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Beijing time on February 6th, the fifty-first session of the NFL Super Bowl at Houston NRG stadium ended, the new England patriots in Tom Brady's leadership, in the last quarter and overtime frenzied counterattack, with 34 to 28 score again reversed opponent, Vince long won the Bardi cup, quarterback Tom Brady fifth won the Super Bowl champion, four points beyond the NFL legend Joe Montana, became the first person in history. Yao Ming and amusement grand CAD Gao Xiaosong, who have just finished his retiring ceremony at Houston, have come to the super bowl and feel the charm of the scene. at the same time, according to incomplete statistics, more than 6 million viewers watched the game in real time only on the two platforms of micro-blog live and Tencent sports. Before the game, the strongest offensive team and the Patriots defending the strongest team of the season were regarded by the fans as the strongest contention. The falcons opening darling, once made the 28:3 lead, but the Patriots crazy rally in the fourth quarter, and in Super Bowl history the first overtime, beat his opponent, the achievements of the North American sports history's greatest reversal. the first section of the game, the Patriots led the attack, seventh times in the Super Bowl game of the legendary quarterback Tom Brady debut, leading the Patriots offense. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping The Falcons have been denounced as the strongest offensive team this season. But they face the Patriots the first attack wave, but a series of surprises, continuous resolve Brady's passing attack, set the tone for the entire game. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-?????????????????? Subsequently, the Patriots gradually into the state, Brady, five consecutive passes to find 5 different players. But the Falcon defense group was opened, two consecutive sacks, forcing the Patriots punt again. The first part of the game ended with 0 to 0, and the two teams fully carried out the spirit of "defending the champion". At the beginning of the second quarter , the market situation is a sudden change in the situation. Brady and Edelman successfully took over the line, get a large number of first attack. Just when people thought the Patriots will this into attack state, win the game's first touchdown when the falcons defense shone again, causing the Patriots running back Blount off the ball and grab the ball, for their regular season MVP quarterback Matt Ryan won the chance to play. In the next two - gear attack, the falcons star took over Julio - Jones to complete a large number of consecutive shots, pushing 42 yards. After that, the team runner Freeman took the first attack through the road and came to the front of the opponent's array. Freeman followed the quarterback and handed the ball to the left side of the outer array, completing a record of five yards of the ball, bringing the score to 7 to 0. The falcons were then reconnected to Matt Ryan, the near end of the falcons No. 81, to reach the array and to complete the additional points, extending the score to 14:0. After that, the Patriots attacked a slight recovery, using the falcons defensive fouls,NFL official website, Newton: I don't worry about my health care only about winning football, wo cam - Newton (Cam Newton) led the Carolina Panthers failed in the first week after the two Denver Broncos defensive player was fined for the impact of last season's MVP. if you think Newton is going to care about that, you're wrong. Recently, Newton said, "what are you worried about?" I only care about winning and winning the rugby match. That's why I'm here. I don't care about my retirement plan. I don't care about my pension. I'm here to win the game. in the opening game of the match Newton suffered multiple helmet hit, and after the game had a concussion, but Newton said: "I really hit, but I don't think this is a signal of concussion, I know the impact of the crash, but this is football, this is a physical contact the movement. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Biliqieke declined to comment on the appeal | football Brady in the new England patriots owner Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) on Wednesday morning at the League after Biliqieke coach Bill (Bill Belichick) in people's expectations for Tuesday's appeal the decision not to utter a single word. When is hope President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) to maintain the ban Brady's comment, Billy Cheik told reporters: this matter has been resolved. A reporter asked, can you say more? Biliqieke flatly refused: No, reporters continue to ask: why not? Because this matter has been resolved, Biliqieke muttered. People have a lot of problems, you know, the reporter said. The public, the fans. Have you heard Robert said, this matter has been resolved, Biliqieke expressed dissatisfaction. Now you have to take a look at your notes. The matter has been settled. in this tense five minute press conference, in addition to some Biliqieke no substance of a sentence with outside -- we started today and every day training camp we will pay attention to this matter -- he did not provide any information. Biliqieke refused to Brady's fate or backup quarterback Jim (Jimmy Garoppolo) - Caroline Polo playing time to say a word. he really doesn't have to do that. His boss has told reporters that anger, which makes Biliqieke do his best things: rugby, completely ignoring the media.Green Bay Packers Eddie Lacy Eddie finished 1000 yards of the first 2 seasons, but unfortunately his body is getting worse and worse. So this season, he only completed 758 yards. , in fact, his weight problem has been questioned throughout the season. Mike McCarthy Mike acknowledged this point. He clearly asked Lei Xi to ask for weight loss in the off-season season, and it seemed that he was very relieved that would control her weight well. When recently interviewed the manager said: "everyone has their own area of responsibility, the coach is responsible for their game and training performance, therefore Rethy problem we are assured he will handle it myself, because last season he learned a lot of things, which he is required to improved." , the packers offensive team is facing severe challenges this season. They really hope that all the team members can return to health in the 2016 season. Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) can't rely on themselves to lead the team to win the super bowl. Lei Xi is only 25 years old. He believes he doesn't want to sink because of weight problems. His first 2 Seasons performed very well. We have reason to believe that his performance will be answered.

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