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quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) to determine the Seattle Seahawks and sign the new contract will make him the highest paid player in the league. But don't expect the contract to change the form of the elite star contract. In Monday's NFL website, Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) denied that Wilson's long-term contract would include full income. According to the Seahawks team sources, Wilson's contract will include a high, but not the full protection of income. As for the negotiation timetable, he reported that the goal is signed before the start of training camp. The Seahawks want linebacker Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) signed a new contract, but Wilson is clearly the priority of the Seahawks this summer. The negotiations between the two sides have not begun yet. To solve complex problems after the contract, Wilson will carry high salaries to his fourth NFL season, the change from Wilson prior to the performance benefits of high quality and inexpensive Seahawks would be a new challenge.| national handball Handball Championship preliminaries ended |9 into the second stage | hand Association the 2014 National Men's handball tournament ended in the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping preliminaries competition. After five days of intense competition, the final group matches were A group: Jiangsu, Shanghai, PLA, Anhui and Sichuan; group B: Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong two teams. The General Assembly in November 8th 9 will continue to rest, the second stage of the competition, including Sichuan and Shandong two teams will compete for the ninth, tenth and 1/4 finals by the Jiangsu VS Tianjin, Guangdong VS, Shanghai Liberation Army VS Beijing, Shandong VS Anhui will catch on the athletic field, the winner will enter the semi-finals.The official website of NFL | Eagles linebacker Graham intends to test the free agent market | football Philadelphia hawk line guard Brandon Graham has performed exceptionally this season. The first round show in 2010 has gradually grown into the mainstay of eagle's defense. Graham will become a free agent after the end of this season. The Hawks have repeatedly said they will renew their contract, but Graham seems more willing to try the water free players market for bigger contracts. according to the "Philadelphia inquirer newspaper" reporter Geoff McClain (Jeff McLane) said, although Graham thank you very much for the renewal of Eagle tendency, but I still want to join the free market to see other teams will be given up to the contract, he also hope to join an orthodox 4-3 defensive team. Graham said in an interview: "I feel very good now, and can change people's opinion of me. I'm very happy. I'm just putting my heart and soul into competition and training now. Other times will come naturally.Beijing time November 6th, the Miami chart at home to the Oakland Raiders. This is the NFL after the return of winter time of the first night race. first festival Raiders rate advanced attack. The Raiders played almost every third, but each time the magic won the first attack, steadily to the half dolphin. The quarterback Derek Carle after the failure of the middle distance Raiders shot selection, tower Vecchio firmly hit 3-0, leading to the raiders. passing success rate of 100% quarterback Jay Cutler right short passes to running back Damian Williams, who stood two Raiders defender grapple, diving into the end zone with 6 points. In the United States and in the United States, the dolphin's additional score was not successful. touchdown, the dolphins used a clever gambling play design, kicker Cody Puckey from playing from rob, dolphins touchdown quickly regain the ball. The dolphins then took advantage of the short distance contact of the near - end Julius - Thomas and the running guard to advance to the raid area. However, queer, running back Kenyon Drake rush when inexplicably dropped the ball, on the right to control the ball, to complete the transition. The Raiders escape from death in a great catastrophe spoils. Quarterback Derek Carle chose a direct challenge to end, wide receiver Johnny Holton into the end zone, win in the chart and the top safety Rashard Jones singled out, catching touchdown, leading the Raiders 10-6! half and the end of the three minutes, Cutler is still trying to use it to lead the team to move forward, but try to top two - Landry and Damian - Jarvis. Williams are not very successful, but Damian Williams's second attempt to win the first attack, but caused by sudden Raiders safety Carle - Joseph's personal fouls. This round of attack by kicker Cody Puckey shot over the dolphins to catch the score 9-10. but the Raiders are not ready to run out of time. Carle played high frequency attack, wide receiver Cooper and Amari tight end Jared Cook each completed a push, putting the ball in the shooting range. The kicker Kobita Vecchio shot in 53 yards, and the Raider entered the dressing room with a 13-9 lead. the second half dolphin initiative. Cutler's pass rate is still very scary, but the number of propulsion code is not satisfactory, and has to choose to abandon the kick. The next round of attacks could almost be said to be a personal show of "animal model". Ma Sean - Lynch to face the dolphins defense without fear, tough road rush, many people grab breakthrough of array. The Raiders are 20-9 ahead! If dolphins want to catch up, the road attack must be opened. Once again, the right to win the ball, dolphins also want to understand this truth. Kenyon Drake rushed to the other side for 30 yards, and then took the Kenny Stiles's catch to bring the dolphin to the red area of the Raiders. The key moment is to see Jarvis - Landry, the number one of the dolphin's first hand in the red area in the red area to show the strong instinct, carry the capture to complete the array. Cody Puckey additional points scored, the sea

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