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U. S. time Sunday, Washington Red Skin activated his own near - end Jordan - Reed (Jordan Reed) from the injury list. Reed's training since July has been on the list of injuries on his left foot toes injury, which came from last season. At present, Reed has not trained with his teammates, nor did he participate in the pre-season match. On Friday, he interviewed that he would take part in the team training next week. Reed had traveled to North Carolina and a doctor orthopedic surgery meeting, currently in his shoes have been equipped with a new orthopedic device to help him ease the pain, but it is not sure whether he is to be able to play the game against the Cincinnati tigers on August 27th. last season 12 games of Reed, completed 66 shots to advance 686 yards and 6 array.The official website of NFL | Rodgers: I win Powerball will buy a NHL | footbal cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l team although the Aaron Rodgers of Aaron, the Green Bay Packer, has a contract of 5 years and 110 million dollars, it can't prevent the former Super Bowl winner from buying the 1 billion 500 million dollar strong ball ticket like other Americans. Rodgers, an interview with on Wednesday, said he did buy the current strong ball ticket, and he still had the plan to win the lottery. He said, "if I win, I will buy a NHL team. though Rodgers didn't say that he is the NHL team, he has always said he is a dead duck in the Green Bay area. So it should be the Green Bay gamblers. the Green Bay gamblers are the USHL team of the US Hockey League. The players are mainly composed of players who are about to start college or career. This season they are 19, 10, 2, and third in the East.The general manager of NFL's official website | Bill: time will test whether Taylor play great football | Buffalo Bill in the offseason is still looking for a reliable team quarterback, general manager Doug (Doug Whaley), and has been with a number of rookie quarterback had contact. This situation makes Bill's main force four points, Wei Tai, Rhodes Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) somewhat embarrassed. After all, Taylor proved his strength to lead the team to win the game last season, and he was selected as a professional bowl. However, Bill management seems to have a question mark about whether he can maintain this state in long term. Even though this year is Taylor's contract year, the team still has no strong intention to renew the contract. in an interview with local time Thursday, Whaley was asked whether he thinks Taylor is a longtime quarterback Bill, so he replied: we hope he is a long-term quarterback us, he also hope, so I think the only time can test all the. Of course we are quite satisfied with his performance last year, and now there are a lot of places to look forward to. Lee also stressed that the new season Taylor must show sufficient progress to do, he said: we know that he is a fighter, he will try to raise the level of their game, we are ready for him to create a good environment for the attack to help him you worry that the injury problem will affect the playoff journey of the new England patriots? Yes, we can see a lot of players on the list of players who are doubtful, even a few can't play. It seems that patriots need to begin to worry about the problems of the core players. now, Tom Brady (Tom Brady), rob Gelon (Rob Gronkowski), 'Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) will play in the next game, at least they are patriots will be a contender to the super bowl. Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) due to a concussion had been sidelined for 2 games, missed 2 times before the training, because the team is confident still keep the advantage in seventeenth weeks. At present, the team decided to give Edelman an extra week rest time, so he can see whether the first field is still unknown. seventeenth weeks we saw many strange faces on the offensive line, starting right tackle and left guard because of a back injury and knee problems sidelined, but their bench seems to play well, but we believe that once they come back, they will be the cornerstone of the team to arizona. fans have said the last 5 games in the regular season, the Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks and the performance can not be Denver Broncos par, chick Bailey said this: "I guarantee that in the playoffs, you don't see us as 16,17 weeks of state."

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