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The first 2015-16 Palmeiras third Jersey as spy show player · Roberto Ze Palmeiras; wearing New Jersey and has not yet released the Adidas Ace 2015-16 soccer shoes, the shoes will be released in the summer of 2015. 2015-16 third new Palmeiras introduces grey Jersey colors, with dark green trim brought a fresh design for the Brazil club. The New Jersey uses green V collar, and the sleeves are green three bars.NFL official website | Pettine: This is not the end | football Mansel Cleveland Brown - Manzel (Johnny quarterback Jonny Manziel) for drinking by the team coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) into the team's 3 quarterback. Although Pettine decided to the most severe method to control Manzel, but he still said in an interview with Brown Manzel's career is not over. Pettine said: I hope the last game he played for Brown's game is not. He has made great progress, but there are some things that you can get back cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on the way forward. This is a hindrance to his growth, but a successful athlete must learn to deal with this problem, which is a good lesson for him. Pettine revealed that Manzel was demoted to the bench for his decision very disappointing: Manzel competition desire is very strong, he wanted to play. Manzel's career is not as smooth as he expected. Too many off court problems and adaptability to professional competitions have become an important factor to prevent him from going forward. Brown's performance is still unable to satisfy the fans this season. The team expects Manzel to become a leader. But now the quarterback has disappointed his coach and teammates again.The official website of NFL | Cardinals coach said Stanton could lead the team to win | football in the tenth week of the Arizona Cardinals against the Saint Louis rams in the game, the Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) knee injury immediately dropped out of the race after the Cardinals announced Palmer knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, the rest of the season will not be played. The second half of the season starting quarterback Stanton will be two, four point guard Drew (Drew Stanton) as Stanton had earlier in the season after a temporary replacement sidelined Palmer starting lineup three games record of 2 wins and 1 losses. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said in an interview after the game his team is the main League loss most, but it will not hurt himself, believes Stanton has the ability to lead the team to win. He said, "Stanton can lead us with a super bowl, but I don't doubt it." expects Stanton to completely replace or even surpass Palmer's performance, which is unlikely. After all, Palmer is in excellent form this year, and even the best quarterback in the Western League. But Stanton in three starts at the beginning of the season also proved that he has the ability to control the game, Stanton will not let the Arians believe the Cardinals offensive stalled. The future schedule is difficult, the next week against the Detroit lions defensive League, two against the same district rival Seattle Seahawks, and there is a 49 game against San Francisco. Such a race will be a powerful proof of whether Stanton has the ability to take on the whole team.The official website of NFL | Capet downturn caused 49 people lose Nick? | football less than a week ago, San Francisco 49 man coach Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) also praised his quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick). Harbert said Capet Nick was slowly becoming a mature and great pocket pass player. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is a team of 49 people to start a game has been the most important way is: in the home court to face their rivals, and still caught in the Thanksgiving Day on national TV, but Capet Nick with two turnovers a game of occupation career worst: the game he came just 121 yards also, the passing rate of only 55.2% (29. 16), a comprehensive evaluation shows that this is the second worst game as a starter after he. of course you might think that the reason Capet is Nick depressed he met the best defensive team in the league, but don't forget, the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russel Wilson) with the second best team in the league in defensive. to Capet Nick and Harbert didn't have much time, they must find a solution to the problem in two weeks, because the 49 teams will be in fifteenth weeks and the Seahawks clash again. Before that, they will attack Oakland and the bottom of the league's blows, even if the Raiders are unable to win, so they will be in charge of Harbert after the team missed the playoffs for the first time.

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