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tiger news June 20th the New Orleans saints center Max Unger (Max Unger) in the offseason surgery on his foot after hoping to prepare for the new season, but I hope there may be lost, so the saints on Monday signed a center. The saints announced that they had signed Chris - Watt (Chris Watt). Watt in the 2014 draft of the third San Diego lightning selected, starting 12 games he played in his rookie season in 5 games. The second grade of his season was plagued by injuries, in the last offseason after surgery he had to be unable to play due to injury at the start of the new season in the list, but he was laid off in November last year, lightning. during the off-season training, the saints also try to let other players to replace the position of Unger, including senior Keller Mitter (Senio Kelemete) and Jack Alan (Jack Allen). Watt may be competing with them at the start of the training camp.The official website of NFL | Mario Tower this year to become the fastest test camp | football quarterback The former University of Oregon quarterback Marcus - Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) 40 yard dash project on Saturday at the NFL test camp in 4 seconds out of 52 results, this is the quarterback in for the shortest time, prove that the draft this year may be the best quarterback player is also the fastest quarterback. as for jemis Winston (Jameis Winston cheap nfl jerseys free shipping )? Not so fast. The former Florida State University quarterback, the result is 4 seconds 97, though he ran Bimaliao tower is expected to slow, but did not expect so much slower. In contrast, the offensive players 40 yards sprint is the fastest test in the camp of Ali from Hobart Institute of Mapet (Ali Marpet) the result is almost the same for 4 seconds 98. every player who takes part in the test will have 2 chances and will finally get the better one. Mario Kobita has another score of 4 seconds 56, while Winston's other score is 4 seconds 99. test camp quarterback 40 yard dash record in 2006 by former Texas A&M University quarterback Reggie Macneil (Reggie McNeal), the result is 4 seconds 35. from the University of California at Los Angeles quarterback Bret Hendry (Brett Hundley) 4 seconds out of 63 results in the 40 yard dash, former Auburn University quarterback Nick Marshall (Nick Marshall) ran out of 4 seconds 54.Improved NFL website |49 injuries, promoted cornerback reinforcement | football team 49 in San Francisco selected Leon McFadden from the training lineup to the 53 people's list on Saturday local time. Originally, the media predicted 49 people will advance to the team outside linebacker Alton Smith (Aldon Smith) added to the list. According to the original plan he will be banned 9 games, 49 people have completed 7 games. Previously, there was news that Smith would be cut off, but the team decided to promote a corner guard and also confirmed that Smith would have to wait 2 weeks. in 2013, Brown, Cleveland, selected Mcfadden in the third round. In the rookie season, he played 16 games and had 2 chances to start. On the 30 day of the 8 year of this year, Brown chose to cut him off, and then he joined the jet. In New York, he was still unable to get the opportunity and was retreated 10 days later. Since then, he chose to join the 49 people's training lineup to try to return to the field again. Although Mcfadden's career has only completed 19 tackles and only 1 passes, he can increase the second line depth of 49 people to a certain extent. this week 49 people's injury has also improved, the current injury list only angle Weitelameiyin - Bullock (Tramaine Brock), Chris (Chris Culliver) five library Gilman, quarterback Jimmy Wald (Jimmie Ward) and linebacker Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis).In the base of Beijing | softball generations of athletes have a joyous gathering | look forward to the future glory Figure Beijing women softball players to the leadership of flowers (Photography / the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau Chong Huiyou) Figure Beijing softball generations of athletes with old leaders (Photography / the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau Chong Huiyou) Cleveland September 17 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) a bright smiling face, a warm hug, a sincere greetings, let a person feel comfortable first Beijing softball JIE party held today at the Muxiyuan sports school, Beijing women's softball team coaches, athletes and leaders of several generations, enjoys softball have a joyous gathering of love, review the history and future! Li Minkuan, consultant of the National Sports Federation of China, Jiang Xiuyun, the deputy director of the Central Committee of the National Sports Federation, Jiang Xiuyun, softball minister Yang Xu and Huang Yujiang, chairman of Huang Yujiang, were invited to this event. Beijing women's softball team has an extremely brilliant history: since its establishment in 1974, it has won 20 national league champions and 5 National Games Championships, and has won the national champion for 10 consecutive years. More than half of the coaches and athletes were elected to the national team at different times. The national team, mainly composed of Beijing athletes, also won the runner up in the twenty-sixth Olympic Games of 1996 in Atlanta, and created the most brilliant achievement of Chinese women's softball in the world's major competitions. The State Sports General Administration of hand curved rod base center deputy director Jiang Xiuyun said in his speech, several generations of athletes from very happy, hope that the new session of the Beijing Softball Association leadership can lead Beijing softball glory! The Beijing Olympic Games after the Olympic softball goodbye, now people are going all out for baseball and softball items to return to the Olympic Games, China Softball Association also changed the development of ideas: Softball in 500 schools nationwide, slow pitch softball is also suitable for all involved, also hope that everyone here can be a positive action, to revitalize the softball movement go. , chairman of Beijing City, Beijing City Sports School Softball Association President Huang Yujiang said today to so many baseball players reflects the strong cohesion, softball, Beijing softball had created 10 consecutive brilliant, now moved to the city from the Muxiyuan sports school sports school, we will achieve Beijing softball again to soar. is the father of Chinese softball reputation of China Sports Federation consultant Li Minkuan is the Beijing women's softball team meritorious old coach, is also the Beijing softball coach after the first formally established in 1975. Li Minkuan is feeling at the party today said: that, I just to xiannongtan, also need to speak Chinese translation. (Li Minkuan is returned overseas Chinese, the beginning of the end of 1976 as the Beijing softball coach) is now more than 30 years.

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