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The official website of NFL | General Manager: Bracey will still be our football quarterback | next season, the New Orleans saints quarterback Drew four - Bracey (Drew Brees) will result in $30 million impact on the team's salary cap, there are rumors that the saints are considering he leave the transaction. Last month, Bracey and head coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) both publicly said that the team will continue to play for the team next season. in this week's interview, the team general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Looms) said: Drew is our quarterback. They will deal with his contract, which may remain unchanged and may change. I've been studying our salary space, and it's not really good. But it's not a terrible thing. We know what the team is and what we have to do. Bracey's 2015 season is still ou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tstanding, his pass rate has reached 68.3%, the copy ratio is 32:11, the quarterback pass score is 101. Although he has been playing hurt, but obvious to people. Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has proved to us that the quarterback can still succeed in the occupation career stage, Bracey is no exception.The team and the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) was involved in "bleeding events", were sentenced to penalties alliance. At this stage, the team and the Brady has filed an appeal related penalties, it will continue to alliance also invested a lot of manpower and working time. Despite being suspended for four matches, Brady is still in accordance with the original plan to actively participate in the existing team training plan. According to reports, since the team began training in April 20th, Brady missed only media access, attend and participate in all training programs. According to insiders, Brady did not care alliance punishment, he will be in accordance with their original plan to spend this offseason, in order to show the best fit. According to reports, Brady refused to comment on any "deflation", he will put attention to the training and running the team. As everyone knows, Hugh Brady attaches great importance to the efficiency and effectiveness of training during the tournament, he hopes to be able to contact with a longer time with teammates, for earlier in the game.ESPN according to the reporter, the Seahawks running back Chris Carson (Chris Carson) has entered the injured reserve list. In order to fill the vacancy list, the Seahawks signed defensive front member Quinton - Jefferson (Quinton Jefferson). Pete Carroll, the coach, said X rays showed a fracture of the leg of Carson. "the X light that started last night proved that his ankle was all right, so I told the team that he didn't break the leg and the teammates were happy." Carol said, "but he had a fracture below his knee." Carol said he hoped Thomas laurs (Thomas Rawls) undertake more tasks. The game against the colts, Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) rushed the ball 11 times to obtain 52 yards, Meagan sicle (J.D. McKissic J.D.) 4 times at the ball for 38 yards, 1 touchdowns. Jefferson is the five round of the 2016 show the Seahawks played in three games last season. The Seahawks signed him to strengthen the squad depth to the neck preparing the game injured Clif - E Friel (Cliff Avril) can not play.The official website of NFL | Le Sean - Mccoy left hamstring injury | football training field on Tuesday U.S. time, buffalo Bill ran Sean Mccoy Weile (LeSean McCoy) of the left hamstring injury, the injury has been confirmed in the. revealed that the injury occurred 1 hours after the joint training of Bill and Cleveland Brown. Coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) said it was temporarily uncertain how long the team would lose Mccoy. The injured for Bill could be a big trouble for Mccoy when they moved their linebacker chick Alonso (Kiko Alonso). Mccoy has finished 1607 yards in the 2013 season, and is considered to be an important weapon in the 2015 season Ryan's tactical system. Bill is currently only 2 healthy running backs, not selected rookie Hill bloom (Bronson Hill) - cable and Ricky Searle (Ricky Seale).

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