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The official website of NFL, the Jaguars signed former Raiders tight end from Rivera, Waterloo Rugby Jacksonville Jaguars found tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) replacement, that is the former Oakland Raiders tight end from Rivera (Mychal Rivera). Rivera filled the position of the catcher's near end. The Marcedes Lewis's Jaguar career entered the twelfth season, and he was more of an open player for the twelfth seasons. He has never been more than 25 times a season since the 2012 season. Rivera, 26, , was selected by the Raiders in the sixth round of the 2013 draft. Although he was slightly thin as a near - end, he once showed a glittering performance. he every season in his first two seasons have received 4 touchdowns, his performance in 2014 reached its peak, in 16 games 58 times the ball 534 yards, but later in the other team to introduce the proximal front reduced his chances. But Rivera , last season was quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) in the new ball, the ball 10.7 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping yards every time he data is the highest career. In Houston's Dezhou playoffs, he was also the most successful passing goal of the rookie quarterback Connor Cook (Connor Cook), who completed the 4 catch and got 31 yards. last season he played 13 games, including 2 starts, is a career low, he made 18 receptions for 192 yards and 1 touchdowns are the lowest career. At the training camp, the Raiders had intended to deal with him. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.all the world banquet, even the NFL show is the same. from the University of Southern Mississippi cornerback Cellan Reed (Kalan Reed) cis position by the Tennessee Titans selected in the draft 253rd, he is the last draft selected players. Reed was selected as the best team in the USA League last year, and hit a career high with 56 times to capture 4 times and break 19 times. Reed may be the last selected player in the draft, but he can do well. Professional football focused tennis as the fifty-fourth best player of the year. according to tradition, Reed will be invited as a guest to participate in the week of unimportant week's Week activities this summer. Reed will receive the award at the dinner party (Lou Grossman and Lowsman Trophy, a symbol of best college player award Heisman Heisman Trophy). He will get a bonus. created this award - Paul Shushruta (Paul Salata) the title of the duty to his daughter Melanie Fitch will be announced in the draft after attending the 38 session (Melanie Fitch). You and are closely related to the game, Reed cellan. Don't let anyone tell you something else.Season salary cap space NFL website under | could reach $150 million | football when the NFL free players market is opened in March 2016, the 32 teams in the League may have a maximum of 10 million dollars extra space for each team. , according to ESPN, was told this week that the salary cap space in 2016 would rise to at least $150 million. The team was also told that the salary cap space could eventually reach up to $153 million 400 thousand. If the cap space eventually reaches $153 million 400 thousand, it will be $10 million 120 thousand more than the $143 million 280 thousand wage cap this year. until early March next year before the official salary cap number will not be released. NFL provides 32 teams for the preliminary estimate of the final salary cap number, which makes every team knows what they have to do in the offseason started. such as the Miami dolphins, the New Orleans saints and Buffalo Bill may appreciate such a decision. According to the statistics, all three teams will overspend their wages in next year. And the Oakland Raiders, the Chicago bears and Tampa Bay pirates will have the most wage cap space. if salary cap space reaches $150 million, this means that next year's space will reach 2 times in 2003.| handball Games men's handball preliminaries ended | Beijing beat Jiangsu won the championship | hand Association Figure : hand curved rod base center director Lei Jun for the winning team awards. (photography Song Yang) Luca had just ended in the Eleventh National Games men's handball preliminaries, after 42 intense fighting, Jiangsu team in the final 1 minutes before the final victory over the Beijing team won the championship. Beijing were runner up, third in the PLA, fourth in Shanghai, fifth in Tianjin, sixth in Guangdong, seventh in Anhui, eighth in Macao, ninth in Sichuan, tenth in Hongkong, and eleventh in Hebei. after the meeting held a grand prize, hand song General Administration of sports management center, director of baseball Lei director Meng Weifu, Vice Foreign Minister Wang Jun, and the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province, the liberation of military team leader, flowers for the winning team awards, followed by People's Republic of China, the Eleventh National Games men and Women Handball finals draw ceremony. (Paul)

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