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The opening of the sports member login Hello, 0 open Sports Membership / * NBA * /.Nba-header{min-width:1000px font-family:Arial, the head of the style; " Hiragino Sans; GB" " Microsoft, YaHei" ", WenQuanYi; Micro, Hei" sans-serif}.nba-header a,.Nba-header div,.Nba-header H1,.Nba-header H2,.Nba-header H3,.Nba-header H4,.Nba-header H5,.Nba-header Li,.Nba-header ol,.Nba-header P,.Nba-header ul{margin:0; padding:0}.nba-header ol,.Nba-header ul{list-style:none}.nba-header img{border:0}.nba-header.Cf:after,.Nba-header.Cf:before{content:" " display:table}.nba-header;.Cf:after{clear:both}.nba-header.Cf{*zoom:1}.nba-header;.Nba-header-layout{margin:0 Auto; position:relative z-index:10}.nba-header;.Nba-header-top{height:120px; background-color: #005CA1; background-position:top center; background-repeat:no-repeat}.nba-header.Nba-header-top.Nba-header-layout{z-index:11}.nba-header.Nba-header-top.Nba-header-logo{float:left}.nba-header.Nba-header-top.Nba-header-logo.Nba-header-logo-tlink{color:#4bacfe; padding-top:12px; font-size:hThe official website of NFL | [group] defense Qiang Wei how to make | football as a strong side safety, there are two general duty - to stop running the ball, passing failure. If you want to be a good defensive Qiang Wei, must be able to pass as cornerback, but also have the same ability as linebacker escapement. The following is some basic knowledge about Qiang wei. station in the basic defensive formation, standing on the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping strong side Qiang Wei attack, about the ball away from line 6 to 7 yards, to maintain a certain distance with the outside of the offensive player. This position can stop the run and destroy the pass at the same time. executes prevents a player from pushing (or holding a player in the middle of the field) if he is in the face of a running ball. If you face a pass attack, quickly enter your defensive area. The faster the speed of the attack or the passing of a passing ball, the better it is for the defense. So always pay attention to the situation on the field. technique can be observed through the most offensive halfback outside the player moves to judge the ball running or passing attack. If he tries to push the defender in front of him, it is probably a running attack. If he runs somewhere or looks back, it's basically passing the ball. anti transmission defense, find your target, follow. If it's a regional defense, get into your defensive area as soon as possible, pay attention to the quarterback, and see which player he will pass to the area. run If found a player runs to your side, Qiang Wei duties are completed grapple or bring him to the center of the court suppressed, let his teammates complete defensive tackle. If there is a player to stop Qiang Wei, it will take at least contact and collision to the player, forcing him to move in the field. If a player to reverse running don't chase, Qiang Wei, ensure that the other party attack back, can complete the grapple other people will defend on the other side. Once the attack route is determined, it can be pursued.American time on December 14th, at 4:25 p.m., the north area of the country had an old enemy war. Minnesota Vikings challenge Detroit lions on the road. The male lion was 14 points behind in the first half and was reversed at 16:14 by the team's defense. At the last moment, the goal of the 68 yards of Viking player Blair Walsh (Blair Walsh) failed. The male lion won the final victory and won tenth wins in the season. A few hours ago, the oasis Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills lost, because the outcome of the relationship between the North China Lion provisional list. last week, the male lion hit 34 points at home, defeated the visiting Tampa Bay pirates, and the Vikings killed the New York jet fleet in overtime. The two teams are very morale, and the lions will seize the chance to get the top of the game, and the Vikings still have the theoretical hope of getting into the playoffs. the first section of the game, the lion began to attack, but the lion attack today do not seem to find the feeling, for three times, the first Viking "three strikes" only 16 yards forward. The Viking attack to find the feeling a bit in the adjustment, from the first day in the game with 17 seconds, completed a 84 yard touchdown run forward, and finally by the guard Matt Asif atta (Matt Asiata) completed 2 yards rushing touchdowns. In this advance, the Viking quarterback, teddy Bridge Voight (Teddy Bridgewater) passed the 7 pass 6 times, extremely efficient. The second quarter, the Vikings once again prevented the lion's attack, the offensive end completed a 75 yard touchdown in advance, the red zone, Bridge Voight a quick pass, pass to the receivers, Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), the latter was running after the ball 8 yards, end into array. Viking 14:0 is a temporary lead. At this time the Vikings team morale is enough, defensive end stop lion done in one vigorous effort, fifth attack, five lions 32 yards forward only. When the Vikings again pushed to the lions after half-time, Bridge Voight's pass attempts to find wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), but the lion safety Glover Quin (Glover Quin) steals, which return to the Vikings 11 yards. When the lion seized the opportunity, quarterback Matthew - Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) threw the ball to receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate). After Tate received the ball, 7 yards of running finished the array. At this time, the lion guard, shawntae Daliusi - Weasley (Darius Slay) again intercepted a Bridge Voight pass, lions kicker Matt Platt by homeopathy (Matt Prater) to finish shooting. The lion was temporarily backward in the second half at 10:14. The second half of the game was first attacked by the Vikings, and Bridge Voight's pass was not enough to let the Vikings get an attack, but only to abandon the kick. And the lion goes back from the dressing room.The official website of NFL | Griffin III to sign the contract with Dezhou rugby | long once the show Bangyan Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) by the Washington Redskins in Dezhou had to surrender, Houston here from scratch. , according to YAHOO sports reported that Griffin will be Dezhou people as they can negotiate long-term contracts roster in Dezhou players is very abundant, but they are always unable to quarterback position to find the right person, it seems Griffin is their goal of. 26 year old Griffin is still in the red list, but it will certainly be released before March 9th, otherwise his five year contract will get adequate insurance gold. After the cancellation of Griffin, the red leather can get 16 million 150 thousand dollars in salary space, which can make up for the team to sign a Kirk Kirk's $20 million portion of the $20 million with the privilege tag. Dezhou's quarterback Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) in the 2015 season of the 2015 season in the playoffs of the Dezhou people had 4 copies that led to the loss of the Dezhou people to the Kansas chieftain. Hoyer immediately at the age of 30, although he can play for the people of Dezhou will continue to determine the next season, but Dezhou's starting quarterback should and he missed, currently Dezhou quarterback current candidates, including Griffin, Bullock, Ville (Brock Osweiler) or draft new players.

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