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The official website of NFL | giants cornerback Amr Camara | football season New York giant Prince AmAm Kamala (Prince Amukamara) is likely to leave this season for injury. The gifted corner is recognized as one of the most outstanding players in the giants. Unfortunately, he injured the biceps brachii in today's defeat to Indianapolis pony. Coincidentally, this year's two round pick Weiss Dayton - Ruiqieboge (Weston Richburg) in the game to a serious ankle sprained ankle. so far this season, the giants have more players for the season, including wide receiver Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz), the angle of Walter thormond (Walter Thurmond) and outside Jon Beeson (Jon Beason), and the angle of Dominic - Rodgers - Kuloma's (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) adhere to the injuries today the game. In addition, Rashad Jennings, a sprain of the medial collateral ligament, and the main line Geoff Geoff Schwartz (Geoff Schwartz) still hurt. obviously influence the giants could not avoid such extensive injuries bring to the team, they have suffered a losing streak.Washington Red Skin announced on Friday local time that the team has reached an agreement with Pierre Thomas Pierre. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping The veteran player who is good at catching will join the young red lineup. Thomas, 31, has joined 49 in San Francisco this season, 1 times and 12 yards in 4. Chris's Chris Thompson, who is responsible for catching the ball, will be away for a while because of the original running team of , which is the fundamental reason for the team's decision to sign Thomas. Thomas spent most of his career in Saint saints of New Orleans. Thomas showed strong tactical adaptability and catching ability in this long passing team. currently, the red skinned run - up lineup also includes Matt - Jones (Matt Jones) and Alfred - Maurice (Alfred Morris). Although it is difficult for Thomas to get a steady start, his arrival will still enrich the team's tactical options to a certain extent. According to the insider, Thomas has started to follow the red skin training.Squash, the world Squash Federation Ambassador campaign ended in Dalian , from 12 to 15 June, the delegation of the world Squash Federation visited Dalian for the first time, and held four days of ambassadorial promotion and Dalian youth squash promotion in Dalian. The event organized by the China Squash Association, Dalian Squash Association and Dalian Guoguang sports facilities Engineering Co., Dalian City, Xigang stadium, Dalian Plaza, House Education Group, Dalian mobile digital TV, karakkal agent, fitness and Chinese, imperial Dalian Yi Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Anjin house smart Squash Club Beijing, tennis sports science and Technology Co. Ltd., Dalian Island Yacht Club, Lang Qing design (Dalian) Co., to speed up the training of professional squash project, to further promote the development and popularization of squash. (the world Squash Federation delegation and the Chinese Squash Association Leadership, the leadership of Dalian Heng Long square and the leadership of the Dalian Squash Association), in the evening of June 13th, the press conference of the promotion activities was held in the squash Hall of the Heng Long square. The leaders of the world Squash Federation, the State Sports General Administration, the small ball sports management center, the Dalian Sports Bureau, the Dalian Squash Association and Dalian Heng Long Plaza leaders and relevant departments attended the press conference. More than 20 mainstream media in Dalian and the country were reported on the event and a series of promotional activities in the evening. (left: Dalian Squash Association Secretary General Wang Guoguang, WSF Harding, WSF Howard, the spokesman of the delegation of international referee Rober Arrffan WSF, the delegation of Hongkong squash assistant coach Liang Qinhui, deputy general manager of Dalian Plaza, Hong Jianshan WSF, tournament director Cai Yukun WSF delegation before the women's world ranking fifth, Liu Weiwen ball movement Management Center Deputy Minister Huang Kai, the delegation of four WSF before the Hongkong men ranked first, WSF executive vice president Liu Shaowei officer Andrew Shelley and Dalian Squash Association Zhang Yongpeng ) (Liu Shaowei) (Liu Weiwen) during the conference, the world Squash Federation leadership and Dalian Squash Association speech, introduced their relevant circumstances; at the same time, the Dalian Squash Association relevant responsible person for the development of Dalian squash to the leadership and the media made a detailed report. The leaders and the leaders of the Department also made detailed answers to the issues of concern to the reporter's friends. After the meeting, Chinese squash national team and the world squash Ambassador team in the world the first piece of purple squash field is located in the Plaza brought pleasing performances for the guests and the audience, wonderful attracted bursts of applause and joy 〉 the sidelinesNFL Jason - Pierre Paul's official website | wearing gloves | football training routine looks like Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) is coming back. , the defending leader of the New York giants participated in the training of giants since last week, and this is the first time he has participated in team training since the fireworks accident in July. we can see from the cover map that his injured hand is wearing a conventional glove. But according to the reporters on the scene, he was not only wearing traditional gloves, but he also used a lot of bandages to make sure his hands were fixed. So what kind of gloves Pierre Paul will wear on the court is not known at that time. is reported to be 8 possible, and we will see Pierre Paul playing in the game against Tampa Bay pirates this Sunday. And the Tenth - week match against the new England patriots has been determined that he can play.

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