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Denver Mustang is gradually able to make the decision of the first quarterback. The United States Monday coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) announced that Trevor - cicmil (Trevor Siemian) will become the team's third preseason games against the Losangeles rams starting quarterback. , though this is not a big news, we know that the third pre-season match obviously means the starting lineup of the regular season, so Trevor will probably lock the team's first line-up for a long time. Kubiak's comments on Trevor are "good performance and worth giving the chance", but that doesn't mean he is the start of the regular season. If he can perform well in third pre - season games, he will have his name cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on the list. Kubiak said: "I will make a final decision next week." I believe the final start will be between Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) and Trevor.The Panther has strengthened the depth of the second line and put one of the new rookies in this year's list of injuries. The team officially announced the defensive end is wearing (Daeshon Hall) - Hall (knee) into the injured reserve list, the list in order to fill vacancies, their safety Daitzman Sass Ward from the training squad promoted (Dezmen Southward). hall is the Black Panther's three round show this year, one of the two defensive end fronts selected by Texas A&M University in the last draft. He played in the opening war, but he was absent for the last three weeks. Kurt Coleman (Kurt Coleman) knee out for a month, as Cox (Demetrious Cox) - Demiteliusi ankle injury absence this week match situation, Sass Ward played a high probability. They also signed Jairus Byrd, the old man. Ward is the hawk's 2014 three wheeled show.When the took over John - Brown (John Brown) for four head muscle contusion out for a long time. In August, coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said that if Brown can not be restored to good condition, the team will find another way. Brown completed four passes in Sunday's match against lions, but he missed all training because of the recurrence of four muscle injuries this week, and official confirmation will be absent on Friday. In addition , left Jiefeng DJ- Henry Vries (D.J. Humphries) and Mike - Upati left guard (Mike Iupati) also can play. Youpadi triceps injury, Henry Vries is a knee problem. The biggest effect of 's absence is the main running guard David Johnson (David Johnson).Yang | than Wiener football tight end NFL | Jacksonville Jaguars signed a defense official website After spent two months looking for a job, Bjoern Werner finally found a new home. The Jacksonville Jaguar announced on Wednesday that they signed the former Indianapolis pony pass. It is reported that the contract is one year. The Jaguar this offseason shot very generous in the enhanced defense. Before that, they have signed a series of defensive players, including defensive cutting front Malik Jackson (Malik Jackson) and corner guard Prince Amr Camara (Prince Amukamara). Wiener was cut off by the pony after the disappointing 2015 season. He lost the first place in the 2015 season and didn't get a catch. In the 2014 season, Wiener played the best of his career and got 50 escapement in 4 times. in Weinade Jaguar, adapt their 4-3 defensive system and competition missed the entire season starting defensive end dantay Fowler (Dante Fowler) the position behind. This year Jaguars drafted Don Fagafaga Coue Janik hand pass impact (Yannick Ngakoue) and Tyrone Holmes (Tyrone Holmes).

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