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The official website of NFL, the Patriots coach Macdaniels hopes to get a chance in football as a coach wo Macdaniels McDaniels (Josh McDaniels), the new England patriot attack coordinator, wanted to speak out. yes, he is interested in becoming the NFL team leader again one day. However, he has no intention to become Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) in the patriot's successor. this is what he said to reporters at a press conference on Tuesday. Macdaniels noted the recent reports about the Biliqieke he succeeded, he said these reports out of thin air. I really want to be the coach again, he said. Before , we agreed that if a team is looking for a manager, Macdaniels will be the number one candidate. He is waiting for the right opportunity to appear. That's why he hasn't left the Patriot again. though it is not clear what teams are going to look for the next manager, it can be considered that the quarterback, the general manager and the boss will become a consideration. Macdaniels would not want to go as soon as he was in the Denver Mustang as the manager. When he was the next mana cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ger, he wanted to command the team comfortably. , as long as the boss reaches a similar level, other teams can create an atmosphere like patriots, which is what Mike and Daniels value most. The inevitable playoffs of the patriots may make the team's interview schedule more complicated. But if there is a suitable position, don't be surprised to ask Macdaniels to ask for leave to participate in the meeting with potential new owners. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.although New York jet owner Woody Johnson (Woody Johnson) is very likely to solve employer coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) after 3 months, Ryan still chooses to speak for his boss after another defeat. The jet was 24-30 negative to the Minnesota Vikings this week, and they also had a 2 - 11 record in the season. After the match, Ryan said, "I have to be responsible for the loss. I will tell Woody and tell every jet fan: it's my duty." in an interview, Ryan said: "I know, I should be criticized from all aspects. I have to be responsible for the team's bad results. There is no doubt that I am a sinner, but Woody is not. As a boss, the jet was working well under his hands. He did a great job, and it shouldn't be blamed for the performance. " no matter what Ryan says, there are two things to be sure: first, the jet has once again experienced a failed season. Second, both the coaching team and the management will be reorganized after the season. There has been a rumor that Ryan hopes to dismiss the team's offensive coordinator. But more questions directly refer to Lane himself, who knows that boss Johnson plans to dismiss the entire coaching team and the current team manager after the season.even-even soccer equipment network Puma company in the Garner Football Association (GFA) today jointly launched the national team Garner 2016-17 season New Jersey home court. In the past few decades, Puma has been committed to the African partners to provide the most advanced design technology and the most avant-garde. As in the past to adhere to this spirit in design and innovation, to create a new Puma evoKNIT series Jersey, Garner national team later this year to wear the new shirt. the fierce competition will be the real test of the use of Puma in Jersey in the design of the future high performance technology, evoKNIT technology has all the characteristics of the jersey fabric design -- light, personal comfort, can perform good temperature regulation, enhance the performance of athletes. More importantly, for the first time in history, the torso part of the Jersey really realized "seamless". jersey with dynamic water management system, two sets of yarns to "push pull" effect, the yarn close to the skin quickly away from the outer surface of athletes sweat, yarn will further sweat, keep dry. In order to achieve this goal, the mechanical cooperation between Puma and highly technical, the football industry has never been used. The innovative production process has produced seamless tubular sleeves and torso from the beginning, providing security for comfort. Such a Jersey can strengthen the strength, regulate the body temperature, minimize the obstacles in the movement, and help the Garner team show the strongest tone in the high - intensity competition.The official website of NFL |NFL players and their children together | football athletes also love family. we have seen more than one time that NBA players have intimate interactions with their family, so who says NFL players are not? Underneath is the forty-eighth super bowl, Chris - Mara Gus (Chris Maragos) and his two sons. Carolina Panthers running back Williams de Angola (DeAngelo Williams) last season when the wild card race with her daughter to warm up. The Jaguar mesa Fernandez - Lewis (Marcedes Lewis) and daughter. pony coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) and give her a hug. 2013 show conference, Eric - Reed (Eric Reid) and her daughter accept 49 people in San Francisco's shirt. Fred - Jackson (Fred Jackson) with his son. Andy - Dalton (Andy Dalton) holds his little baby. Joe Thomas (Joe Thomas) and his little daughter. Does remember the Green Bay Packers who won the super bowl? Yes, AJ Walker (AJ Hawk) and his newly born daughter. Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) and the child greeting.

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