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The official website of NFL, rookie Jared Gough rams quarterback, the three or four Rugby nest Jared - (Jared Goff) and Castro gove - Kinam (Case Keenum) the gap between how much? It is obviously very big. According to the reporter recently news, Goff was the three or four Losangeles rams quarterback, not only in Kenath, after also ranked Sean Mannion (Sean Mannion) after the training performance are also far more than the Goff mannion. But the team coach still for the gove evaluation is very high, expect him to become a qualified NFL quarterback, he and the team's starting quarterback but also very distant distance. Goff himself said he was confident that he would gradually adapt to NFL and grow up.The Jacksonville Jaguar team finally came back to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping their first near - end front in the rest of the six week. NFL from the media was informed that the Jaguars on Monday from the injured reserve list in the short-term activation of Masaidesi - Lewis (Marcedes Lewis). in order to make room for Lewis, jaguars take the injured rookie to take up Alan Robinson (Allen Robinson) into the season's reimbursement for sick and injured reserve list. Robinson was fractured in the November 9th London defeat to the Dallas cowboy. 30 Lewis at the age of second week high ankle sprain has been here before the end of the truce, and a half time to get 8 receptions for 106 yards and a touchdown scores. Lewis will fill Robinson's slot to a certain extent, and Robinson received 48 passes to get 548 yards before he was injured. Jaguar also had a lineup change on Monday. Mike Mike (Mike Flacco) was cut off from the training team, and he was the brother of Baltimore Raven quarterback Joey Fraco (Joe Flacco). 1 - 9 Jaguar will challenge the United States south with the Indiana Colts in Sunday's first name. They are now holding second next year's picks.everybody knows the first week of the Seattle Seahawks Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers game in the offensive line has a huge problem, then the team coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) to see how? When interviewed ESPN, Carol said, "we are getting better in competitions. As the game goes on, our protection is getting better and better, though we missed many opportunities and made many mistakes. We gave Mike - Denis (Mike Daniels) a lot of opportunities and also found his own problem, and we should have solved the problem. " according to the post match analysis of ESPN, the team quarterback Russell ESPN (Russell Wilson) faced over 44% pressure. His career pressure average is 37%, and his average is the highest in the league. , if Carol is just so that fans can not worry too much about this, it can still be understood. In fact, his offensive line has no progress and adjustment in the whole game. if the team in the next season can not change the offensive line, then we will see the entire season Wilson around dodge.a NFL shirt is sometimes the best gift for father's day. This is why the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson) angry reason. he tried to buy a piece of his shirt as a gift of his father's father's Day gift, but the result is: "I hope they will have to sell my shirt, if any, I'll buy it, but I can't, I can only buy some of the old Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) Jersey. Then put the name off and put on my own, but I could not have my own shirt?" Johnson was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the seventh round of 2013. He entered the Vikings list in the 2014 season. He finished 31 times to catch the ball, promoted 475 yards, and got 2 touches, which is obviously not enough for NFL to print his shirt for him. Fortunately, his wife was linked with the team management to ensure that his father and children were able to get his shirt. believed that Johnson's dad was at least happy because he got a gift from his son.

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