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the new England patriots offensive team in trouble, team will play against Pittsburgh Steelers in local time Friday's opener, but the center Blaine Stokes (Bryan Stork) can play is still unknown. , according to the NFL official website reporter, Stock is currently troubled by concussion. He also needs to accept concussion detection of the league. Only by testing can he be allowed to play. At present, Stock's situation is not optimistic. The Patriot needs to hand in an injury report recently. Stock has missed nearly two training sessions, and the details need to wait for the official explanation. During the period of in the absence of Stockton, rookie David Andrews (David Andrews) and veteran Ryan Wendell (Ryan Wendell) in the training time to share. If necessary, Josh - Klein (Josh Kline) is also a spare choice for the team. At present, the biggest loophole in the patriot's attack group is the inside of the attacking front. Whether Stock is able to fight or not, will also affect the team's offensive efficiency to a certain extent.Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) is a quarterback. The quarterback will ge cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t a lot of attention - especially the quarterback that is going to be a free player. , the Cleveland Brown quarterback, visited the local radio program on Saturday. In the free agent market for the team selected a quarterback case, although in the second half of the season due to poor performance and was demoted to the bench, the 29 year old quarterback's name may be relationship in the offseason and the lack of any team at quarterback. , when asked if he believed he was going to start the start of the next season, Heuer said, "yes, no doubt," .When was asked if it would be possible to remain in Brown, Heuer's answer was "all the choices were possible." Heuer later said his broker and Brown had "very short" consultations. The general manager of French Moore (Ray Farmer) - ray Heuer never promised to open a higher salary backup quarterback of the price, so the veteran quarterback may further negotiations with Brown before the first test the free agent market. Heuer said the Brown team management by SMS intervention coaching staff scandal may affect his future decisions, he also said he could see now playing for Atlanta falcons offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan Brown (Kyle Shanahan) not happy. "... I didn't notice that I was lying," Heuer said.The official website of NFL | Seahawks retired wide receiver Locket readme: life turning | football I felt like a car accident. All of a sudden, all of a sudden, everything turned into a slow lens. I was running in the direction of the cowboy's cover - like one thousand times I had done it before. I push the people that stop me and run to the left. A white shirt flashed over. car accident. I fell heavily to the ground and heard the sound that I was very reluctant to hear at this moment. Some people say that a man will see a beam of light before he dies. I didn't see the light at that time, but I heard a sound. You should be very familiar with the sound, when you were a kid and your family party, you feel very boring, moving there idly with fingers gently along your aunt's wine cup. It's such a strange, distant sound of the bell. is really terrifying. I can't hear the shouting of the fans and I can't hear my teammates. I felt bad at that time. I'm thinking well, get up quickly. It's all right to get up. but I can't get up. I feel numb in my whole body. I can't move my arm and can't move my head. I can't speak more. the only thing I can move is my eyes. I was thinking: am I deaf? am I paralyzed? What happened to ? am I going to die? anyone, please help me with you. at that time, I felt totally helpless. What kind of feeling is this? Have you ever been paralyzed in sleep? Imagine you wake up in the morning, and you can hear the people in the house doing breakfast and talking and laughing, but you can't move in the bed. No matter how you try, you just can't get up. You are trapped in the two stages of sobriety and sleep. so, it's like you are trapped in your body, and the world still revolves around you. That was the feeling - I wasn't lying in bed, of course. I lay at 50 yards at the cowboy stadium, with 90 thousand fans around it. I murmured myself to myself. Please help me. I know I can be here for a reason. If you can help me get up, I'll change my life, this is the second time I have said this. the only time I said before was when I was in college. I'm in the first place.In the base of | Vivian Hsu College Baseball & Softball match at | claiming to have affinity with baseball The Beijing Morning Post reported on May 9th , Taiwan artist Vivian Hsu specially from the film and fashion studio "cohabitation" arrived at the North China University of Technology, Beijing college baseball and softball Championships will start. Beijing college baseball and softball league is a long year held by the Chinese College Sports Association Baseball and softball branch. Vivian Hsu made a debut in a baseball suit on the same day. Vivian Hsu revealed that she had a good fortune with baseball, that uncle was a baseball coach, mother was an iron fan, and he was born in a baseball family. I once opened the ball for the primary school baseball game, and this time it was a success for the college students. Vivian Hsu said. Asked if he would be in love with baseball players, Vivian Hsu smiled and said that if he was 15 years younger, he might associate with baseball boys in college. (source: Beijing Morning Post)

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