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Seattle Seahawks will face the challenges from the new England patriots in the super bowl. Patriots cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) last season is still the Seahawks won one of the players in the squad this season, his teammates become rivals, the Seahawks players will think? Wide receiver Jermaine (Jermaine Kearse), Kiel said he is looking forward to Bronner's showdown. safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) praised the former teammates, and emphasized its importance: "his attitude and prepare for the race way reflects his love for this project. Love can change anything, and it naturally makes him different. This season, the patriot's corner guard combination is the key to the team's significant progress in defense. Darrel - Weiss (Darrelle Revis) scored only 26.2 in the quarterback in the playoffs. It also makes the opponent more frequently choose to challenge Bronner defensive zone. Nevertheless, Bronner still do very well, the big fellow cornerback has grown into an iron gate team trusted. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol ( Pete Carroll) said: "the man now patriot tactics used more frequently, which stems from their diagonal guard position confidence. Blanna provided them with a new way of playing, and he really strengthened their strength. He is very talented, he works very hard and we respect him very much. "The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - Chapter eighteenth: Phoenix | Rugby Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist played Electronic Arts Company produced 2008 Madden dynasty mode. Friends will encounter a confused, virtual world, after the 2008 season, the 33 year old Payton - Manning will usually choose to retire. Some friends will take the matter to see the draft pick a lighter than a goose feather, quarterback Manning b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ecame the succession; and some friends still brood on Manning so early, why choose to retire? after twenty-first Century, electronic games, doing more and more magnificent rainbow, gently press a key is a long, long press is a bullet pass, you can overlook the audience, any player on the field of control. The facial expressions and personalization of the players are becoming more and more realistic, and the elders can not even distinguish the difference between the real game and the game. The game is still cold blood and ruthless, and the precision of the game can not simulate human character, and heart. Haruki Murakami once said: I always thought that people were getting old slowly. In fact, it wasn't, people were getting old in a moment. for football players, or for quarterback, they usually are getting old moment, 34 year old Troy - Ekman unbearable old pain early retirement; Terry Brad Shaw since 31 years later, it is difficult to once again led the team into the playoffs; his late career Johnny Younai Tasmania injuries sick, had the main position to Earl Moral; Bret faffe fought to 41 years old, still martyrs old age but his physical state and in high aspirations, evident in the deal. These quarterbacks career, usually like John elvy like that and a hospice, thought, illness and death, It's only human. in fact Manning's career trajectory and the magician Joe - Montana is quite similar, Manning is not Montana SAGE-like type, but they are also experiencing a major injury, the main position be replaced, the team continued to switch to other careers, and self-esteem, but difficult to return peak, Manning heart faint feel, retire may, within reach of the near future. Manning left the pony, the old partner Geoff - Saturday downhearted, choose to leave, joining the Green Bay Packers, as the new king Aaron - Rodgers League kick-off, spent the 2012 season Saturday get both praise and blame, once lost the starting center position, but can rely on the popularity of selected occupation bowl. Ordinary occupation bowl third games, there was a touching moment, as a member of the National League star team Saturday, but into the United Front attack, looked up, touching the ball, listen to, pass the ball from the crotch, tens of thousands of times Saturday career to complete this action, and this time. He chose the ball behind people with.The official website of NFL, the deadline is approaching, who will be winning the final puzzle? In rugby wo , the nation's four major sports in full swing, culminating in the baseball, basketball and Ice Hockey League respectively into the new season, the football season, then quietly came to the season, the Mustang Panther opening of the war is like dream last night. American professional sports and European football, there is no rise and fall system, small market team pressure is smaller, which has created a good season in the season. Why does the NFL team have to fill it up? isn't this nonsense? Pay attention to Chinese whatlacks to make up what to eat pig blood, deficiency of Qi blood, not to eat fish eyes Qingming, eat two fried kidney kidney eat it. A joke with you, eat what make up what is in fact not a science, but for the occupation of sports team, according to their own defects and shoved up, is quite effective in recent years are an important complement this season and last season with a six round of the Panthers signed from the bears for future Hall of fame at hand pass Jared - Allen, he helped the Panthers to complement the weak side impact from weakness, reached the Super Bowl panther. said the opening topic. All the teams in the opening season were yelling: we were going to the playoffs and we were going to get the super bowl. Half of the season, all classes of the team began to have a more realistic goal, small clearance sale, wish to sell players, we can find the top pick out open and aboveboard; strong carp, shoved up the puzzle, add weight to the final playoff title or a glimmer of hope. of the American occupation sports like a roaring jet, tourists by class is divided into various grades and ranks, teams sit first-class cabin, the team coach class, bad team can only squeeze warehouse. In the middle of the season, it is very common in basketball, baseball, and ice hockey consortium, which is much bigger than NFL. Does have a super big deal in the season? 1989 has been around, just with the number one pick selected Troy Ekman's cowboy has experienced four successive defeats, the Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is determined to make a big deal to change the situation of the team, he called the Losangeles Raiders about Prince Eyre - Davies, and asked whether there is interest in the future Hall of fame outside over Michael Irwin, Davies is kindly reminded, if you trade him, who is your ball? At that time, Johnson made a decision to put the star run Herschel Walker on the shelf. Walker has an endless stream of interested people, such as giants, but they are subregional enemies, refusing! Such as the Falcon, but they of the giant Walker contract veiled, quit! Is Brown an olive branch, they have the sincerity to put forward a first round and three second round picks to trade, can be the boss Jerry - Jones and Johnson cowboy moving from the crooked brains, must pull more teams involved, to extort more chips, they gave the Vikings a total Manager Mike Lynn call.The official website of NFL | ray - Horton Brown became the new defensive coordinator | football Hue Jackson, who has recently become the Cleveland Brown manager, has found his defensive coordinator. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Wednesday that Brown had signed the post of Ray Horton. The team officially announced the decision on Friday. Rapoport also reported that former Bill assistant coach Colby Wilson (Kirby Wilson) will be the new running coordinator of the team. The former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator pep Hamilton (Pep Hamilton) will be the quarterback coach. Horton will reunite with many of the players he has taught in the only year of the 2013 Brown defense coordinator. At that time Brown fired coach rob Shinseki (Rob Chudzinski) - check shortly after he left. Horton for the past two seasons as the defensive coordinator Tennessee Titan, but the Titans in the appointed Mike - mularkey (Mike Mularkey) become the new coach after the team allowed him to accept Brown interview invitation. Horton last season was legendary defensive coach Dick Loeb (Dick LeBeau) light cover, but he still has to help the Titan did better than expected defense. saw a defensive coordinator returning to the team that he recently left. It's very rare. But Brown has hired an assistant coach since he returned to NFL in 1999. good on the one hand, Horton was in Pittsburgh Steelers after serving Midland north to understand. He also learned a lot of Brown players, but he will be asked to know some new faces, including defensive tackle Danny Sheldon (Danny Shelton) and elusive cornerback Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) if they leave him. Maybe second times a good result?

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