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Manchester United are now in a new era and the new generation is alive. But the world class club is a world-class club, and still has the desire for the champion. This shirt keeps the United's DNA and has an innovative design. The design template traced back to the 90/92 season's uniforms, and the new season incorporated more modern elements, replacing some of the previous elements as the next generation of shirts. light version of the Jersey in 90s of that year is early shirt style, New Jersey and Manchester United away series, the Jersey has not only historical elements, is the oldest club history of respect. In short, the classical works of history. The black and gray uniforms are historic, and you deserve it. this jersey as background to black, with white color, classic three stripes logo design, Adidas and logo on both sides of the breakdown, but not simple. The design of the round collar gives the modern sense of the ball shirt. In 2016, the cooperation between the two big brands made great gains.The official website of NFL | pirates and running back Martin began negotiati cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ons | football the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by Doug - Martin (Doug Martin) and Charles Sims (Charles Sims) running back combination without attention to one of the league's best running backs combined in this season. Martin now has 1354 yards of second in the league with 273 shots. Outstanding performance in the next game against the Carolina Panthers in the game may help him over Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) ranked first, this will be the first red ball number ranked first in the League of the pirates players. Sims is an undervalued double threat, with a total of 1001 yards (514 yards, 487 yards) for the ball. , 26, will be a free agent at the end of the season, but the two sides have begun negotiations to ensure that Martin can stay in the team. We have a little talk, general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) said. We are sure to engage in more negotiations. We want to keep Doug. in the last offseason, the pirates seem likely to give up the poor performance of Martin, but he showed a great rebound in the season. Martin is a pillar of pirate attack group in the season for a long period of time, reducing the four rookie Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) at the pressure on the shoulder. , and Martin, also said he wanted to stay with the pirates, but at the moment he didn't care about the contract negotiations. I like it here, and I have a beautiful home here, Martin said. I'd like to return. But now I'm focusing on our last game. I noticed that they were negotiating, but I'll let them deal with it now. The occupation bowl running back might be a Demake - Murray (DeMarco Murray) 5 year $40 million contract last year and the Philadelphia signed a similar price. Whether the pirates want to spend so much money on the position of running guard remains to be observed. But keeping Martin in the pirates will be the top priority for the free players market to open.regular season has been going into the middle of the team this week two Thursday night game against the National League Eastern and southern districts of the top teams, Philadelphia eagles will visit the Bank of the United States court challenge Carolina Panthers, the Panthers in the two teams played 3 times in the past to win the two, two years ago to Carolina, the eagles lost the game, which once again came to the venue, they will take a victory? The Carolina Panther had a 4 - 1 record in the first 5 weeks, and last week they defeated the Detroit lions by 27-24 and finished two consecutive wins, leading the south side of the National League. This season, the black leopard defense team played very well, the field is limited to limit the number of opponents code number of 274 yards, ranking National League first. In last week's competition for male lions, the Black Panther array came out again. The near end Ed Dixon scored 175 yards for the 5 time. It became the second near field front in the history of NFL, which received 5 shots at most, but completed 175 yards. The team quarterback "Skywalker" cam Newton new season back, two games in a row to pass more than 300 yards, while last week scored 3 touchdowns. In the last two games, Newton 62 49 passes successfully, with 671 yards, 6 touchdowns and only 1 interceptions and a passer rating of up to 137.2. As the most powerful weapon Panthers, a firepower Newton is undoubtedly the most people fear there. Philadelphia hawks last week 34-7 against the Arizona Cardinals after the completion of a 3 game winning streak, the record reached 4 wins and 1 losses. Compared to the strongest shield of the leopard, the eagle owns the strongest spear of the National Union. The new season in the second grade quarterback Carson Wentz under the leadership of ferocious firepower, averaging 397.8 yards of the League of nations ranked first, a total score of 137 points and second United nations. The young quarterback Wenz let Philadelphia fans saw the hope to return to the playoffs, Wentz last week 30 passes 21 hits, get 304 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 interceptions. In the first section last week and he got 121 yards to finish 3 touchdowns, is active NFL history only one single game in the first section can spread 3 touchdowns players. Between Wentz and Newton showdown will also become another highlight of the game. NFL's chief commentator in Chinese official website: Zhang Yun (EggZhang)2002-03 & 2003-04

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