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The official website of NFL, and the Falcon running back de Feng tower - Freeman renewal five years in football nest tiger news August 9th de Feng tower - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) can stay in Atlanta clouds finally dissipated. The falcons announced that the team had signed a five - year contract with Freeman. According to NFL reporter, Freeman's salary is five years and 41 million 250 thousand dollars, plus 1 million 800 thousand dollars he will enter in this season. He can earn 43 million dollars in six years. Freeman last season well, take the occupation career high 1079 yards, 4.8 yards. The falcons must have great hopes for the 25 year old Freeman, hoping that he can make a contribution to Atlanta. The abo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ve content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott (Ronnie Lott) on the Oakland Raiders speech moved to Las Vegas is not a joke, in fact the former San Francisco Raiders and 49 players is very worried about the impact after the removal of the team was bad. Lotte said: "I worry about relocation will become the game spot, I mean, the player is allowed in the game with a high level of performance to show myself, I remember when I first came into the league, there are some things that players can't do something, in any game you in may not have. That city is full of temptation and challenge. They can gamble anything in the world, because there are professionals who are engaged in such work. this is an important point, in fact, the alliance is currently drafting, during the game alliance law enforcement personnel shall not appear in the provisions of Las vegas. But from the point of view of the current alliance, NFL is close to gambling. finally worth mentioning, Lotte is several investors tried to raid one in Oakland.The shirt adheres to the red and white shirt tradition of the Cologne club, with white and red sleeves, and the festive yellow elements. To heighten the carnival atmosphere of the festival, Jersey special plus Carnival Elements and light dark stripes. The carnival slogan of the year, "social Jeck - kunterbunt vernetzt.", is printed on the strap of a shirt collar.The official website of NFL | Steelers linebacker James Harrison denied doping allegations of | football In an affidavit by NFL to the NFL Players Association, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) denied the allegations he received drugs taken in the Al Jazeera USA documentary. Harrison in the affidavit that he had never seen never contacted the documentary claims to offer Harrison drug practice pharmacist Charles (Charles Sly) - weasley. As a professional athlete, saw thousands of people in my career, Harrison wrote. But as far as I know, in my memory, I have never called Charles Weasley with the name of a meet... And then Harrison said he did not know, and had never Weasley Weasley any form of contact. He also denied the use of drugs or receive. reported on Al Jazeera, Weasley resumed his speech. In addition to Harrison, the retired Denver Broncos quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), the Green Bay Packers linebacker clay Mathews (Clay Matthews) and Julius (Julius Peppers) - peipers and free agent Mike - Neal (Mike Neal) is also mentioned in the report. last month, NFL said the alliance plans to interview the players' Union notice on the first day of their training camp in Harrison, Mathews and peipers. Neal's interview will be arranged in or before July 22nd. In addition, the alliance said they were planning to talk to Manning.

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