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" Mose · Malone (1974-1995): the 1983 NBA championship, the finals MVP, the 3 session of the NBA regular season MVP. The 6 NBA rebounding king was elected to the basketball hall of fame in 2001. Mose · Malone is a controversial figure. In order to support the family, he gave up the opportunity to go to university directly into the occupation basketball player NBA, become the first senior high school students; the same for economic interests, he moved up to 10 times in the 21 years of occupation career, wandering in the lonely figure he left the most profound feeling of others. Alex. English (1976-1991): 1983 NBA score king, 1992 shirt was retired by the Nuggets team, the basketball hall of fame in 1997. The first player in the league's history to score more than 2000 points in a 8 quarter. Elegance and art become Alex ·, English's basketball style. He is not so bossy as Wilkins or Jordan. He uses his toughness and technology to defeat his opponent. The pure technical school small forward, the offensive sharp, the performance of the stadium elegant and smooth. Jason · cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Kidd (1994-2013): 2011 NBA championship, the 5 session of the NBA assists king. In 19 years of NBA career, Kidd's NBA assists total history second, the total history of the total second, third pairs of the total history of third. Kidd is one of the greatest point guard in NBA history, 360 degree vision incomparable, the overall view, organize the quick ability of excellence. Kidd is also a good offense and defense team leader, technical defects is the only outside shooting accuracy is not enough. Larry · Johnson (1991-2001): Larry · Johnson's stature is only 6 feet 6 inches, but it is the best for the inside line singles and the position of the power forward. The 1998-1999 season, Nicks team made the black eight legend, Johnson went to the only time in the career finals, but not the championship. In October 10, 2001, Johnson was decommissioned for injury. His career in NBA is only 10 seasons, averaging 16.2 points, 7.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists. If it hadn't been for the early onset of the injury effect, he had had the chance to create no less than Malone or Barkley's achievements. with · Leonard (2011-): the 2013-14 season NBA champion +FMVP, the best defensive player in the 2014-15, 2015-16 season. Leonard belongs to the sports show outstanding striker arm, ball undervalued; few fouls, to the end of the attack and hit three points; flank defender, with arm strength, speed, confrontation and consciousness. As the "GDP combination" is getting older, the Spurs players have been replaced.Philadelphia hawk outside guard Connor Balwin (Connor Barwin) has finished 12.5 times this season, he is regarded as the team's new leader in the defense team. However, Balwin is not the only professional bowl player in the defensive team. Defensive end Fletcher Cox (Fletcher Cox) has grown from a simple anti runway player to an all-around end. He has finished 3 escapement in the last 4 games. Ballyn said in an interview: "Cox was a very good player. He was a professional bowl player. I remember there was a defense in the game, when the opponent faced 2 gear 2 yards, and Cox finished a loss of numbers, turning the situation into 3 gear 4 yards. I think it's the best defense, and Cox is really good. " according to PFF (Pro Football Focus) score, in all 3-4 defensive ends, only J.J. watts (J.J. Watt), Mohamed Wilkerson (Muhammad Wilkerson) and Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson) have a higher total score than Cox. The season so far, Cox has forced 26 quarterback hasty hand, the figure is 5 times less than W. in addition to Baltimore gentle Cox, linebacker Michael Kendricks (Mychal Kendricks) and safety Malcolm Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) is also experiencing the occupation career best season. The hawk's defensive strength stands out in the east side of the league, which will be the basis for their division champion.San Francisco 49 people this offseason not too quiet, the new coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) after taking office did not have what action in the free agent market, but the quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) the trade rumors never stopped. But people seem to have forgotten that the second half of last season has been another quarterback Blaine Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert) to lead the team. But it is clear that the new manager, Kelly, has not forgotten him. He has also recently praised Garbutt for the media. Kelly said in an interview: "gabert I am impressed, I have seen a few games on the second half of the season he issued his first battle, the technical characteristics of bright spots in the game against Chicago bears the 44 yard touchdown prize especially long range. I remember his 40 yard score at the rookie training camp was 4.61, which was a pretty good result. He is tall, to tell the truth before I had never visited Garbutt, because when he joined the NFL I was at the University, but his body is really amazing, a height of 6 feet 4, weight 245 pounds of big can run so fast, it is not easy. I think he played very well last season and was looking forward to working with him. " Kelly also said that if Capet Nick did not leave, he will be the two team competition and gabbett's starting quarterback position. Kelly said: "not only is the quarterback position, all the team now will have to compete, our new coach team with players haven't been playing together, so now the first list for me was a piece of paper, the start of training camp to find out."

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