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The Green Bay Packers recently made a decision: the promotion of Eliot Wolf (Eliot Wolf) as the director of the personnel department. 32 year old Eliot Wolf is a former packers general manager Ron - Wolf (Ron Wolf) son, Wolf joined the Green Bay Packers on 2004 by the Ministry of personnel assistant, his ability is widely recognized, is a popular candidate for the future manager of NFL. The packers renewed their last summer's Todd Thompson Ted Thompson until 2019, so if little Wolf wanted to be the next general manager of the packers, he would have to wait for more than 4 years without accident. At present, little Wolf with the Ministry of personnel, executive officer Alonzo Highsmith (Alonzo Highsmith) and college scout Blaine (Brian Gutekunst) with paleo Kangsite as senior assistant Thompson.Beijing time on the morning of August 12th, the Denver Mustang pre season first match in the first game of the 22:0 to win the Chicago bear team easily. Before the start of the pre-season games, the Mustang announced th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping at Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian were the current quarterback quarterback of the team, so the performance of the two people in this competition is particularly interesting. Mark Sanchez Today competition two people play a game, the overall performance be on a par with first round contest continues. Sanchez the first play, to show a good competitive state, hit consecutive pass completion of advance, and then with the number one wide receiver de Marius Thomas (Demariyus Thomas) completed 32 yard touchdown line, the early establishment of the lead. But then Sanchez's performance was a little quiet, and one of the passes to the people's pile was copied by the bear team Brice Callaghan (Bryce). Then Sanchez was replaced, the field data remain at 13 10 in 99 yards and a touchdown interceptions. then Simeon came on the stage. He was alleged to be better than Sanchez in the training camp, so whether he could continue the state in the competition is the focus of attention. His debut, immediately demonstrated excellent pocket awareness and reading defensive ability, he passes the first three were successful, fourth passes originally expected to easily complete a 19 yard touchdown catch, but Benny Fuller (Bennie Fowler) had lower get rid of mistakes, ruined the sago pass an. In general, simian's stability was a surprise, and the 4 - wave attack helped the team to push the team into the shooting area, with a total of 88 passes for a total of 12 passes.the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) on Monday local time veteran guard Ricci - India Kegenituo (Richie Incognito) visit the team keep from talking about. If the pirates for this trouble guard an urgent demand to a certain extent, they are free to play Monday night to complete the transfer. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to the sources of the alliance, said NFL had lifted the ban on Coorg Nieto's ban, after which he was punished for bullying his dolphin teammate Jonathan Jonathan (Jonathan Martin). After the scandal, Coorg Nieto had been banned by the dolphins indefinitely. "we (India and Coorg Nieto) and his team work progress supervision, his progress is very good," the union president Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) earlier this month to the official website of NFL reporter Geoff (Jeff Darlington) said the darlington. "I think Ricci Kegenituo India for our required to respond quickly and through our investigation project." In addition to the pirates, according to Darlington revealed that there were several other teams expressed interest in India Kegenituo. since he has been banned from the regular season, and it seems unlikely that he would have a chance to return to the game.NFL????|????????????????????????|????? the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) is currently the most proximal front alliance outstanding. His ruling power in the red area is unavailable, and his performance will determine the trend of the super bowl to a certain extent. But for the superstar, the Seahawks defensive line have different views. Jeremy Lane (Jeremy Lane) said on Thursday local time: in fact, I don't think he is so good. He is good, and his body is his advantage. According to my experience of the players in the past, they don't like you all the time. If we can keep him in the game, he will be hard to finish the ball. the second in the league in the Seahawks did this also let them rise above the common herd, capital: with some offensive remarks to belittle opponents. But we have to say that Ryan's speech is really far apart from the facts. G Ron Kowski is not only a scary answer, but he has the same ability to open the road. He is the best near end of the league. is currently in the league, it is difficult to find a can to restrict players' gloon. Ryan natural no, the Seahawks, to blockade the super tight end, they may need to find a like Camden - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) as strong as Earl - Thomas (Earl Thomas) as a flexible, high speed, but also a like Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) comprehensive ability the player.

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