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even-even new Peru 2015 football equipment network America Cup and Jersey provided by UMBRO, the national team of Peru traditional style, the main road jerseys were two red and white color. The new Peru stadium shirt was released in May 25th and will appear in the opening battle against the Jaguar in Brazil, and the home shirt will be released on the eve of the competition.NFL official website, seventh week review: the war in the end, the Vikings Football unbeaten Eagles Nest fault war hawk send Viking first defeat suffered two defeats Philadelphia Eagles this season unbeaten in the home court of the Minnesota Vikings, will also face last season playing for them, before the season through the deal to join the Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford). The first part of the game is very dramatic. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) - pass by the Vikings safety Andrew - Sangdehuo (Andrew Sendejo) in the red zone in steals. Good opportunities for the Vikings but not happy long, Bradford pass by Eagle safety Rodney McLeod (Rodney McLeod) steals. The hawk who had escaped from the attack began to attack from the 20 yards of the party, but the Vikings took the right to return the ball after the attack was 39 yards. But then the Vikings first attack in Bradford was sacked and dropped the ball end. About 30 seconds later, again to get the ball back. The Hawks again handed the ball, passing by the Vikings quarterback Wentz cornerback Javier Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes) steals. Before the match, th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e two teams combined only 3 turnovers, which led to the conversion of the ball, but in the first quarter, about 5 minutes, the two teams contributed 5 turnovers, leading to the transformation of the ball. Until the second section, the Viking talent broke the field deadlock through a free kick shot. But then the eagle return hand Josh huff (Josh Huff) took 98 yard kickoff return touchdown made. Before the end of the half, Bradford was again caught and killed, and the eagle took this opportunity to advance to the free kick and shot the goal. In the second half of Viking attack group attack Group Eagle still muddle along without any aim, the state picked up. The second half eagles in the first wave of attack from the 23 yards of a road smoothly, eventually passing Wentz found outside Lille - Green Beckham took over more than (Dorial Green-Beckham) for a 5 yard touchdown. Then after the fourth, they finished a free kick. Until the end of the game, the Viking talent use caused off the ball and the right to get the ball back opportunities from midfield began to attack and ultimately by Bradford pass to wide receiver Kodak rehl - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) for a 14 yard touchdown, but it has been unable to change the outcome of the game. In the end, the eagle 21-10 defeated the Vikings and ended the opponent's unbeaten season. Eagles quarterback 28 passes 16 Wentz scored 1 touchdowns 2 passes by steals. 224 yards and 1 touchdowns 1 passes were made Bradford Vikings quarterback steals 41 passes 24 successful. The two teams added up to 3 passes and 5 shots. LAK performance perfect pony beat TitanThe official website of NFL |49, the fourth quarter Rainbow Night | football Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) local time on Wednesday revealed that he and 49 people in San Francisco coach Jim (Jim Harbaugh) - Hargreaves has offensive group tactical freedom to exchange views, but on Sunday to meet their respective teams look in the fourth quarter performance is not the same. when the eagle became the most scored team in the fourth section of the NFL, 49 were the only team in the league that didn't get over fourth. The success of the second half of the game fully explained why the eagle is now three and 49 have lost two, only 1 to 2. In the second half of the show to help them become the NFL's first game scored 10 points or larger difference season the first three games team. At the same time, the score gap between the 49 in the last two sections is 49, which is the worst of the league. The performance of the quarterback is one of the factors. Though the quarterback of the 49 quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) scored 144.1 in the first quarter quarterback game in three games, he scored a poor 48.4 in the fourth quarter quarterback. The quarterback hawk quarterback (Nick Foles) has been on the ups and downs this season, but his 978 yards pass number is leading the league and is the only quarterback in the league who has passed the ball in more than 300 yards in all three games. He is currently the season total passing yards to 5216 yards of the rhythm, it can make him become a player in the League single season passing yards in more than 4. But on Sunday he had a challenge, and the 49 defense team had not passed the quarterback for more than 300 yards this season. in a 49 people urgently need to win after undefeated Arizona Cardinals and defending champion Seattle Seahawks game, ending bad fourth quarter performance is required.The official website of NFL | preseason battle: Viking chieftain VS | Rugby Beijing season ended on the morning of August 24th, and Minnesota Vikings fought against Kansas chieftains. The Vikings defeated the chieftain at home 30 to 12. A lot of highlights of the game, opening less than 5 minutes, the Vikings quarterback Mata Cassell (Matt Cassel) completed a 53 yard pass to wide receiver Pedersen Calder Riel (Cordarrelle Patterson) and touchdowns, then additional hits, more than 7 to 0 lead. When the first day with 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the chiefs of Alex Smith (Alex Smith) touchdown zone balls by the Vikings cornerback Cape Town Mannering (Captain Munnerlyn) steals, then the Vikings quarterback Cassell pass back when the ball was defensive tackle chiefs Paidiao fell into a counter safety division. The Vikings kept a weak lead by 7 to 2. The biggest highlight of the second section was the two times of the two teams' quarterback, and the Sheikh had been copied in front of the red area so that the loss was greater. The third section is a section of the score, the backup quarterback Taylor Gabriel chief left in the third quarter for more than 3 minutes of time (Tyler Bray) 20 yards passing by the Vikings cornerback Sean Pratt (Shaun Prater) and steals run back to front 10 yards, the Vikings rookie four points Wei Teddy - Brady White (Teddy Bridgewater) easily completed 8 yard touchdowns, tight end Alan resse (Allen Reisner) - the ball successfully, the successful completion of additional points. After the three attack attack weak chief unhelpful to punt, the Vikings rookie return hand Edelman ty (Adam Thielen) completed 75 yard run back again, Brady White easily completed 5 yards short message array, the receiver is still near end reethe that, more than 27 to 5 score gap. In the fourth quarter, the two sides play very low efficiency. They finish playing kicking and shooting until the last 30 seconds. The chief quarterback Bray finished the 8 yards pass to save the home face. , the difference between the two teams is not great. The Vikings had 17 first trips, 148 yards of the ball and 175 yards of the pass. Compared with the chief 18 times, the ball runs 91 yards and passes 194 yards. In addition to the running ball, the gap between the two sides is not big, only three red areas were copied to the chief of the chief of the whole game. So the sentence or defender to the world. for the Vikings this game the biggest gain than rookie quarterback two stable touchdowns, though it is short but for a backup quarterback is worthy of recognition.

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