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The official website of NFL | Ingram can play can decide the success or failure of Saint | football New Orleans saints Mark Ingram Ingram is suffering from shoulder injury. He has been included in the list of doubts. The team will meet 49 people in San Francisco this week. saints announced another two running backs Pierre team Thomas (Pierre Thomas) and Kelly Robinson (Khiry Robinson) were due to the ribs and arm discomfort will not be in this week's debut, so with the team of Ingram was worried that this will make them in Paibingbuzhen stretched. Despite the unsatisfactory performance of the 49 people this season, their defense is still dominant in the face of a single attack. The rise of success and Ingram recent saints are inseparable, in the previous two beat Green Bay Packers and the Carolina Panthers in the game, this was the first show a total of 54 times to punch the ball more than the sum of the two consecutive week of any occupation care cheap nfl jerseys free shipping er. Ingram has become the team's offensive group metronome, changed the team before the ground offensive against difficulties. therefore, once Ingram was absent, lost saints metronome will face lots of difficulties.NFL's coaches have their own habits to ensure the team's privacy. But this time, John John (John Fox) has increased the privacy of the Chicago bears. explained to reporters that the 2015 season of the bear team is implementing extremely crazy rules to limit their loyal fans and readers to get pictures and messages of the team. has a reporter pointed out: "the demands of the bear team for journalists now is not to report, they will not tell anyone what they see on the court. If you want to contact players or coaches, you need to submit applications 24 hours in advance." Apparently Fawkes does not want any information from the outside world, but he can't ask the players to give up their mobile phone. So this stupid rule can't limit the appearance of the news. if Fawkes is smart enough, what he should do is not to control the media or people's concerns, but to let the team get rid of the 5 - 11 losses of last season.Baltimore linebacker Terrell Saggers crow (Terrell Suggs) on Friday morning in Arizona on suspicion of leaving the scene of an accident and carrying driving license was revoked and was arrested by the police. After responding to the accident alarm, the police discovered Saggers's vehicle and asked him. He found he was conscious, but he arrested him after he found that his driver's license had been revoked. this morning, Saggers Terrell involved in a bicycle accident. No one was injured, "Saggers's agent said. "The police received an alarm and asked Saggers, and found his driver's license was revoked because of the speeding ticket. He was detained by the police and was released in a few hours. The trail will make his case and the judicial system to solve his license problem." spokesman said the crow, "Terrell let us know this matter, we are investigating." 33 years old Saggers suffered a torn Achilles tendon in the first week of last season. The general manager of the European crow (Ozzie Newsome) - odd Newsom said last week that he thinks Saggers can start the regular season in the next season when ready to fight. Saggers was named the best defensive player of the year in 2011 at 's six degree career bowl.Does the NFL official network |49 have solved the foul problem? | football 49 people in San Francisco once became the most fouled teams in the league this season. This week to 22-17 against Kansas City Chiefs in the game, only 49 people were shown 2 yellow. But does this show that 49 people have been out of foul trouble and solved the problem? 49 coach Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) said at the post match press conference that it was a positive sign for us. We need to play the right way, and our players are eager to do it. I know, too many fouls have hurt us at one time. Sunday's game, 2 fouls 49 people were linebacker ameide - Brooks (Ahmad Brooks) violate the neutral zone, and left guard Mike Youpadi (Mike Iupati) illegal start. had 49 people with 48 fouls are: 9 attack people, 5 violations collision, 5 non violent actions necessary, 5 violations start, 5 hand movement violations, 4 delay kick-off, 3 offensive interference ball, 2 collision quarterback, 2 catch mask, 2 violate the neutral zone, 1 defensive people, 1 illegal formation, 1 defensive interference ball, 1 illegal tripping, 1 free kick offside, 1 violation of sports ethics. Harbert believes that the players will continue to amend their behavior, and the team will continue to avoid fouls. At present, 49 fouls after Pittsburgh Steelers 51 times in the league in second. 393 yards of the foul penalty code in third, the new England patriots and the Steelers respectively to 466 yards and 437 yards in the top 2.

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