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The official website of NFL | Sherman again hit back: they just want to use my famous football | due to lightning San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) several times in the Seattle Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) before passing success, lightning team released entitled Sherman has been fully read in social media!. Sherman responded Wednesday in person not resigned to playing second fiddle, social media lightning receiver Kennan Allen (Keenan Allen) said Sherman is an ordinary player only, not the very powerful cornerback. Sherman wrote, "you know, when a person wants his name to be written in a newspaper, he has to say something crazy." It's boring. I think he just wants to know something about his kindergarten children: I once received several balls before Sherman, but missed many goals. Sherman continued the focus of the debate, when Rivers finished 4 passes in the area of Sherman's defense, with a total of 56 yards. Sherman said: I'm doing a good job. But it was really ridiculous. The little guy of the two lightning team said I had been read by them. A person with 50 yards, one with 69 yards, it makes me laugh. som cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e things made us understand that this was absolutely not the last time I heard Sherman's hostile team accusing him of attacking him. Sherman has done his own legend by his own strength, and now he needs to rely on his own efforts to maintain them.The official website of NFL | Chicago bears signed guard Emmelle Sheila Touro | Rugby Chicago bear announced the signing of the former Carolina Panther protecting front Emmelle Sheila Toru (Amini Silatolu) on Wednesday. Sheila Toru has played 4 seasons for the Panther. He was troubled by injuries during this period. He laced the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee last November, the second time in his career that he had suffered the injury. bears obviously think Sheila is healthy enough to play for them touro. Sheila Toru had also visited the Seattle Seahawks, 49 people in San Francisco, Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona cardinals. Sheila Toru had only fought 34 games in 4 seasons. If he is healthy, the two round show in 2012 has shown some potential.Philadelphia hawks and Washington red skin have locked up their quarterback. for a few hours Tuesday, the eagle and Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) renewed a short-term contract. And red skin Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) was labeled by the team for non exclusive privileges, making other teams unable to pursue koxin. , an unnamed source said, Bradford's 2 year contract including the time of signing the full protection of $22 million. in the bet next season under new coach Doug under the leadership of Pedersen, the 28 year old Bradford can continue to progress and keep healthy. if Bradford can stay healthy, then a year later, he may get a long-term contract. If he can't stay healthy, the eagles will pay him $4 million bonus before Bradford will be laid off in March 2017, Bradford to pay the remaining 4 million guarantee amount, and bear him on the salary cap on 9 million 500 thousand money (money is not in the team personnel salary still occupy the salary cap). If cannot test Xinsida growth stage and red contract, so after the 2016 season will not owe red cousins salary. But in the current situation, to test Sibiao Xin privilege label, is also advantageous to the player. Cousins, a 27 year old, has a one-year contract worth about 19 million. If the contract is renewed in 2017, the red leather will pay 21 million 900 thousand dollars a year for an average of two years -- close to the highest annual salary of NFL of Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) 22 million. usually, the team seldom pays his highest salary when a player only plays the high performance of a season. Therefore, although the Red hope now and Starr into symplectic a multi-year contract, but Cousins and his team hope to wait, with the passage of time and the arrival of the contract privilege label, capital will become large. the two sides have ample time (before July 15th) to talk about a new contract. Cousins thought that a reasonable minimum price should be 44 million dollars Guarantee -- almost assuming that the red skin should give koxin plus the privilege tag again, the two years' expenditure of the team. even if the situation is the worst for Cousins himself, he will be the top 10 quarterback in the first 10 of the 2016 season. The next season, only emphasized Newton (Cam Newton) and Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) to earn money than cousins - two people will have 23 million and accounted for 20 million. Of course, given the details of the contract can not be completely known, we do not know how much salary next season - Sam Bradford. although other teams can use two first round to sign a contract with Cousins (plus a contract that cannot be matched by red leather), he has actually decided to stay in the 2016 season.The official website of NFL | chiefs from the injury list to activate the veteran linebacker Metz | Rugby Joe Mays is preparing to return to Kansas. The team announced on Saturday that the veteran line guard was activated from the injury list due to missing 8 games after her wrist surgery this season. Metz in the 08 year draft, the sixth round was taken away by the Philadelphia hawks and played two seasons in Philadelphia, and then came to Denver wild horse for three seasons, and then played 13 games in Houston Dezhou people last season. is not sure now Metz will play Sunday against buffalo Bill's game (5-3), the chief hope eventually to let Metz collocation another inside linebacker Josh (Josh Mauga) on moga. Buffalo is more concerned on Sunday is Justin - Houston (Justin Houston), the white hot state chief military rushed this year has won 12 sacks, Houston is expected to break the Emirates team by Derek - Thomas (Derrick Thomas) to keep the team history record 20 sacks.

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