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Although in last week's game, the Indianapolis Colts against the new England patriots, but the pony tackle Anthony Kast R (Anthony Castonzo) a imitate characters NES games in touchdown celebrations still left a deep impression. in the catch quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Iraq on the 1 yard line pass, Cass excited, in the end zone continuously wriggled and waving his arm. After the game, a sharp eyed reporter asked Cass whether in imitation of 16 bit NES games in the ancient, the latter gives an affirmative answer: "yes, I'm in imitation of Dahl Tin Street Fighter 2 action, he is actually a bit like a tackle, always use the arm to stop rushing to the enemy. In addition to the celebration, he had an action flying in the air, but I couldn't prepare for it. " note: cutting edge usually does not have the qualification to receive the ball, but when there is no player on the outside side within the 1 yards of the tee line, it can signify to the referee to get the qualification.NFL official website, tiger blood - Midland north, the most violent civil war football nest Hatred clamor mixed contempt, bad weather, wild powder, tingling and profound impact on the penalty plus interference, which is a typical Pittsburgh Steelers against the Cincinnati Tigers with enemy battle. Pure cheap nfl jerseys free shipping head remained in the two teams. In the most tidal words of the Bible, the heavy rain makes the enemy in vengeance and revenge. January American League Division wild card game, Steelers winning goal in the last minute, Adam - Pac Man - Jones and von Bofeikete TAZ foul also let the game become ugly. Violent emotions from the field spread to the field, the police has arrested 6 offenders fans, their charges are beaten by the enemy because of fans. Then, it still can not change the final score, the Steelers with scars by 2 points to qualify for alds. in a quarrel with the controversial, experienced an offseason, on September 18th, the 2016 regular season for second weeks, the two teams in the regular season for the first time. The tigers want a victory away from the Heinz stadium, in which the impact of the Super Bowl Steelers will never allow this scene. After half a year, it seems that the fans of both sides will finally be able to see the ball in the right way. from Boyd to no matter whether it is a new rookie, anyone can play an important role in a highly stressful situation. Wide receiver Taylor Boyd from high school to college has been played in Pittsburgh, but when the moment he entered the Heinz stadium, he became a traitor away was the sworn enemy of the draft. on the other hand, Adam Jones is one of the main perpetrators of the January playoffs Fuzion, and this Bofeikete ban was absent, he and DS ray - Kirk Patrick formed the alliance of two people, respectively from the hands of the fertilizer successfully stole a pass. pass for the Steelers and tigers, rivals series will always appear often on illegal collision of the head, there will always be one or two players so expelled or being more severely punished. but this time, the Berg and Andy - Dalton Roth, finally in this Sunday to fire. Giovanni - Bernard was always able to get rid of the attack at the offensive end, so he became the most effective receiver. While the Steelers veteran DAngelo - Williams is still on the road to punch the ball. In all of the orange stripes and yellow and black two color player, A.J. Green and Antonio Brown are always ninety-fourth times the two teams stand head and shoulders above others, but to.The official website of NFL | Titan Management: the reinforcing line is a pressing matter of the moment | football Tennessee Titans general manager Jean Robinson (Jon Robinson) and the new coach Mike - Muraki (Mike Mularkey) has said publicly in early pick to pick University of Mississippi offensive tackle pull - East Hill (Laremy Remy Tunsil), but they said that the protection of the second grade quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) is undoubtedly a pressing matter of the moment. quarterback is the team's most important position, you don't let him down is very important, Robinson said in an interview in the camp of NFL test. selected East Hill as left Jiefeng may lead to other offensive players to change the position of the Titans, but the draft day does not make the Titans worried. At present, the left Jiefeng, Taylor two years ago in the first round of the selected Levan (Taylor Lewan) was thought to be moved to right tackle, and changes in another position is obviously already decided: Muraki said the right tackle Jerry Miami - Botasi (Jeremiah Poutasi) in the future will be the guard. East Hill, thought to be the best attacking player in the draft, has been widely speculated as the top priority for Titan. Robinson said he was looking forward to meeting Donjil and evaluating him. East Hill REVIN may become a cornerstone in the long-term protection of Titan pass in combination line position, which will allow Mario Kobita to praise. The East Hill, more well known than the ball, could be well suited to the protection needs of the Titan. in the first 80 years of the NFL draft, only 4 times have been selected for the selection of the offensive front. The top two show champion offensive tackle Ron Jarry (Ron Yary) and Orlando Pais (Orlando Pace) - is the hall of famer. The two later - Jack - Long and Eric - Fisher (Eric Fisher) - were not so good. Robinson has said he is willing to listen to the top sign trading price, but if the final Titan pick Donjil, they will be the three consecutive year the first round pick went on a quarterback and offensive tackle on the two. this will show the tendency of NFL to be the main offensive alliance, and Titan's recognition of the trend.American time Wednesday, Tennessee Titan took off Zach Pascale (Zach Pascal) from the training lineup to the list. The same day, coach Mike - Muraki (Mike Mularkey) confirmed Davies took over Cory (Corey Davis) with a hamstring injury, will not play this week. Pascale's chances are almost at hand. Davies this summer had met with a hamstring injury, but the Titans still choose to let him take an important figure. For the opening of the Raiders, there were 10 passes to Davies. He received 6 times, and got 69 yards. Before the departure of the Jaguar, he finished four yards. Muraki also said security guard Joan Nathan Saipulaien (Johnathan Cyprien) also due to a hamstring injury will not play.

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