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The official website of NFL | Hall of fame linebacker singletery served as defense consultant | rams football Mike (Mike Singletary) - singletery regression NFL. , the hall of fame defense and the top 49 people in San Francisco, on Tuesday, told Chicago media that they will work for Losangeles rams in the new season and serve as defense group advisors. has been out of coaching since he was the Minnesota Viking coach from 2011 to 2013. Before that, in 2008 to 2010 served as 49 coach 18 wins and 22 losses record in the 2010 season, 1 games left the team when he was fired. From 1981 to 1992 as Chicago bears star singletery was the bears defense core, help the team to win twentieth Super Bowl champion and linebacker is one of the most devastating and most dominant in the history of NFL. Singetary's teaching c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping areer is not equal, but in the ram he will work with a group of excellent defenders.The official website of NFL | Sanchez: I better | football after joining the Hawks In an interview this week, Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) said he had gained valuable experience when he worked in New York jets. He believes that after joining the Philadelphia eagle, he is getting better and better. Sanchez said: 5 years in New York have made me a very rich and important experience, and I learned how to control mistakes. Now I'm in the eagle, kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) put me in a correct position, I need to use the action that he made the right decision. I was trembling for the opportunity, and I was excited to be able to help the team forward. last week, Sanchez was on the bench in a game against the Carolina panther, his first appearance since 30 miles in December 2012. In an interview, he talked about the injuries he experienced in 2013: This is the same for everyone. It's very painful to be absent for 1 years after 4 consecutive appearances. This is a test that allows you to learn to be grateful and to further stimulate your desire for the game. When you come back, you'll get better. , when asked about her changes in recent years, Sanchez took the details of the game as an example: J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) once came to me in the competition, and I might choose to take the risk attack in the past, maybe I will get a ball change in the end. Now I'm wiser, I would choose to avoid losing the ball directly on. If Sanchez can reduce his mistakes as he said, maybe he really has a chance to bring us a bigger surprise.jet announced the dismissal before starting right tackle Breno Giacomini today (Breno Giacomini) and kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk). last season, Falk 31 free kick hit 27 times, scoring 729 on the history of arbitrary ball second, 2010-2016 of his free kick hit rate was 81%. This year, 32 - year - old Volk has a remaining contract of $3 million for 1 years. "this is a time of sentimentality, but business is business." "I've been here for 7 years, and the only thing I'd like to want is a super bowl ring," Falk told jjs. Jimi Minnie first started 37 games in the past 3 seasons, all the first two seasons of his career, but only 5 starts with a back injury in third years. He has only 1 years and 4 million 500 thousand dollars in the contract.tiger June 30th, , the first round show by 49 people, Salomon Thomas (Solomon Thomas) recently participated in an activity that allows him to interact with many elite players and seek high end opinions. The activity of is the "Chong Chuan summit" held by Standford on Thursday at Von Miller. The list of participants is very luxurious. In addition to Miller himself, and the last defensive player of the year card - Mike (Khalil Mack) in Lille, the number of top 2016NFL captured and killed the Vic - Beasley (Vic Beasley), the Seahawks defensive end Clif - E Friel (Cliff Avril) and recently retired shortly before DeMarcus's (DeMarcus Ware). Mustang linebacker Shane ray (Shane Ray), Jaguar defensive tackle Malik Jackson (Malik Jackson), the chiefs linebacker - Ford (Dee Ford) and the Seahawks linebacker Kaxiesi - Malsch (Cassius Marsh) also show their skills in the day, and in the league he rushed from hand "enhance the feeling".

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