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Indianapolis's Pony quarterback Andrew Andrew (Andrew Luck) is getting closer to the return. team chief chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) told reporters Monday that the LAK is "recovering well" and may be able to train this week. Lak received a shoulder operation this year, and since then he has never been able to practice with the team. , despite the initial stage of the first stage of the season, would eventually have to try to survive in the fierce southern part of the United States. In the past three weeks, the team has replaced Scott Torsin (Scott Tolzien) as the backup quarterback for a long time, using the former England patriot quarterback three, Jacoby Blissett (Jacoby Brissett). Blissett played 31-28 victory over Cleveland Brown in 24 passes 17 times successfully gained 259 yards and 1 touchdowns. even if Lark took a week to return to the game, the pony had not yet come out of the competition at the beginning of the season. He led a similar lineup in the first three seasons of his career to win 11 wins a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd 5 defeats. He may help the pony return to the top of the division in the rest of the season. will pony in the next game against Seattle Seahawks then face San Francisco in October 8th 49 people home court. In the next four weeks they will face Tennessee Titan, Jacksonville Jaguar and Houston Dezhou. The pony may feel that they are lucky to be able to return before the start of the race., we all know that the new England patriot coach Bill Bill (Bill Belichick) has the gift of teaching, and his language talent in front of the media is also incredible. the new England patriots had held the eastern first position, so the reporters at a news conference on the question, whether Bailey Cheik will let players rest in seventeenth weeks, as he used to reply the same style, Bailey Cheik gives the answer once again let the opponent Miami dolphins puzzled. Bailey Cheik replied, "I don't understand the problem. I don't know how many players we have." This is not a Bailey Cheik Di replied, certainly not his last, he certainly know how many players, he is also aware of the significance of the problem, but he has no interest for this problem, do not want to because his answer to the opponent to disclose any information. Sunday's game is a great opportunity for the Patriots, and they have a chance to catch the position of No. 1. has a home court advantage than let players rest the playoffs is more attractive, with a week's holiday, directly into the second round of the playoffs, Bailey Cheik should not let the starters rest. The NFL team has to cut the volume of the lineup to 75 by Tuesday local time. Most of the downsizing names are not known to ordinary fans, but there are some surprising surprises on the Patriots' list of layoffs. , according to the news of ESPN Schefter Adam Adam Schefter, defensive terminal Feng Smith Will (Smith Smith), defensive front Tommy Kelly (Tommy Kelly) and line guardian James Anderson (James Anderson) were cut off by patriots on Sunday. The three players had a total of 295 games in their careers, but obviously they were at the bottom of the lineup. Smith's pass impact is no longer as threatening as it used to be, and it is reported that he is not fit for the defensive end of the patriot's 3-4 defence in training. Kelly, 34, has just recovered from a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament of his knee. The Patriots were not enough in the defensive position, but apparently they thought Kelly could not help them. According to ESPN reporter Mike - Reiss (Mike Reiss), Anderson's line guard position is very deep, and he can not play a role in the special service. However, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) has reported that Smith and Kelly are still likely to return to patriots after the first week of the regular season, when their contracts will become insecure income contracts. , on paper, is the best defensive year for the Patriots since the 2007 season. Obviously their defense team will be younger.The official website of NFL | pony receiver Wayne in the offseason will accept | football triceps surgery Indiana pony exploits veteran Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) was in the middle of the season that he may retire at the end of the season, but his physical condition may force him to be retired. Wayne told reporters this Wednesday that he would undergo a triceps repair operation after the end of the season. Wayne has endured nearly three decades of triceps tearing. In the past five games, there were only 3 scoring 18 yards. In addition, Wayne was also troubled by knee and elbow injuries. Wayne at the end of the season will be a free agent, considering his age and athletic state have injuries, and the pony has been this year draft pick Tang - Moncrief (Donte Moncrief) was used as the object, can not really return to the team of Wayne next season. In Wednesday's interview with , Wayne said that playing basketball is his biggest wish. When he plays basketball as a job, he will retire. The return of Wayne to the next season will largely depend on the recovery after the operation.

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