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is Dalton's Tigers time is coming! It is reported that the Cincinnati tigers have agreed to renew a new 6 - year $96 million contract with the main quarterback, Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton). According to the well-known media reporter Laporte (Ian Rapoport) disclosed that if Dalton can achieve the contract's playoffs index, the total amount of the contract will be as high as 115 million. Then the tiger team officially confirmed the news. in the contract after the completion of the tigers boss Mike - Brown (Mike Brown) is a good mood, "he (Dalton) in our body under a heavy note, because we believe that he has this ability." On the contrary, many tiger fans said they couldn't understand why the team spent a great deal with Dalton. Most people think Dalton's biggest problem is his weak arm strength and unsatisfactory playoff performance. In his first three playoffs, Dalton had only a pass, 6 times as high as the team, and the team did not win a victory. may be between the two, and Dalton is not really a top quarterback. But the current situation is that the tigers can't find a more suitable substitute. It is not so much as to believe the player who has brought them three times into the playoffs. In Dalton's contract, the most controversial is the full guaranteed, which is worth 17 million of the season. When the team and young players renew their contract, they usually do not give them such a high guarantee. although Dalton's renewal is controversial, it is unden cheap nfl jerseys free shipping iable that Dalton will be the main quarterback for the tigers in the next few years. The tigers have the youngest and most potential attacking players in the league. Dalton can grow with Green (A.J.Green) and Jones (Marvin Jones) as an indispensable force in the league.Beijing time on Sunday January 15th at 9:30 in the morning, the new England patriots United top in Foxborough Gillette Stadium against Midland No. four seed Houston Dezhou team. Houston Dezhou team this season 9 wins and 7 losses, they had in the wild card game against Oakland raiders. This is the fourth time they made the playoffs in team history, last season they were knocked out in the wild card round; Dezhou's last win was in the playoffs in the 2012 season after the match in the wild card round, partition lost to the opponent today, the new England patriots. Season 14 wins and 2 patriots are playoff regulars, since Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) since in 2000 to become the head coach of the team, they only have three seasons without going into the playoffs, the patriots are each season to qualify for the partition top identity. This season they have had the experience of victory over Dezhou: regular season third weeks, no Tom Brady (Tom Brady) patriot 27:0 romp home court. * more ahead of the game, please click here * , the first choice of home court battle to defend their patriots play. Two consecutive three out, with Dezhou again three outs, patriots gradually found their rhythm. Tom Brady long and wide receiver Chris (Chris Hogan) Hogan earned defensive interference (Defensive Pass Interference) ball foul, 30 yards. After Chris and Hogan ball 22 yards, eventually running back Duhem Lewis (Dion Lewis) with short passing down 13 yards, a touchdown, leading the Patriot 7:0. Dezhou people in our side to convert three to 18 yards, fortunately, did not calm the Patriots cornerback Eric Lowe (Eric Rowe) was blown (Unnecessary Roughness) against malicious foul, gave Dezhou a first attack. After quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) completed five consecutive short code, enter the red zone. Finally kicker Nick Novak (Nick Novak) hit 33 yards free kick, Dezhou people 3:7 patriots. Dezhou people opened the ball, Duhem - Lewis returned to attack 98 yards to score, the Patriot 14:3 Dezhou. This is the first playoff kick back of the Patriots in the history of the Patriots. In the second section of , the people of Dezhou had to abandon the kick, and the Patriot attack team went on again. Brady shot, former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Freud (Michael Floyd) did not catch the ball, the ball after Freud hands rebounded after Dezhou cornerback A.J. Boyer (A.J. Bouye) steals. Using this opportunity, kicker Nick Novak hit 27 - yard free kick, and the Dezhou people were patriots at 6:14. The Dezhou people opened the ball again. This time Duhem Lewis dropped the ball when he returned to attack, Dezhou.In the design of the Jersey, Nike put the continuous innovation in the first place. When making the jersey with recycled polyester, it also guaranteed that the Jersey has the unmatched performance advantage and the smaller impact on the environment. Each Jersey, including jacket, shorts and ball socks, is made of recycled plastic, which is derived from recyclable plastic bottles, and produces good yarn by degrading these raw materials to form the main body of the Jersey.The official website of NFL | cousins: Griffin III is still the core of | Redskins football of the Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins (Kirk Cousins) three years ago as Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) was elected to the reserve team, although on Sunday to play a stable against hawks, but he still insisted Griffin III in six to eight weeks after the ankle injury return is still the core of the team. "I said Griffin III is the core of the team, but it doesn't mean that I have no right to do anything in the team to ensure that we win," koxings said in his interview with Washington Times on Tuesday. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? My essential job is the backup quarterback. My duty is to perform the role of the substitute quarterback, hoping to bring the team to a good ranking so that he can better consolidate this achievement when he comes back. Of course not that I didn't have the ability to go on when he came back, but as a substitute, I wanted to be a substitute for the quarterback. Cousins in the Redskins to 34-37 loss to the Hawks, successfully passing 48 times 33 times, with 427 yards and 3 touchdowns scored 1 interceptions scores, and a week before Griffin III for appearance against the Jaguar team, successfully passing 33 times 22 times, with 250 yards and 2 touchdowns. How did he perform? He is currently ranked in Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan), Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) and Drew Bracey (Drew Brees), ranking fourth in the rugby field outsider website (Football Outsiders) quarterback efficiency. , however, did not surprise Cousins's achievements. Back in the 2011 draft, now the team coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) offensive coordinator when the Cincinnati tigers team, he had the chance to win in the second round of Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick), but he chose Andy - Dalton (Andy Dalton) (Capet Nick is followed by 49 people off the team). Dalton led the team to the playoffs for three consecutive years and continued for six years under a $one hundred and fifteen million contract in the season before the start. On the quarterback, koxins and Dalton belong to the pocket quarterback, while Griffin III and Capet Nick belong to the mobile quarterback. The success of Groton's success in Dalton was more convinced that Cousins Big Lee Finn Sans would be better suited to the offensive system of Groton. In addition, Groton is now more open than when it was lost to the Dezhou team in the first week. Cousins last week.

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