne.

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