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The official website of NFL | sail Moore was attacked after the Raiders trading team | football on Friday U.S. time, Oakland Raiders linebacker will own sail Moore (Sio Moore) transactions to Indianapolis pony, in exchange for a sixth round draft pick. And our 25 year old player seems to be dissatisfied with the old club. when the Raiders coach Jack Deere (Jack Del Rio) Rio Moore was asked about the deal when he said that he is very happy, because Moore went for something, he says he can't and we together as a team, he will have a harvest in there, we feel happy for this. We have the identity of 2 free agent linebacker players, they are playing well, two draft players are playing well, we let the ray - Armstrong (Ray-Ray Armstrong) regression line guard position, the other players do, obviously we need now is a need to pick, etc. make a choice. just finished shortly after the interview. Moore wrote a Twitter: you made a bed of yourself, you'd better lie on your own and cover the quilt, because it will get very cold soon. Ha-ha?? Obviously this twitter refers t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o the Raiders, and Moore's unique way of expressing himself is happy to fight for a team with the strength of the playoffs. but don't forget that Moore was the guy who had lost his first win last season, because of his one - time celebration. And as the third round of the draft, he failed to help the raider's defensive team progress.NFL officially announced: Coldplay (Coldplay) will serve as the fiftieth session of the first Super Bowl halftime show guests. , led by the lead singer Chris Martin (Chris Marti), won the seven Grammy Awards. The British rock band will release its new album on Friday. In addition , according to ESPN, the performance and the red hot chili peppers band in the forty-eighth Super Bowl halftime (Red Hot Chili Peppers) together with the performances of Bruno - Marrs (Bruno Mars) will also play in the fiftieth super bowl. "The Wall Street journal" reported that is currently working with the Coldplay album with Beyonce (Beyonce) are in talks on the halftime show stage.automatic playback switch NFL automatically play the history of the ten single hand Catching: David Beckham is the best guards jumped worthy of loading... Tencent sports news -NFL fourteenth weeks of competition in less than a day's time is about to start again. Every team has already competed to the stage of hot competition for the playoffs. What interesting things have happened in today's NFL alliance? Let's take a look at it: w Yuandufushu JJ- watt lost the game to imitate O'neal's victory over Houston, the Dezhou superstar JJ- Watt, had to accept the fact that the season was reimbursed because of his back injury. However, for this cheerful boy, a temporary injury will not affect his real life. ended in NCAA university rugby game, JJ- Watt's alma mater, Penn State University against Wisconsin, and as an excellent graduate and super loyal of Wisconsin University, she will be crazy to cheer for the home team. Unfortunately, alongside JJ- Watt in the Dezhou people's defense team in another general - defensive tackle - der von Steele is a good student of Penn State University, and two people temporarily become the "enemy" launched a gamble, lose people to wear each other's shirt as a punishment. However, the result is , JJ- w overconfident, University of Wisconsin lose, JJ- w Pennsylvania State University had to wear the shirt. "When you go to JJ- Watt's house and watch him change your team's equipment, it's really funny!" Steele said very pleasurable, "this is a man of promise, hahaha." And say that JJ- Watt can only swallow the bitter fruit of the dark, but Watt is still in his Wisconsin students said: "bet bet, but I still wish you guys have the best performance in the next rose bowl!!" is like Watt JJ-'s words. This kind of gamble loses the match, the thing that likes the opponent's jersey is similar to the previous NBA superstar Stephen Currie wearing the raider's Jersey. As a loyal and loyal member of the Carolina black panther, Kuri and his friends bet that the black leopard wore the Raiders' jersey, and the final result was Curie wearing the Raiders' shirt, which means that the stakes are stakes like this. The two different league superstar has invariably sound the same, do the same thing, I do not know is coincidence or Watt intentional. But it... This is not the first time Watt with soccer gambling, like Watt before with Shaquille O'neal of Louisiana State University in Wisconsin with a gambling game board finally, Austria fat forced to open their wallets to pay the bet...... Antonio and shellfish exchange shirt Antonio - Brown bought his own ball.The official website of NFL | Steelers punishment due to irregularities | football players dress Pittsburgh Steelers running back de Angelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) and William Gaye (William Gay) recently have been punished. they were penalized for $5787 each, in violation of the alliance's dressing choice. Williams Memorial family slogan in his eyes, Gaye is wearing a purple shoes to attract attention to family violence, are people so remember what purple represents. Williams's mother died of breast cancer last year. He had proposed to wear pink equipment throughout the season and was rejected by the league. Gaye's mother died in a domestic violence, and at that time Gaye was a child.

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