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management of the New York giants have decided to team preseason ticket price is reduced to half the total price to reduce the fans of the season tickets. The news came from Tuesday, America's time, and the giant sent mail to every fan with a season's ticket. The team said that the tickets for the pre-season games will be reduced by 50%, while the 8 tickets of the regular season will increase by 10-20 dollars for the fans of the club, which will increase 15-25 dollars for the club fans. In the past the package in the regular season and season ticket price is the same. This is the first time the team ticket since from the giant white MetLife stadium, may be the reason is in Tom (Tom Coughlin) under coach Coughlin team has missed the playoffs several times, including last season 6 wins and 10 losses. team partner said: "we believe that the team, our price adjustment will let you get a more original taste of the game."is now aware of the water crisis in the Flint region. recently donated $110000 to the D cheap nfl jerseys free shipping allas cowboy Brandon Carle (Brandon Carr) to help the region to ease the crisis. Carle's statement wrote: "I am very concerned about the children in the Flint region, because they are facing the crisis of life. I call on all the people around me to include what the athletes do to help the children. " reports that the $100 thousand of the donation is direct and local, and the other $10 thousand is for the water supply safety foundation. Carle was a native of Flint, and his kindness was greatly appreciated by the outside player runaway guards are very nervous when the NFL show is approaching. in Adrian Peterson joined the New Orleans saints running back, the next noteworthy is Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount). Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a reporter for the NFL official network, reported that he and the New York giant were interested in each other. Both sides may sign the contract before the draft. after the team hit the bottom of the ball offensive League last season, the giant needed a strength - type running guard. Blount's punching ability in the middle way and short code number can very well complement each other in running position with Sean Flynn (Shane Vereen) and Paul Perkins (Paul Perkins). Blount spent his best season in the new England patriots, but the Patriots signed Buffalo Bill Mike - running back Jilisili (Mike Gillislee) after Blount could not go back to the patriots. will not be surprised to find the new owner of the old runner before the draft. If this team has a lot of excellent running guards this year, if the team uses more young and cheaper newcomers to reinforce the running position, the veteran guards may get lost.the most surprising thing about this week is that the wild horse and the tiger are both losing the ball. The thought of a patriot must until sixteenth weeks to be firmly secured before the two United lie. I didn't expect to finish fourteenth weeks, and the head of the United States was basically fixed. The strength of the list also returned to the top three. The Panther continues to play a dominant role and is on the top of the list. The Cardinals locked in a playoff spot after the defeat of the Vikings, as long as the next game against the packers and the Seahawks won a League of nations can ensure that the first round of the playoffs, bye. The Seahawks and the Steelers regained a strong fighting force in the past few weeks, so the strength of the standings rose to fourth and fifth, but now the situation is very different from the two teams. The Seahawks wild card has been difficult to shake, but still with the Steelers chief jet fight. Mustang after losing to sixth, while the tiger is because Dalton is injured, straight down to ninth, estimated in the midland and Mustang for second to strive. The packers and chiefs rose 1 names each. Jet strong performance has been blocked in the playoffs for the Steelers outside power list up to tenth. Vikings temporarily fell to eleventh, but as long as the packers also cannot defeat the cardinals, then the country who do not necessarily lead to north. Although the Raiders have risen to twelfth, the gap between the 2 wins is still too big in the current situation, and the playoffs are basically hopeless. The giants, the red skin and the Hawks struggle for the East champion. This week, when the three teams all won the game, the strength list rose to thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth respectively. Like in the East and the anxious southern. Dezhou people and pony continue to synchronize, next week, the two teams will face face to face. If the people of Dezhou to win the first Southern pony, temporarily, but last week in the face of the Jaguar is still not lost, or otherwise the Jaguar will surprise southern summit. In this week's strength, Dezhou ranked seventeenth, Jaguar rose to twenty-first, and the pony fell to twenty-third. other teams are either exercising new people, or are already starting to prepare for the rest of the season. The following is a detailed list of : 1. 13-0 the Carolina Panthers; (-)

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