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even-even soccer equipment network illustrator Matthew Shipley with 50 potential to creativity changed the game players as the prototype, spent 50 days in the 50 pair of comic creation.Chongqing · bowling |; Hubei bowling tournament ended, Hubei player Ren Zhenyu 1348 points to win the arc! Chongqing · Hubei bowling friendship tournament was held at 19:00 last night at the Hong Ao bowling alley. The lovers gather together, and the players join each other by rubbing their skills and meeting friends with the ball. The competition was very intense last night, and the players had a very good performance. The arrival and guidance of coach jling, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the national team's head coach, made every contestant more confident and benefited. In the fierce competition, Ren Zhenyu, the final player from Hubei, was the first to win the laurel with 1348 points. The arc, he followed Xinsheng player Mou Jinsong respectively won the second, third; female golfer Liu Hua, UFO UFO player Jiang Chenggang to Jinhua, won the fourth points, fifth, sixth; female player Zhang Chongqing, arc arc player Yang Jun won the seventh and eighth respectively.The official website of NFL | eagle and tight end Zach - distress 5 years to complete the contract | football now Philadelphia Eagle offseason did not want to lose the player is the most proximal front Zach (Zach Ertz) their distress. on Monday U.S. time, Eagle heuse finished formally with a 5 year contract. , the 25 year old near end is the second round of the 2013 draft. His career has been completed 169 times to catch the ball, advance 2024 yards and 9 touches. This season is his high light season, completed 75 times to catch the ball, promoted 853 yards and 2 touches. It is reported that the contract will become the League tight end fourth paid contract, if the contract is carried out smoothly if heuse will get $42 million 500 thousand, and the team can keep him until 2021. after the distress on his personal website wrote: no matter what makes me happier than to stay in Philadelphia. I love Philadelphia, I like the fans here, we will be successful in the pressure.Chicago bears will be right knee injuries outside linebacker Leonard Freud (Leonard Floyd) in the injured reserve list. bear coach John Fawkes (John Fox) said on Monday that Freud was injured in the medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament of the knee during the game of bear 24-27 defeat to Detroit lions. Freud was injured in the fourth quarter of the game when he hit with his teammates Kell Fowler when he tried to finish the capture. Fawkes said on Thursday that Freud would be operated on next week. , who was selected in the first round of the first round of last year's draft, has become one of the best defensive players in the bear team, Freud has been selected for the first round of last year's draft. Freud scored 4.5 times to capture 8 times before the game, leading to the number of losses. In the game, he made 4 grabs in 1 grabs before he left the field and led to the number of loss codes and the 2 quarterback. Freud has made 7 escapement in the rookie season, but he has become a more comprehensive player in the two season. Freud is the seventh first defensive player in the bear team that has suffered a season's reimbursement injuries.

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