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the Indianapolis Colts head coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) entered the fateful 2015. 2 insider said the team did not plan to renew the contract with Pagano before the start of the season. This is the last year of the 4 year contract signed by Pagano when he joined the team in 2012. and the Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) similar to the situation encountered last season, Pagano in this important season will not get security in the contract. What Pagano wanted was to be able to do what Gareth did, who led the cowboy into the playoffs and got a 5 - year contract of $30 million. pony entered the United States League Championship last season, where they lost 38 points to the new England patriots. Entering the league championship is the best playoff performance of pony under Pagano's command, but this week he talked about the essence of this game's failure. "Do we want to become more competitive? Of course. " pony have entered the playoffs in the 3 season coach Pagano, although in the 2012 season Pagano due to treatment of cancer missed most of the time, when the interim coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) to the management team was impressive, but in part by the cause of the illness, the team only 2 seasons to evaluate him as a coac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h of the performance. The team will use the 2015 season to continue to assess him, and Pagano hopes to bring as much success as possible to the team in the 2015 season, which will improve his value. Pagano, quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) - "get some support in this big signings free agent signings season. The pony signed running back Frank Gore (Frank Gore) and over Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson) and other players. "It's always a good thing to be able to introduce some of the leaders of the dressing room for years," Pagano said at the NFL conference this week. ponies are also trying to improve in the past 2 opponents to lose of patriot game ball defense rushed out of a total of 423 yards, they signed veteran Trent Cole (Trent Cole) and Ken DELL - Lang Fude (Kendall Langford). "Now this is our life," Pagano said this week. "We have to solve this problem if we do not solve it now." hope is that these signings can help pony in this key season over the Midland enemy.NFL's official website announced | cowboy sacked running back Heath trenck | Rugby for the Dallas Cowboys running back latche - Heath Trenc (Lache Seastrunk) has lost confidence in the local time, the team announced Thursday, sacked the former Baylor University star running back. Heath Trenc was also joining the cowboy for only 2 months after he lost his job. 2014 season, Washington red skin in the sixth round of the selection of Heath Trenc, then the experts to his evaluation is that the offensive can not be completed according to tactics. His free style of competition led to 5 yards back when he had been able to harvest 2 yards. At present, Heath tents still did not correct this problem in the cowboy training camp, so it was reasonable to be cut back by the team. in the first week of the preseason loss to the San Diego lightning game, Heath Trenc ball 5 times out of 16 yards. If the other runner Garth - Johnson (Gus Johnson) left the field with a shoulder injury, he would not have even got a chance to play. Experts believe that in order to get back to work before the start of the season, Heath is very difficult for trenck. Even if he succeeded in joining the team, he was unable to stay on the list of 53.| China squash Squash Open history to break the Li Dongjin cut 1/4 finals : Li Dongjin is in the national squash Championships. (data picture) Luca September 15th, China squash tournament is in full swing, Chinese player Li Dongjin 3:2 to beat the number 6 seed Australian player Francis. This is a breakthrough in the history of Chinese Squash Open. Chinese athletes first entered the eight finals for the first time in the 1/4 finals of the women's match. in the women's competition, Chinese player Li Dongjin and the wild card to the No. 6 seed, ranked 55 in the world of Australia's Francis met the game with Li Dongjin 3:2 (11:7, 5:11, 3:11, 11:8, 11:5) score to win, this is China open for the first time in history has Chinese players qualify for the quarterfinals, enter a woman is 1/4 round match finals. Li Dongjin is the rising star of the national squash training team. In the 2009 season, the national squash tour tournament ranked second. In 2010, the national squash tour was ranked first, leading by 4600 points. , another Chinese player, Gu Jinyue, was dued with the tournament's 2 seed and the world's 32 Australian player, Kim Raley, and finally failed because of the strength difference between 0:3 and the 1/4 finals of the women's team. Gu Jinyue is the first Chinese player to qualify for the qualifying tournament since the Chinese open. in the men's game, a wild card Chinese player Meng Xiaomin against Malaysia China tournament No. 6 seed, ranked 110 in the world of Karen, two people had a tough battle in the game, eventually to 0:3 (Xiaomin Meng 6:11, 11:13, 7:11) lost. after today's game has eight men and women, men have No. 1 seed Allen. Fulankebo (Australia), the No. 6 seed Neal. Hitchens (UK), Jamal (Egypt), the No. 7 seed Omar (Egypt), the No. 5 seed Karen (Malaysia), No. 3 seed Christian (Denmark), Kuang Yuchun (Hongkong) and No. 2 seed Kerim (Egypt). women's players in Asian players are more than half of the No. 1 seed Chen Haoling (Hongkong), Matsui Chinatsu (Japan), the No. 3 seed aurar (Holland), No. 7 seed Cadwell (Australia), card player Li Dongjin (China), the No. 4 seed Zusuo (Malaysia), and Sichuan (Japan) and No. 2 seed Jin Ruili (Australia). (Paul) Chinese Squash Open for men and women in the first round of the match (PDF)49 in San Francisco's quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) has been helping the weak this season with his own action. has donated 100 thousand dollars a month for 10 months, as well as donating clothes and quilts to families needed for Christmas. Recently, he has packaged his large collection of Nike sneakers and donated them to the homeless children in San Francisco. has a variety of views on Capet Nick, but at least he chooses to do something he can do in a charitable way. we are looking forward to how Capet Nick will help those who need help in the next year.

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