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Denver Broncos four waight Trevor cicmil (Trevor Siemian) missed the Thursday team training. is a sign that rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch) is likely to debut on Sunday. He will lead the team against the Jacksonville Jaguar as the first quarterback. Simil was injured on Sunday and the Kansas chiefs overtime game, the team coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said that cicmil may not be unable to participate in the competition in training. Lynch's first game of the season 35 pass 23, pushing 223 yards and 1 array 1 times. He was also a substitute for simy in a game of 24, 14 and 1, respectively. Lynch told reporters he felt more harmonious with the attack team, far better than the first start. ? Houston Dezhou defeated the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Jacksonville Jaguars in the Sunday night race, and their wide receiver deandre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) completed a dazzling performance. Hopki did not only finish 10 times to catch 148 yards and 2, but also completed an incredible helmet. the ball Hopki received the ball before the coming out of the world. In order to ensure that he was not out of bounds, he had to adjust the holding position with his helmet and hand holding the ball.2015 in July 21st, the Seattle Seahawks left Jiefeng in baseball star Derek Russell - AOKANG - KITT opened the new media platform "players forum" (Players Tribune) published a blog, Wen said in his 2015 season in the expiration of the contract, not to hire brokers themselves on their own behalf to negotiate with the team. According to internal sources, AOKANG still want to stay in Seattle, but the salary cap will be 2016 season Seahawks very nervous, so many variables and AOKANG contract. previously thought that the contract between AOKANG and Mustang was just a simple 1+4. It's impossible to think about it. It's urgent to prove that you are according to the disclosure of the contract content, AOKANG's next season's guarantee salary is zero. We can get one million Mustang attendance. Enter the new season 53 people list 2 million, at least once again take 2 million. The last four seasons were 48 million, but all the options were on the wild horse every year, and AOKANG had no self-protection clause. this is why? Then you will not contract the Seahawks pit to do such a thing. Why do you have to speak for yourself? originally AOKANG's first contract was 1 million 500 thousand away from the broker, and then he felt that his value had not been maximized, so the second contracts chose to talk about themselves. AOKANG played and played it in...The official website of NFL | Bill boss for transfer to Williams | dissatisfied Rugby Buffalo Bill's Mike Williams (Mike Williams) had previously been allowed to move to the team, but this obviously annoyed the coach Doug Malone. Malone said in an interview with local time on Wednesday that he was unhappy because of Williams's application for transfer, because the move violated his team top philosophy of coaching. Malone said that the problem of other people became my problem in a moment. Williams's transfer was in a mess, and this week he told Malone that he wanted a transfer not to be himself but his broker. Williams said that the broker was just doing what he should do, but I didn't want to be traded. Buffalo is my hometown, and I just want to ensure that I can continue to play as a starter. last week Malone decided to abandon Williams because he thought Williams was not enough to play, or even help the special team. Chris - Hogan (Chris Hogan) and Marquez - Goodwin (Marquise Goodwin) are now ahead of Williams in the order of appearance. A year ago, Williams had just signed a $40 million 250 thousand 6 - year contract with Bill, and now he must continue to fight.

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