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Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Murphy Lewis (Louis Murphy) is a recent hit on the muzzle of the players, because the alliance to carry out remediation to the court language now, and he therefore need to pay the price. The alliance to directly to the opponent on the reasons for Murphy to make impertinent remarks "penalties of $11025 last week, pirates in New Orleans 31 to 37 loss to the saints in the game, the team mate Bobbi Rainey (Bobby Rainey) after touchdown to make the opponent behavior. When was the referee throw yellow penalty given back 15 yards off against the moral behavior of sports. And on Tuesday he also admitted that he did not deserve it at the time. Murphy told reporters: "in the fierce confrontation, although both of us and our opponents spit rubbish each other, I think I have had a few words. Just like me and coach (Ravi Smith) said, I am sorry for the mistake." pirates that game 15 was sentenced to foul penalty is 113 yards, including a touchdown after the Vikings linebacker Danny, another blue Sana'a "in violation of moral behavior" sports, but not fined. Murphy was another punishment after cheap nfl jerseys free shipping three weeks before the 49 people in San Francisco's quarterback, Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick). But Capet Nick denies make impertinent remarks.NFL's official website, Andrew is still a new mobile phone mobile phone, for a flip, football nest Indianapolis colt quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) has become the highest paid player in NFL history after signing a 6 year 140 million dollar contract. so much money can make it basically everything you want: a new house, a new car, a tour around the world and so on. but there's one thing that can't be done, and that is to change the model of your mobile phone. Through his own Facebook page, LAK let fans know that they have recently bought a new mobile phone - a new flip phone. , who has been bravely far away from smartphones, chooses a more simple flip phone because the phone can still call him by phone. , you never know, maybe lark will persuade new Ryan center Ryan Kelly to use flip phone as a way to promote the relationship between the two people.The official website of NFL, Raiders cornerback D.J. Hayden was put in the injured reserve list, Waterloo Rugby Oakland Raiders coach Jack - Rio (Jack Del Rio) on Friday said the team will put a hamstring injury in the last game of the cornerback D.J. Hayden (D.J. Hayden) in the injured reserve list, his season ended. it was a huge blow, Rio said. It's unfortunate. He behaves very well. the 2013 draft of the draft was selected at the end of the season and the new rookie contract expired after the end of the season. in Hayden's absence, TJ- card (TJ Carrie), Antonio Hamilton (Antonio Hamilton) and Dexter Macdonald (Dexter McDonald perhaps) should share the groove angle guard position playing time and substitute Sean Smith outside (Sean Smith) and David Amoson (David Amerson). But Amoson was absent from the game because of a knee injury, and his appearance may be difficult to determine. Hayden became the raider's slot guard this season. In Smith because of a shoulder injury and missed amenson absent play when he also served as the outer corner of wei. In the 11 games, Hayden had 37 grabs, 1 forced the ball, the 6 pass, and no pass. He had 3 copies in his career and 26 break passes. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.this week, NFL will usher in their annual traditional competition day, Thanksgiving Day. And the first Thanksgiving will be between the two teams in the north. Minnesota Vikings will challenge Detroit lions on the road, which is their second season of Thanksgiving, and the fifth time for their Thanksgiving series. Last season, 40 yards shot lore steals cornerback on key Daliusi - SRE and kicker Matt Platt's final win over the 3 lions. For the two teams in the playoffs this season, the civil war in this area can not be lost. this is the Seventy-eighth time since 1934 that the Detroit lions have been standing on the stage of Thanksgiving. And on Thanksgiving this Thursday night, they have won 4 consecutive wins, a total of 135 points, only 54 points. Last week they had just defeated the Chicago bear with another rival in the same area with 27-24 difficulties. The quarterback Staffordshire completed the 299 - yard pass and 2 pass. The final winner of the same game was kicker Platt, which killed the game at the end of 1 points and 35 seconds before the end of the game. The veteran veteran kicker has completed 3 shots at least 50 yards in the last 2 minutes of his career, and he has contributed to the other 5 people in the history of NFL. But Platt is still on his own performance, and the award is soon to be enjoyed by him. If the game is dragged back to the last minute, Platt will probably be the winner of the game. Minnesota Viking won 6 consecutive wins last week, and is now top of the National League in the north, 8 wins and 2. Last week they limited the number of rams at home to 254 yards and eventually won. Wide receiver Adam Sieren and Weiesi - lata running back Murray won the team's 3 touchdowns. This season, Randy has become the most important catch weapon for the Vikings. He has caught the ball 62 times and has taken 916 yards. It has become the first player ever available after the 2003 Moss - Moss season, who can get 900 yards through 60 passes in the first 10 games. ??????????????????????????????????????T??????????????????|??????????????? NFL Chinese website chief commentator: Zhang Etam (Egg Zhang )

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