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Small Nantes next week will be changed to wear the number 22 jersey retired father two dunk contest had teamed up to release time: 2018-02-23 | source: star network | Author: admin2 February 23rd Beijing time, according to ESPN reports, Larry nance will begin with his father retired in Cleveland No. 22 from next week. This shirt is his father in the knight's shirt, small people hope in this way to salute his father. in the slam dunk contest, was wearing his father's small South Jersey No. 22, completed and imitate his father's action a very beautiful dunk, and also father collaboration split button. Also in the old South knight and he played in the knight's No. 22 Jersey retired. But the little Nancy decided to salute the father, and from the beginning of next week to wear the number 22 Jersey knight. in an interview before, Nancy had said it would consider enabling small father's 22 Jersey in the summer, "I don't want to see that Jersey was taken down, if there is a way to get rid of my shirt on the" small "word, and wearing" Nancy 'number 22 shirt, I will be very happy. I'd like to wear the No. 22 shirt, and I'll think about it in the summer. " now, l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ittle Nancy has decided to put his father retired Jersey, he will start to wear Knight 22 next week. In today's Knight against the Wizards game, small Nancy will continue to wear the number 24 shirt. After joining knight, small Nantes averaged 9 points and 6.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1 steals. Share: Tags: NBA rider Larry Nancetiger June 22nd news Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) for seafood love and hate. the New Orleans sage runner loves seafood, but his body doesn't think so. 5 years ago, a large bowl of seafood chokie thicker made his face itchy and hard to breathe, and it was no doubt that it was a symptom of shellfish allergies. Peterson but difficult to resist the delicious seafood. The experience of eating shrimp in 2015 caused him to have an allergic reaction, which caused his stomach discomfort and at one time jeopardize the possibility of his game. But in the final match against the saints, he made 95 yards of the ball. now Peterson came to New Orleans, one of the most delicious seafood in the United States. He does not fear the risk of allergies, and carries on with adrenaline in case he continues to search all the city's seafood dishes. Grilled oysters now is his favorite. "I have been gobble down to the local media," he said. Peterson admitted that he had not been abstinence in the diet after he came to New Orleans, and many NFL players have acknowledged it for years. "I have been trying to restrain myself, because when I first came here, they tested my body fat content, which was 7% or 8%. After two weeks, I accepted a test, body fat content was close to 9% or 10%. I thought, I wanted to make sure I didn't eat so much more, but the seafood was so delicious. "Auto play switch auto play small Thomas rider buckle these small defenders can also jump like this crazy jumping... Tencent sports news Beijing time in March 9th, the Lakers official today announced that Isaiah - Thomas changed the shirt number, from No. 7 to No. 3. Isaiah - Thomas changed the shirt number when the Lakers play the next nuggets, the outside world may find a difference, as little Thomas will be wearing No. 3, not number 7. Lakers official released today's news of the assassin's changing the number of his jersey. Thomas's resume has been changing since he was a little boy. He played the role of No. 22 in the early days of his career. Thomas used the No. 3 robe in the 2014-15 season for the sun. In the Celtics, the small assassin has been wearing the No. 4 robe. this season to join the knights, because the team in the number 4 shirt to Iman - Sweet Alpert chose Thomas, eventually the number 3 shirt, however, in Cleveland, he played only 15 games he was traded to the lakers. came to the Grand Army, Thomas will change to the No. 7 jersey number, 10 games to play here in the small Thomas also gradually find the state, he averaged 16.1 points and 5.5 assists, 39.2% shooting, three point hit rate of 33.3%, the number of data are better than the knight during the period of. In the defeat of the heat, Thomas played 29 minutes, three points, 11 and 6, showing a high efficiency. Although the Lakers expensive for the NBA club, but compared to the Celtics, they currently only retired number 11, were Kobe (No. 8 and No. 24), "the magician" (Johnson 32), Jabbar (33), Chamberlain (13), O'neal (34), Jerry West (44), Beller (22), Voci (42), Wilkes (52) and Goodrich (25), because of this, the Lakers in the number selection is also more abundant. Thomas earned $6 million 260 thousand a year, and his contract expires this summer. At the end of the season, the little assassin also wants to play the best performance and strive to win a good contract this summer. Is it possible to return the No. 3 gown to motivate little Thomas to perform better? Let's wait and see. (cat big bear) this article is the exclusive manuscript of the Tencent sports. It shall not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.The official website of NFL |26% Denver students didn't attend class football but in celebration of | Mustang What is the reason for to give us an explanation that you can not attend 7 hours a day in class? That's the Super Bowl victory parade. Many students in Denver took part in the Super Bowl parade for the wild horse instead of going to class on Tuesday in the United States. According to the Denver post, nearly 24152 students took part in the celebration, which was 26% of the total number of local students in Denver. The total number of students in Denver area is 90234. On Tuesday, a local school reported that 21902 people didn't attend class. After second days, 6701 people increased and 5481 people increased on Wednesday. said 2000 students were absent from Monday to Wednesday, and the area had a 30 - minute drive from the center of Denver. , based on a subsequent survey, showed that nearly 1 million people took part in the celebration.

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