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Washington red skin lost the key players in the second line of the team. Chris Kulif (Chris Culliver) injured his knee on Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, local time, NFL official. It is reported that Kulif's anterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligament of the knee have been damaged, and this season has ended in advance. coach Jay Gruden did not reveal the details of Kulif's injury in an interview. He said: "his knee was injured. He jumped for the ball and landed. That's the way. " This season koroff made 6 rounds for the red skin and was the backbone of the team's defence. until this week, Kulif was plagued by a shoulder injury. In March, he joined the red skin with the team in agreement on a 4 - year contract worth $32 million. As of this week, he has completed 16 grappling and 1 destruction. The team is looking forward to the expected return of the corner guard in the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping next season.Losangeles rams are surprisingly 3 - 1, but the number of home fans is still poor. recently ran the team star guard Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli pleaded with fans attending the Sunday team against the Seattle Seahawks game. said: "please see Karli our match! Please come and see our game. Obviously, the Seahawks over the past few years is very successful, so the game will certainly be a lot of Seahawks fans. But it doesn't matter. We want everyone to come. Once you start winning, the fans will come and hope we can keep that momentum. " is currently the Seahawks record is 2 wins and 2 losses, if the body can ram the Seahawks win, so they will become the first Western country. but the rams stadium crowd attendance to see their faces at the lowest rate of League over the past decade the awkward predicament, the team the last 2 games at home court race fans with an average of 58000 people, which is 26000 less than last year, and the team's home court can accommodate 93000 people, maybe this is the reason why Karli stand out call the.faced a key attack with a 3 - gear 1 yards in the fourth quarter of a 12 - point 16 second left in the fourth quarter of the Detroit lion and the Dallas cowboy. The quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) passes the ball to the near end forward Brandon Patti Gu (Brandon Pettigrew) near the left side. Although the final pass is not complete, but the referee Peter Morley (Pete Morelli) announced the Cowboys linebacker Anthony hichens - for the first time (Anthony Hitchens) pass interference foul. But then, he announced that the foul did not exist. Fawkes (FOX) rebroadcast guest Mike Parreira (Mike Pereira) in a live broadcast that he decided that the ball should be fined for foul. After the attack failed, the lion chose to abandon the kick. After the 11 offense, the cowboy pushed the 59 yards to complete the array, reversed the game and entered the next round with 24-20. After the , the lions players expressed their dissatisfaction with the dispute in the interview. "I think it's a foul," said Staffordshire. The final referee made their choice, but I couldn't understand. " Receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) said that the team should seize the opportunity to expand the score before, as soon as possible: "we shouldn't have suspense to the last, is our own team into that situation." Patti green, one of the parties, said, "I can't understand that, in my opinion, such a penalty is ridiculous. The whole man hit me at that time. " Coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) said: "a penalty can not control the whole game, but for that penalty, I think the referee is not good enough."group and the Dallas Cowboys defensive trauma, boss Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) on the team website said Shaun Justin - Durant (Justin Durant) on Monday night with a 17-20 loss to the Washington game two head muscle tear, Durant is likely to be the season. The for this season have lost their best linebacker Sean Lee (Sean Lee) the Cowboys defense group, is undoubtedly a huge loss, although Durant played two games but he was the team leader at his capture, all the year round in the weak side of the work is reassuring. But now Durant's cowboy defense is not deep enough. The four round show in 2012, Kyle Kell, is a very ordinary substitute for Durant's Wilber. in this season they also lost cornerback Maurice clayborn (Morris Claiborne). The cowboy's defensive team has been unexpected this year, but it's still common in the league. On Monday night, we could see if the cowboy offensive side couldn't get through the situation.

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