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The official website of NFL | Mario - Williams: looking forward to return to the | football linebacker position Buffalo Bill this season under coach Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz (Jim Schwartz) under the leadership of the league's top defensive level show, and the defensive end Mario - Williams (Mario Williams) is not a small contribution, this season he sent 14.5 sacks, while anti running end performance is also good, has become an important barrier to Bill defensive line, he also with excellent performance in this year's occupation bowl. but with Malone and Schwartz both left the team defensive strategy will produce change. The new coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) and defensive coordinator Denis Sauermann (Dennis Thurman) will be the team's defensive base re adjust to 3-4 formation. Williams in the last six seasons and has six different defensive coordinator Bill has worked for several seasons in 3-4 and 4-3 formation formation is going back and forth state, Williams said he had to change this repeated adaptation: my entire occupation career have been in different defensive system, basically no stability down. You can say I'm unlucky and I can say I'm lucky, after all, I can quickly adapt to any defensive strategy. Ryan defense idea and defensive coordinator Bill the year before (the Brown boss) - Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping very similar to the idea of Pettine worked for the New York jets and Ryan together to create a tough defense jet group. So in view of this, Bill defense team should not be too much for the change of formation. Williams also said: "interview generally needs to be polite." for example, we should train hard to adapt to the new system as soon as possible. But in fact, I don't think there's anything to do with it. Both my teammates and my teammates can be quickly and perfectly converted to the new defense system. Williams also added that he has not had the exchange and Ryan, but he is expected to be heavy for their loop guard position is looking forward, he said: compared to the defensive end, I still love playing linebacker position, so I hope Ryan can also I heard the voice of the weak side, outside linebacker is suitable for me position. Williams in the 2013 season as a weak side outside linebacker Bill scored 13 sacks, rushed to pass is not a problem, but the coverage is Williams's defense has been weak, because Williams is too large in stature led him as a linebacker from punctuality often can not keep up the pace of the situation, this Williams said he hopes to Ryan the mixed defensive front formations in the new season: hybrid defensive front can make players and people of different alignment on the field's responsibilities are constantly changing, this is the advantage for defensive players. I think once the mixed defense system is in place, we are nowThe current safetys patriot coach Stephen - Bailey Cheik (Stephen Belichick) is the current coach Bill - Bailey Cheik Patriot (Bill Belichick) son. At a news conference on Thursday, Bailey Cheik praised his children and said he had made a great contribution to the success of the team. At the press conference, Bailey Cheik was just like a lot of questions, but as soon as he talked about his son, he boasted. "Stephen Gan De is great," old Bailey Cheik said. "It's not easy to be in his present position for a few years, but his achievements are great. As an assistant coach, he can give me a new perspective. He has a closer age with the players, so it can reflect the idea of the players. At the same time, he also has the long-term ability we need to remind me of something I can't deal with. He's really helpful. " Stephen's brother Blaine (Brian Belichick) is also working for the Patriots.although the Cardinals hope offensive performance of the front can have a little bit of progress than the Monday night game against the cowboys, but left guard Mike - Upati (Mike Iupati) in the absence of let it become more difficult. coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said Friday that spur Upati's elbow to need surgery, so he will enter the injured reserve list, and originally replaced Upati play Alex - Boone (Alex Boone) of lung injury this week will not play, let the red bird choose more difficult. is Jiefeng left one disaster after another, DJ- Henry Vries (D.J. Humphries) could not play because of a knee injury. Arians are said to see the situation to decide whether he will play against the 49 person defense group. The team can choose to show the four round of this year's Dorian - Johnson (Dorian Johnson) promoted up from the training squad, and John - Weiser (John Wetzel), will Horton (Will Holden) and Daniel monje (Daniel Munyer) together with Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) escort.Longmarch bowling 2014 series open 10 month game time: October 18th night at 19:30! | BowlingThe 2014 series Longmarch bowling tournament will be held on October 18th (Saturday) evening at 19:30 exactly! In the month of the month (including the applicant who has been paid), you can enjoy the 10 points of the quarter, and take part in the three time to qualify for the final. You are welcome to sign up for the competition. 2014 open Longmarch bowling series competition aim: to promote bowling and provide a platform for Chinese and foreign bowling enthusiasts to compete and communicate. competition time: month / season: third Saturday at 19:30 per month (March, June, September, December for season) annual final: 18:30 on December 20, 2014 (no season in December, the month of the month is the annual finals time) Venue: , 288 Minhang gymnasium, Minhang District New Town Road, Shanghai qualification and registration fee: month: 80 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete. season: 100 yuan / person time. Anyone can compete. The rules of the game: 〈br 1. contestants sign up and leave the contact way. An added player needs to show a valid identity card. The 2. competition uses the exchange channel and opens the foul. Draw a draw to determine the race track. If the ball is displaced, reset the bottle. The ball is not valid after the ball has gone out of the ball. The bottle is not valid when the machine is touched by the machine. The other rules refer to the rules of the FIQ competition. The 3. month and season use the total score of 3 games. The result of the month is not brought into the season. In a match won "quarter entry points" 10 points (two to 20) in the quarter match score. The 4 final total score system is adopted in the 4. final. The results of the month and season are not in the final of the year. The annual score is included in the final score of the annual final. Rules of calculation: the total score of the 4 games in the final + annual competition points of the year. 5. annual score (included in the final score of the annual final) The number of entries integral The number of entries

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