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as the League announces the schedule of the new season, some of the players also comment on the future opponents. The Detroit lions safety Grover Quin (Glover Guin) is one of the most confident. On Wednesday, local time, Quin said in personal network social media that the team will end the first half of the season with 7 - 1. Quin said, "we're going to win two consecutive wins and then go to Denver. We will win the game in the next match against Seattle. We will go to London with a 6 - 1 record and then 7 - 1 to go to Hugh week. According to Quin, the first half of the season only possible defeat is with the Seahawks game. From this point of view, the lion will be in the first half of the season against the San Diego lightning and the Arizona Cardinals, the difficulty is not a simple schedule. in this offseason, the defense lion was greatly changed. EN Su - Damm (Ndamukong Suh) hole left the team, Kazakhstan Loti Natta (Haloti Ngata) will fill the vacancy left by the former. Quin has made obvious progress on the court last season, but he is still bold in character. We will wait and see if the ambitious lion will be able to meet Quin's expectations in the new seaso cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n.The official website of NFL | Raiders one year contract signed wide receiver Vincent Brown | Rugby The Oakland Raiders recently signed a one-year contract with their outside hand to Vincent Brown (Vincent Brown). According to NFL media reports, the former San Diego team took over the lightning, the completion of the contract in September 16th in Beijing. Brown was selected in the third round of 2011. Lightning gave up after missing most of the training camps because of a calf injury this year. for the Raiders, they need to take on, because Rhodes - Street (Rod Streater) was seriously injured in Sunday's match. And Brown completed 8 hits and 117 yards in the 2013 blitz Raiders, which may be the cause of the raider's attention. Brown, who has returned from injury, looks much slower than last year. If Brown can prove his health, he can finally become another main force when the Raiders finish the season. The director of the NFL editorial department said: wait! The Raiders signed a tall, fast but disappointing guy? It's really crazy. What will everything be? We will wait and see.The official website of NFL | failure war team fourth crash Panther katsukuma | Rugby NFL's fifth week point game, the Chicago bear team is a guest to challenge the Carolina Panther team. The Black Panther beat the bear with the excellent performance of the end of the fourth quarter. the two sides opening the first offensive to punt ended, but bears the secret group appeared in effect, everyone thought that this file at the end, the Panthers punt returner Phil Brown (Phily Brown) noted that the referee did not whistle, fast pick up the ball for 79 yards touchdown return, the end of the since 2003 the team's 163 game punt return touchdowns shortage. Bears the next wave of offensive mistakes again, quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) hit in passing shot, Panther safetys Roman Harper (Roman Harper) before star receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) before the completion of interception. The bear defense group also made the black leopard first round take the ball and take the ball back to Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) with color, corner guard Isaiah Frey (Isiah Frey). The offensive team re attack in the Black Panther hinterland, running back Matt Forti (Matt Forte) Cutler received the ball 10 yards receiving touchdowns, score to 7. Bears the next wave of defense again by the defensive end Wiley - Yang (Willie Young) took the Panthers quarterback Newton cam (Cam Newton) of the ball, Lamar - Houston (LaMarr Houston) to get the ball back right. The Cutler expedition, he completed 10 yards and 14-7 touchdowns. At the beginning of second, the bears continue to be in control of the initiative, rookie defensive tackle Igor Ferguson (Ego Ferguson) two consecutive files off Newton's pass, seven assists in the Lance Briggs bowl occupation (Lance Briggs) has been stole. Alshen - Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) flexibly with the help of Marshall's cover, easy to complete the 25 yards of the ball, to expand the score to 21-7. The bear team went on to the next offensive. When it was faced with 3 yards and 12 yards, Forti caught the 56 yards in a breath at the capture of Thomas David, but after a pity, Robbie David Gould (Robbie Gould)'s free kick rubbed on the right column. I didn't think the game started to go to the turning point here. Black Panther first caught the bear's free kick and missed the first 2 minutes in the first half. It was taken by the former bear's first round show, the near end Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) to catch the 9 yards catch up, and entered the half-time with 14-21 score. The second half of last season, the best defensive player Luke - middle linebacker cookley 〉?????????????????-???????Jordan Cameron?????????????,????????-??????Mary Kay????????y??????????????????|?????????????쨢????????????????????????????????????????? Cameron will be very popular if the free agent market for test water will be very popular, but if the two sides are not able to achieve unity he is likely to be tagged by Brown. A month ago, the fourth - year pass was an expression of optimism for the future in Cleveland. "It's very optimistic," Cameron said in a consultation in the early August. "The whole process has been all the time, and I'm going to leave naturally. It's happening and there's a good trend." , if he can keep healthy, Cameron scored 80 times in last season, 917 yards and 7 scores. He had the chance to take the lead in the attack of Josh Gordon, who was banned from Josh. Cameron missed his second training session on Thursday, AC joint due to sprain in the first week's competition. If he comes back to the arena, whether he can play well or not depends on himself.

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