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NFL's official website, Bill - DELL card quarterback Jones graduated from the Ohio State University, Waterloo Rugby The Buffalo Bill quarterback card DELL Jones (Cardale Jones) graduated from Ohio State University on Sunday. Jones told the media that he returned to university this spring to finish the remaining two courses, and now he will receive research degrees from African Americans and Africa. He left school ahead of time in the NFL draft in 2016. Bill selected him in the fourth round. in 2012, Jones pushed the meaning of class on twitter, which caused national attention. In the push, Jones said, "if we're here to play, why do we have to go to class?" We don't come to school. Class is meaningless. Jones then deleted the text, and the school issued a statement to remind students not to release anything embarrassed to make themselves, team members, universities, family members, other groups, organizations or individuals on social media. last week, when Jones was about to graduate, he sent the screenshot out of the screen. Jones led the national champion at Ohio State Univer cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sity in the 2014 season. He finished the NFL debut in the regular season of the season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | pirates four Wei Jie, Winston | Rugby mace weight loss significantly Four Wei Jie, Metz - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Winston (Jameis Winstons) this summer and has been trainer Tim Grove (Tim Grover) training together. a year ago, Winston weighed 236 pounds, and now he is said to have only 216 pounds. The cover photo is Winston's photo of a baseball game, and we can see clearly that his body has changed. Winston's father said that Winston gave up the potato chips that he used to eat all the time and all kinds of junk food that easily lead to obesity. He didn't eat after 7 o'clock in the evening. That's why he lost weight. slim Winston for the opponents, is definitely not a good thing, because his feet will be more relaxed, he will be more difficult to capture and kill.tiger March 10th news Cagliari club confirmed on the official website, due to the death of the old will he sealed the number 13 shirt, young defender Philip Romania (Filippo Romagna) to wear Jersey No. 56, until the end of the season. , 20, of Romania, from the Juventus youth camp, moved to Cagliari last summer and has made 17 appearances in Serie A this season. played in Cagliari on Sunday, the Florence captain, he unfortunately died. This week, the Sardinia club and Fiorentina decided together, to commemorate the Astoria, they sealed the number 13 shirt. since Romania has been wearing the No. 13 shirt this season, he has to choose to change the number. The League of Serie A also chartered the move in Cagliari, and Romania would have put on No. 56 in the rest of the season. [source: Cagliari official network] special statement: This article is uploaded and published for self media authors, representing only the author's views. Oriental Sports only provide information publishing platform.The official website of NFL | count 2015 season 32 teams of unknown factors | football compilation: all lustre strong , every NFL team, besides one or a few well-known stars, has more or less players who are highly expected to grow into elite players. fans and experts in all teams are very keen on these players, hoping that they will be able to go further and take up the future of the team. But not every star of hope can meet the expectations, led the team to new heights. A classic example is Michael Vick, who has always been the focus of the team. He also led the Atlanta falcons into the NFC championship. But he didn't break through her limitations at last, and fell on the way to the super bowl. on the other hand, there are examples of Jim Plunkett, too. Plunkett used to be the number one pick of the 1971 draft, but he was very disappointed in the 5 years of the new England patriots and San Francisco 49 people. Until he finally left behind the Oakland Raiders, he found himself and won two super bowls before he retired. in the upcoming 2015 season, there are a lot of players in the League waiting for their own play to bring a breakthrough for their team. Here we have to enumerate the unknown factors that may be each team's success may flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. In addition, because the quarterback is really not a good place to say, so our list will not comment on the position. unknown factor players in the East and the East: New York jet - Quintion Coples outside guard now arrives at the point where Coples has to do something, and he has to prove that he is in line with the team's expectations of 16 when he picked him in the 2012 draft. Coples was supposed to be an outboard head of the ruling class, but he took only 16.5 shots in three seasons. There are a lot of opportunities for Coples to have strong defensive end front Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson to continue to attract double firepower in front of them. last year, Coples has won the 6.5 most successful career arrest. In the team's general manager, Mike Maccagnan signed Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, and chose to defend the cutting edge Leonard Williams, the pressure of Coples will be greater than ever. At present, only one block of jjjjjjjjjjjja is complete, and they need an elitist scour to keep up.

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