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The official website of NFL | Mansel how the fire? The first show broke the record! | football Cleveland Brown's new rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) has attracted much attention from the entry of NFL. Before the start of the season, he had just topped the top of the shirt sales list. And now, he has broken a NFL official record - the pre - season record. according to the "sports economy" magazine's John - o'rand (John Ourand) and Daniel (Daniel Kaplan) analysis, Kaplan Saturday night against Brown lions game created new preseason record ratings. The report said about 2 million 820 thousand spectators were paying attention to Manzel's first game, which was 40% higher than the record of the 2007 Hall of fame. At that time, about 2 million 70 thousand of the spectators watched the game. With the attention of so many spectators, is not disappointing, too. He pushed 63 yards from the 11 pass 7, and got 27 yards for the 6 ball run. Although not able to get the array, but Jonny (Johnny Football) still left a deep impression. At present, Manzel is in the upper hand with Heuer's quarterback quarterback. If Manzel performs well in the next match, he will probably occupy the position of the first quarterba cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ck. It is believed that such a game will attract more audience's attention. [related news] Manzel's first show of Brown's first quarterback of the quarterback of the white hot The official website of NFL | Las Vegas mayor confidence Raiders will move to Las Vegas | football Las Vegas mayor Caroline Goodman (Carolyn Goodman) is confident that unless the implementation process goes wrong, the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas. if Nevada handles the matter properly, the Raiders will come here, Goodman said in an interview. Mark Davis, the boss of the Raiders, has said that he will invest 500 million dollars to build a plan worth 1 billion 400 million dollars in Las Vegas, which can accommodate 65000 people's Stadium in Mark. Mark - Davies has told us that Las Vegas will not be involved in the raider's Stadium contract, Goodman said. I know we're going to have a team. in addition to Davies's $500 million, Jinsha and its partners will also invest $150 million, and the remaining $750 million will be obtained through tax. Supporters of the plan said in April 28th that they would ask the Nevada legislature to convene a special session in August, and approve the Levy of part of the housing tax to build the stadium. after that, NFL team owners will vote on whether the Raiders will be able to move, and the Raiders need at least 24 of the 32 bosses to agree.NFL football executive vice president Troy - Vincent (Troy Vincent) Zhou Yixiang all 32 teams sent a letter warning: in the next game, the game referee any offensive contact or holding personnel will be severely punished. this season, after several referee accidents, the NFL alliance decided it was time to reorganize discipline. two weeks ago, Michael took over the Clubb Terry Raiders outside (Michael Crabtree) and the Broncos cornerback AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) in the conflict, one of the judges involved and injured. After NFL, two players were also banned. Earlier in the season, the raider, running horse Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), was also suspended because of a limb conflict with the referee. in addition, NFL is investigating the manner in which the saints coach Sean - Payton (Sean Peyton) rushed to the referee in Thursday night's night match. As an important member of the maintenance order, the security of the referee should be guaranteed by .talks about the number of shirts, and there are a lot of stories. For many active or retired players, they are the representative figures in the shirt number, and what are the representatives of the No. 14 shirt? Bob Cousy is wearing the number for the team: Boston Celtic is wearing the number season: the 50-51 to 62-63 season 's main Honor: 6 NBA Championships, 56-57 season regular season MVP, two All-Star games MVP, 13 times all star, 8 season assists, 12 selected season best lineup, 1971 Naismith Hall of fame, NBA50 superstar . as the Celtic brilliant period of the first hair control, Cousy put the "backside dribble" technology forward, also known as "the ancestor of the guard." And all the first 13 seasons of his career were selected all - stars, 12 times the best squad for the season (except the rookie season), to see his horror strength. 1950 draft, Cousy was selected to show the Celtics third identity, rookie season he averaged 15.6 points and 6.9 rebounds can contribute 4.9 assists. after this, Cousy is more important for the team's role, he has 6 times to help the Celtics won the NBA championship at the end of the 1962-63 season, Cousy chose to retire retire after winning merit. In the 69-70 season, Cousy began to serve as the coach of the Cincinnati Royale team. During this period, he played 7 times as a player, but as a coach, he didn't perform very well. After the end of the 73-74 season, he ended his coaching career. , however, because of his brilliant career as a player, he entered Naismith Hall of fame and NBA50 giants list. His 14 shirt was also retired by Celtics. Oscar Robertson. is wearing the number for the team: Royal , Cincinnati is wearing the number season: the 60-61 to 69-70 season got the honor of wearing the number: the best rookie of the 60-61 season, the 63-64 season regular season MVP, the 3 All-Star game MVP, the 10 time were selected for the all stars, 6 League assists, 10 selected season best lineup, in 1980, was selected to the Naismith Hall of fame, the NBA50 superstar . "big O" was selected in the 1960 regional talent show by the then Cincinnati Royale team (King team predecessor). He won the best rookie in the first season of his career. after several years, Robertson is the core player of the team. He played 30.8 three, 11.4 rebounds and 11.4 super assists in the second season of his career. At the same time, he didn't have much distance from three pairs in the three seasons after that. regrets that although Robertson had received countless personal honors, it was always incompatible.

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