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The name of Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) means a lot of things, the future Hall of fame, the good business ads, the outstanding leaders, and so on. but he abused his opponent in the August 24th match of Beijing time. At the end of the first half of the wild horse race against Dezhou people, Manning made 2 minutes of attack time two times, and two times completed the touchdown, all of which were completed by fielding Amir Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders). But in the second touchdowns after Manning ran to the end zone line position, facing the Houston safetys D.J. Swinburne Riel (D.J.Swearinger) said what. J Vevrier also answered some not resigned to playing second fiddle, the conflict did not last long, but the judge threw out the yellow. so what makes Manning so angry? In fact, because prior to the Weiss - Wilke Swinburne Riel (Wes Welker) the illegal collision, the collision caused Wilke l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping imped off because of a concussion and. And that's the reason why Manning was angry, right? Or back to the joint training teams Wednesday, destroying Manning's pass to Svay gabriel. no matter which reason is exciting, who says pre - season is a boring game?NFL official website, news: not restricted by Beckham football giant small nest recently the New York giant said the team would not control Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) on the sidelines. According to the news reporter CBS, the giant will continue for the star team to take over the full range of support, although he has been a great controversy at present, although the team for the match in the punishment by his dissatisfaction, but the team think he will be aware of their own problems. a team official told reporters: you are not in this child that he knows we support him, and we all know what type of player he was, his child is not a problem, he has strong convictions but also committed a lot of mistakes, he will learn these. now thinks Beckham can't play a happy game, and some say he can't ensure his starting position. Beckham has been generally restricted by defensive players in all seasons this season. So far, he has yet to win the season, so Beckham needs to do better. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its insider told ESPN reporter Adam - Kaplan (Adam Caplan) said the New York giants will sign a one-year contract with safetys Jeremy Meyers (Jeromy Miles), then the team officially announced the signing. next anniversary of Meyers under the age of 28 in the past two seasons with the Baltimore crow, while the giant current defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa is the defensive backs coach of the crow. Last year he started two games, which has more than present giant array any safety. Meyers played a total of 647 games for the crow last season - the 326 defense team and the special service 321. The sign of concern, because when the giant end Mini camp when they actually for the new season starting safety combination clue. J Page Manolo and Wei coach Dave (Dave Merritt) Merritt in June said they hope to present a player in the array can make progress and show necessary defense giant group leader who can swim, but so far no one do that. served as the first season giant safetys three players have all left. Rolle (Antrel Rolle) - Andriol joined the Chicago bears, Stevie Brown (Stevie Brown) joined Houston and Quentin Dempsey of Dezhou (Quintin Demps) is a free agent. so Meyers joined the giants in the safety position because there are so many problems. The giant coach group made it clear that safety position there will be fierce competition in training. If Meyers could prove that he could do the job, it was clear that he had a chance to start.even-even soccer equipment network England city Bermingham club with the official sports equipment supplier Adidas jointly launched a new team in the 2016-17 season home court Jersey, as both sides long-term partnership. "Blues" the new season will continue wearing the classic blue shirt, Adidas's iconic victory three stripes first did not appear on the sleeve, three white stripes appeared on the sides of the body, bring take on an altogether new aspect of visual perception. The shorts and socks are all blue with white stripes. Adidas's new season jersey for Bermingham city team is equipped with Climacool technology, which can provide proper breathability. Even in 90 minutes, it can help players keep refreshing.

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